Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Surgery Date!!!!

Well, I will be having my surgery on Monday, March 5 at 8:00 in the morning. I have to be at the hospital at 6:45AM to prepare for surgery and the surgery will last for about an hour and a half. I will then be in the hospital over night and get to come home on Tuesday.

I am scared and nervous because, my Doctor said that the anesthesiologist uses the ephidural for anesthesia. I told her that with my son, I felt the beginning cuts of the cesarean with the ephidural so, she said we will talk t the anesthesiologist about it and he might decide to just use the general anesthetic instead.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Update on the TTC, with Dr info included

Hi everyone,
       Well, I had the HSG test done Saturday morning. For thos who don't know what that is, it is a test that checks to see if the uterus is normal and the fallopian tubes are open. They do this by injecting an iodine solution into the uterus. First, they put a speculum in like your having a pap smear done. Then, they put a tiny tube in through the cervix that has a small balloon at the end. They inflate the balloon to open the cervix about a centimeter. Afetr that, they inject the solution through the tube until it fills the uterus and goes through the fallopian tubes. 

Side effects I had from the HSG are: Nausea, cramps, hot flashes, chills, and dizziness. I haven;'t been able to eat a full meal since, I ate a chicken sandwich and fries an hour after but, immediately got sick. These symptoms last a few days, I have heard.

We already know, my tubes are blocked. After all, I had a tubal ligation. My Dr said that, she wanted me to do this test so, she can see where my tubes were tied. She said that there are different procedures depending on how close to the uterus the tubes were tied or burnt.

Anyway, I go tomorrow to the hospital to get my results from the hospital and to take them to my Dr. At this appointment, she will check my cervix to ensure no infection and that it closed alright and we will set the date for surgery. Her secretary said that I should be able to get it for this week.

The Dr said that we will be clear to start TTC in April. She said, the quickest we get preggers, the best. After a year of TTC post tubal reversal the possibilities of conception drasticly drops.

My awesome Dr's info is: Doctora Marisela Castañeda Diaz. Her phone number is 818-140-9005 to call from the States, you would dial 01152 first.

I will post more about my surgery tomorrow after my appointment.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Went to Laredo....

Yesterday we went to Laredo. Miguel and his nephew went with us but, they only rode along to Nuevo Laredo and hung out at the Zoo and park until we returned.

We left at 8:30 yesterday morning and arrived to Nuevo Laredo at 11:00. A lonnngggg drive!!! I dropped the guys off at the park and went to the border.

I was expecting a long line just to get to the bridge but, no. I crossed through the toll only to hit traffic on the bridge and it was moving extremely slow this time. I think we stayed still with no moving for 15 minutes at a time. After being in line for and hour and a half, we were finally at the last stop before the booth.

I was sitting there watching to Agent question the guys in the truck and thinking that he was taking a long time, I had been sitting there for 15 minutes. I was irritated because, it is Saturday and lunchtime for God's sake!! He told the driver something that I believe was that he would be right back because he ran pover to the other booth and came back with another agent. When the got to the passenger side they opened the back door and jerked the guy out and handcuffed him. At this moment, I being nosy opened my windows to hear what was going on. One of the agents was talking to the other guys, wasting time I guess until the other agents arrived. When about 10 more agents came over, 3 positioned theirselves behind the truck pointing their rifles toward the back, I was right in front of them, a little nervous by now. They then removed the other 2 guys from the truck and handcuffed them. After that, they were talking to the original agent who said, these guys thought I was an idiot, he looked nothing like the guy on the passport! So, lesson learned, never try to croos with somebody else's passport, Border Patrol is not blind!

Well, finally about 10 minutes after they remove the truck, I get to go forward. I am uin a rented car with Quintana Roo plates coming from Monterrey so, he was suspicious. He opened the back door and asked my son his name, well, Luis, was nervous after all he had seen. He said, "Hmmmmm, Luis," like he didn't know his name! Jeni answered immediately. After he questioned me about where I was going and why my vehicle had Quintana Roo plates, he sent me to the 2nd check or whatever it is called. I sat there for an hour or so before an agent got to me. He was very nice and was asking me questions abot why I was in Mexico to which, I told him I was living there with my husband. He asked the hated question, was he deported? I told him, no, we came by ourselves. He then, started giving me advice on how to get Miguel's Visa. He said, don't get married before you apply and petition him as a fiance. I told him it was a year too late for that. He responded that then, it is really difficult to get a visa for a spouse. Afterwards he aske dthe kids their age and said I was free to go.

I do not understand how it is easier to get a fiance visa than an spouse visa, you would think spouse is more important than fiance but, not to USICS. Who knows why the have their proirities so screwed up! Unite fiances but, seperate families?

Ok, enough complaining, it doesn't do any good.

I went to Walmart and HEB, that was all I had time to do, thanks to Border Patrol but, I can't blame them for doing their job. I had planned on going to Zaxby's before going back to Mexico because, Zaxby's was a family tradition, we used to go every weekend almost! Their chicken is the best but, Laredo has yet to get a Zaxby's so, I stopped by Burger King and got Double Whoppers for Miguel and his nephew adn then, went to Mcdonald's, I had to have my Iced Coffee, they don't sell it here in Monterrey and it was my addiction in the States! I bought a large for myself and Miguel and a small for our nephew. I had to show him the joys of the US! The kids got their beloved Big Kids meal and off we go to the border.

I crossed the border just fine, USICS didn't stop me like before and I got green in Mexico! I only had 1 problem, my phone was still in roaming with AT&T / Telcel and wouldn't let me make any phone calls even thoyugh it had 120 pesos on it. So, I rode around the park looking for MIguel. Thank God that, at that moment, he was walking out of the park. He said his phone had the same thing and he couldn't make calls or answer calls.

We went to renew tourist permits and left Nuevo Laredo. We got lucky and din't get stopped at either the Aduana checkpoint, Federales roadblock, or the soldiers road block, only got caught in the traffic.

We talked about how nice the area was in Nuevo Laredo near Bridge 2 and how I enjoyed being in the states again. We talked about looking for a house at the border, me getting a job in Laredo, TX, and Miguel creating a job of selling things I bring from the States in Nuevo Laredo and sending some to Monterrey to sell at the Mercados there.

I just need some advice on how to do this. I pay 25 pesos to leave Mexico and 3 dollars to leave the States. This doesn't seem feasible to do everyday to work but, I'm not sure. You ladies that are at the border, how do you do it? Cheryl? Emily?

Also, would it be possible to register my kids in school in Texas? I have found a house that is really reasonable, 1800 pesos a month for 2 bedrooms and another one for 2500 a month for 2 bedroom with a full kitchen. Any advice on this?

Right now, we are between the Rancho or the border and I think the border has mor epossibities for an income.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I am so excited!!!!!

I get to go to Texas tomorrow, yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Well, I am only going because, as usual, I have been lazy for the past 6 months and still haven't gotten my Fm3 or 2. So, I have to go get my tourist permit again!

I am excited because, I will be going shopping for things, I need and want like Advil PM, Nyquil, Tylenol, Triaminic for the kids, socks, Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, Mt Olive Petitie Dill Pickles, Sloppy Joe Mix, and whatever else, I can think of while I am there. I am super happy to be able to buy the foods that I haven't eaten since I lived in the States almost a year ago! My taste buds are already in over drive just thinking about it. I will be buying socks there because, here in Monterrey, they are ridiculously expensive and very low quality and you can't find any type of medicine here that is to help you sleep at nght when sick or in pain and the cold medicine here doesn't work at all here!!!

We will be leaving at around 7:30 in the morning, Miguel and his nephew will be going to the border with us but, I will drop them off at the mall while the kids and I are in Texas. I hate it that Miguel can't cross and know it bothers him majorly but, I will not drive all the way to Laredo alone especially with the way things are here. I would drive all around the US alone but, not here, except for around the city.

Well, have a good weekend everyone!

BTW: I will be having the HSG test next Saturday and after that, my surgery will be a week later! Super nervous but, super excited!!!!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

We will probably go to the "Rancho"

Well, I was talking to my mother in law this morning about my sister in law and here attitude and actions toward the kids and myself. I told her how yesterday, I was serving the kids dinner and she told me that that food was not for us and that I needed to fix the kids the rice and beans. To this, I responded, "Excuse me? After I went and bought all of the groceries, my kids are only allowed to eat rice and beans?" I finished serving my kids plates and served myself and Miguel's plates and made sure to add a little more than I normally serve. ;) 2 can play at this game. Later last night, she was going to bed and told everybody good night except for the kids and myself, this was no problem, I could care less and have told the kids to ignore her spoiledness. The thing that pissed me off was, her bedroom door is in the livingroom and the couch where I was sitting is right beside her door and her door is metal. Well, she slammed it as hard as she could right in my ear and opened to slam it even harder again! Talk about immature, she is 18 years old so, she should act a little more mature than that.
I was telling my mother in law this today and she said that we just need to hurry up and get Miguel's Visa and go back to the States or while we are waiting to go to the Rancho. I realized with this conversation that, my mother in law nor my sister in law want us here. My father in law does, he really likes me and is a great person but, in this house what Ale says goes. After this conversation, I had planned on talking to Miguel later today but, didn't think he heard the conversation. We went to the store to get some ground beef and on the way, he brought it up. He said that, if his mom doesn't want us here, he will talk to his uncle who has a ranch near the"rancho" and if he will give him a job, we will go. If not, I don't know if, we will stay here or move out. At this time, I don't know if I have a job still or not but, that is the least of my worries, English teachers are in high demand here so, I will find another job after my surgery if we stay here and if we go the rancho, I will figure it out there.

Testing starts on Monday, I am getting more and more nervous about my surgery, I am scared to death to be put to sleep.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Ok, I have had it! (This is not about anything at my house) :)

Ok, I have been working for an English school since July. The pay is ok but, the owner takes advantage of his employees, well the ones who don't have the Fm3 or 2. Which are myself and another girl. I have had it with him not paying me like he is supposed to. For the last 3 months, he constantly gives me only about half if that much of my check and gives me BS about money I owe him. After all of this, I don't owe him any. We had an agreement when i started that I would be paid minimum 50 hours every 2 weeks because of the students he gave me, they tend to cancel 2/3 of their classes.

On Friday was the last straw, he called to ask to borrow 5000 pesos, which I do not have and he knows it. Well, of course I couldn't help him so, now, the vehicle I am driving belongs to him and he wants it back  and also owes me a check of which he said he will only pay me 1000 pesos which isn't even 1/3 of what he owes me. From what I understand, I have no rights since, I haven't had the money to get my visa so, he can not pay me and there is nothing I can do. I have continued working for him because, I can't find another job but, now, I have had it!

Anybody have any idea on how I can get a virtual job from the States or on how to get my own classes here in Mexico?

I am in desperate need, Miguel starts working after my surgery and I need to have a job also. Please any advice...

Sunday, February 12, 2012

I have been MIA but, I am back!!

Well, I haven't had much to talk about here lately, I have been trying to get used to living at my in laws again and to learn to deal with my yougest sister in law and her constant attitude towards me. She has finally went from her indirect but direct comments to just not saying anything to me at all which, I can deal with. Now, when I am at home and she is here, I stay in my room. She is only here on Sunday's, Saturday's after 2, and Monday thru Friday after 7:30 so, I can deal with it.

As for construction, we have decided to just add a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. We will be applying for Miguel's Visa and praying to God that it is one of the rare ones that get approved on the first try. So, keep us in your prayers!

I will be having a HSG, which is where they run dye to check the location of my tubal ligation. The doctor said it doesn't hurt much but, there are some people who it does hurt. So, knowing me, I will be the one who has the bad pain! I am nervous about this but, was told to take 800 mg of Advil 30 minutes before and again right after the procedure. After, I get the results for this, my surgery will be scheduled so, we are looking at the week of the 27th or the 5th. Again, I being the BIG BABY that I am and knowing that the drug of choice here is Ketorolaco which, doesn't even stop a toothache for me, I asked about pain meds here in Mexico. I was told Ketorolac! I got scared! The doctor did say that I will need to talk with the anesthesiologist to get anything stronger so, believe me, I will be talking to him/ her!

After surgery, we have to wait a month but, will be full blast TTC in April. So, hoping for a Mother's Day present or a Father's Day present.

Jeni's was to be having a birthday party byut, she asked me if we would get her a laptop instead of a party. That she is too old for kiddy parties. We got her the laptop and she is HAPPY!! She might not have a cell phone like her other cousins (I think she is too young, not until 13) but, she has a computer1 Way cooler!!! LOL

Well, I will post agin when I have a chance! Have a good week everyone!!!