Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've Had it With Mexico and Certain People

Don't get me wrong, I love the country. It is just the people that surround me. I thought by moving to the rancho  with Miguel's grandmother things would be different. yes, they are, but Miguel is out of town working so I am here alone with the kids and her. She flipped changed her face so quick! Talk about Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde!

She went form being all nice to us to complaining and insulting my kids and me and telling everybody lies about us. She went as far as to tell everybody that I refuse to prepare her food and she has had to eat raw food because she can't see to fix it! I cook for ALL of us!! HAlf the time she doesn't want to eat and says that she will eat later. I tell her to tell me and I will heat it up. I work full time and study full time so I can't be right there all the time. Later on, I will ask her if she is ready to eat and she willt ell me that she already ate and ate the food cold because she can't see to use the stove. I tell her that she has no reason to eat cold food, all she has to do is tell me. She just laughs it off, but then she exaggerates it and tells all kinds of lies to people.

I decorated for Christmas the other day. I kept asking her how she would like the decorations and she said that anyway I wanted. Well, yesterday her granddaughter came and said she didn't like it. That things should be changed. So, guess what happened. I came home to find all of my decorations moved, half of them broken or bent. I asked her why she did it, she said that her granddaughter said it didn't look good. I told her that I had asked her beforehand and even afterwards and she liked it. I also reminded her that her granddaughter can decorate her house and not here because she does not live here. She told me, to put it back the way I had it then. I told her, no! I worked all day on that for her and her granddaughter to move then I wasn't going to change it. I asked her who was going to pay me for my broken decorations too. It wasn't like she only broke a couple or they were dollar store things.She broke about 8 things and they were the most expensive things!!

We don't have running water in the rancho, but the water comes in every week or so. We have tanks on top of the house we keep full for "running" water. The water came today and I told her we need to fill up the large tank because it is almost empty and that is what is used to wash dishes, bathe, and do laundry with. She refused because it is for rain water only. I told it is not going to rain anytime soon or atleast not enough to fill that up. She said her sons would not agree on it, but they don't live here. I refuse to use water form the other tanks in the kitchen or for showers. This tank is connected to the kitchen and shower. I told that if we use the tank that is for the toilet to do dishes and bathe with, we would get sick. that tank is not sanitary, but she said oh well, we won't bathe or have clean dishes! I could not believe her! If it comes to not having water, I will rent a house and move. It makes me so mad because we built the tanks on the house and added the plumbing here. We have done so much in this house to make it livable and she acts like this?!! When we first moved here, the roof poured water in too many spots to count. The walls were falling apart from water damage, the doors would not close and had huge gaps between them and the outside. Animals and pests could get in and got in. we ave fixed all this and more. It looks almost like a home now.

I guess she thinks that I won't tell Miguel or he will not believe it, but she has another thing coming!! I refuse to let another of his family members to treat us bad! I will leave!!

I can't wait to get Miguel's visa and get the hell out of Mexico and far far from his entire family. They are all hypocrites!! I have already called him and he said he is going to talk to her later. honestly, all that is going to do is make her mad and make my life even harder. if she keeps on, I don't care if she can't see or that her sons don't take care of her even though they live one block away, I will move and it won't be close, there are no houses for rent in the rancho.

I had another good post planned, but she changed that. I will write what I had planned at a later date1 Vent over. See you soon!