Monday, August 27, 2012

Still in GA...

I am still here in Georgia. I will be here for another couple of weeks. I hope to be returning by about the 11th.

Well, the kids were going to stay for school, but after a few days here, they decided they misse dMiguel too much. So, we will be homschooling again this year. I will be using my other blog to keep track of all that we do this year. Homeschooling in Mexico

I start school for my paralegal degree on Sept. 4. I am so excited! Thsi is somethign that I have always wanted to do and finally just did it. I cannot wait!!

Things are a little stressed in our lives right now. I have recieved a couple of crazy messages form people I don't even know, but are from the town we live in. These messages are causing stress in our relationship. I completely trust my husband, but when you get crazy messages form people you don't even know and are 1000 miles away, it makes you think. I can't wait to get back. I am pretty sure this all lies from people who like to cause drama, but I need to see that for myself.

Well, I am fixing to start work so take care people and will chat later! ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sad Times

Well, I am in the States and have been since my birthday, the 17th.

It started out as a very sad day and only got worse. Miguel left us at the bus station and we all cried. I had to force myself to stay on the bus. Miguel stood outside the bus until we left. I later found out that he was waiting on us to change our minds and get off.
We left and hadn't even been moving for an hour and Luis started vomiting (he was car sick). this went on the whole trip from Monterrey to the Border.

We got to the border and had to wait for 5.5 hours to even get to the checkpoint!! After finally getting there, we had to get off with all of our stuff. Our passports had to be scanned and the bags Xrayed. This took another hour and a half.

Keep in mind that we had a flight leaving from San Antonio at 8PM. I had bought tickets to arrive in San Antonio at 2:45PM to leave times for delays at the border. I never imagined that much of a delay!! Well, I think Senda had calculated in 2 hours for the border because of the length of time between leaving and arriving.

Thank God, we got to the airport at 6:50PM and had a few minutes to buy a coffee. I checked our luggage and had to pay $50 because it was 10 lbs over weight! I about cried!!

The kids flew for the first time in their lives and they were extremely excited and nervous. At first Luis was begging for his panda bear and then as soon as the plane picked up speed for take off, they were yelling, "Awesome!!! This is so cool!!!"

We arrived in Atlanta at 11:20PM. For those of you who haven't been to Hartsfield-Jackson, it is an international airport and is huge!! We had to walk or take the shuttle. I decided to walk we arrived 25 minutes early and knowing my parents they would be late. We walked for around 25 minutes and finally had to get on the shuttle to get to baggage claim.

My parents were an hour late!! I didn't have a cell phone, but there were pay phones (old school) and I had change!! I called my mom and dad, no answer. SO, I called Miguel, he sent a text message. After a few minutes, they showed up and we got lost going home because they would not follow my directions.

We got home 4 hours after we landed.

The weekend was ok, I school shopped, food shopped, and visited with a couple friends.

On Monday afternoon, Miguel received horrible news, his baptism godfather had killed himself. He hung himself. Miguel says that he is ok, but I know he feels bad because he hadn't had a chance to go see them since we moved to the rancho. I feel horrible because I am here and he is there and having to go to the funeral alone. I should be there with him. I tried to get a plane ticket back, but the prices were too high and the layovers were so long that Miguel said for me not to worry. He said, I would arrive way after the burial and he is really ok. I made Miguel feel bad yesterday, I told him that his godfather was selfish. How was he going to kill himself and leave a wife, 11 year old daughter, and 2 other children to have to grieve his suicide and even though they don't have money, pay his burial. He said I had a point, but I kind of noticed he was upset. I feel bad for saying it, but I got so mad. Miguel said his daughter was so distraught when she arrived from Reynosa that they had to carry her in. I was like how could a father who claims to love his children so much do this to them? I just don't understand it.

May his godfather Berno rest in peace and that whatever reason he did this no longer bother him. A very sad situation for his whole family.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Chapter in the Life of Me...

Well, this Friday will start another chapter in my life or better yet, in our lives. I will be leaving to go to the STates to stay for a month and when I return, my kids will be staying there in school. I will be going back and forth every 6 weeks to 2 months. I have to figure out a balance between my life here and my life there. I wish we could figure out a way to teach the kids here and them be happy.

They have been begging to go to the States and stay with my mom for so long and they want to go to school there, not here. They have heard so many horror stories about the schools here. so, after careful consideration I decided that we would try this. If when I go in November, things are not what we planned, I will withdraw the kids and enroll them here some how and supplement their education at home.

We will be sending in the I-130 in October. I hope and pray to God that this is a fast process and we know something at least before the kids start the 2013-14 school year. I know that it will not be as fast as I would like. I would love to be able to go to the States in December with Miguel, but that is wishful thinking. As Miguel said, "Sigue sonando!!"

An attorney told us that in around 9 months we could have his visa, but that was with legal assitance and we don't plan on hiring an attorney until we definitely need one. They are WAY too expensive.

I am dreading this, but what else can I do. I have to keep my marraige going and plus make sure my children have the education they deserve.

I wish the US would hurry up and realize what they are doing to families. Why should we as American citizens have to choose whether to live in the US without our spouse and our childrenw ithout a father or live in another country and our children not have all fo the benefits of living in the States and usually living in danger? That should not be a choice that we have to make. I understand that yes, if you have been in the States illegally, you should pay a fine, but if you are married and in a real relationship, you should be able to get your residency.

Unfortunately, this is happening due to all fo the fake marraiges of the recent past and present. I know of 2 couples who had the nerve to ask me to write an affidavit saying their marraige was real when they just got married so that one of them could get their residency. I refused to write an affidavit. I asked them how they could possibly do soemthing like that when there are so many of us who are in real marraiges and having to live outside the US due to BS like this and how in the hell did they have the nerve to come to me and ask this fabor as they called it. Guess what?!!? One of them did get it, just 2 weeks ago!! They sent me an email that no thanks to me they got their visa. I was so mad.

2 days ago, my cousin posted a very cruel and lying post on FB knowing what we are going through and that many of her friends and mine are in the States illegally.

She posted a saying that talked about how in many other countries people either get killed, tortured, or other bad things for crossing illegally. It went on to say that if you cross illegally in to the States, you get food stamps, medicaid, free housing, drivers license, a good job, a tax free busines for 7 years, and othe rthings too many "benefits: to remember. It went on to say that we all wonder why the States is in debt.

I went off on her. First of all, how dare she when she knows what we and many of our friends are going through. Second of all, I told her that it is all lies and that she needs to educate herself before she post comments or other information as she called it. I posted a link to the penalties of livig in the States illegally. I also, reminded her that before she married this white racist animal she is with, she was with MANY illegal Mexican guys. 3 of whom she had children with. I hope her new racist family realizes that she is a hypocrit who just adjusts her beliefs to the beliefs of who ever she is with. I cannot believe what she did. We used to be friends and she has never been like this since she was 13 years old. she is now 30 and all of sudden turned racist. Is she really that ignorant?

I am just in complete shock over what she said. I could not believe it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Life is a Rollercoaster!

     My life is constantly changing! It drives me crazy sometimes, but it was my decision to move to Mexico.

     My original plan was to have the kids study virtually through Connections Academy, but after my orientation yesterday, I saw that that is not possible. The kids have to meet with their teacher atleast once a month in person and they have to participate in school activities. All this is ok when we are all 3 in the states. I can drive them to everything. However, when the kids are in the States with my mom, there is no way she will drive them to the school. It is over an hour away. We definitely can’t go to meetings when we are in Mexico, round trip tickets are just too expensive. Also, even though it is public school, it is more like homeschool in that the parents have to be more involved than at a regular public school. I knew this, but I didn’t think it would be as much. My parents can’t help me with that when the kids are there and I work a fulltime 50+ hour job a week so, that is next to impossible. Their education will suffer. I am upset because I wanted them to study with this school. It sounded like an awesome opportunity.

     Ok, on to our change in plans. We discussed our options yesterday. Option #1: Enroll the kids in school here. Option #2: Move in with my parents in the States, enroll the kids in school, and me go back and forth every few months. We are trying to get pregnant so me moving to the States for the whole school year is out of the question. After reviewing all of the pros and cons of each option, we decided on Option #2.
I will be leaving on August 17th. The weekend will be spent school clothes and supply shopping. On August 20th, I will enroll the kids into school. I will stay until September 15th. The kids had already planned on going to stay with my parents for 3 months so I will come back to Mexico until November. I will go back to Georgia in the middle of November and will stay until the kids get out of school for Christmas. Then, we will come to Mexico together for Christmas. We will go back to Georgia around January 7th or 8th. I will comeback to Mexico for Miguel’s birthday on January 24th. This time, I will stay in Mexico for a couple of months and go back to Georgia right before Easter. I will stay in Georgia until the kids get out of school in May and we will return to Mexico for the summer.

     During this time, we will begin the immigration application process and I hope that by the time we return at the end of the school year, we know something. Of course, if we get pregnant my schedule will change a little to accommodate my last months of pregnancy and the birth of the baby. Which I will not complain at all. We have been planning this baby for years  and have been officially trying since March and can’t wait for this baby to be in the way. My only sadness will only be when the baby is born. If Miguel has not got his visa by then, he will miss the birth. With the kids being in the States, I will have the baby there. There is no way I will be away from my kids for that long. They are young and wouldn’t understand that and even though it will be a sad situation for Miguel and I, but we are old enough to understand and deal with it.

     I hope to have his visa application sent in by the end of this year. That all depends on finances. He hasn’t been working because he takes care of the kids while  work, but now that the kids will not be here, he will start working. That will be a huge help financially. We will be able to use that to apply for the visa.

     He has a cousin who offered to help us before, but that was when we were in the States and didn’t think he would get his visa. Miguel is thinking about talking to him about loaning us the money to apply. We will see.

     The good thing: I will be able to eat a Wendy’s hamburger and drink an iced coffee from McDonald’s!! Yayyy!!