Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I've Had it With Mexico and Certain People

Don't get me wrong, I love the country. It is just the people that surround me. I thought by moving to the rancho  with Miguel's grandmother things would be different. yes, they are, but Miguel is out of town working so I am here alone with the kids and her. She flipped changed her face so quick! Talk about Dr Jekyl and Mr Hyde!

She went form being all nice to us to complaining and insulting my kids and me and telling everybody lies about us. She went as far as to tell everybody that I refuse to prepare her food and she has had to eat raw food because she can't see to fix it! I cook for ALL of us!! HAlf the time she doesn't want to eat and says that she will eat later. I tell her to tell me and I will heat it up. I work full time and study full time so I can't be right there all the time. Later on, I will ask her if she is ready to eat and she willt ell me that she already ate and ate the food cold because she can't see to use the stove. I tell her that she has no reason to eat cold food, all she has to do is tell me. She just laughs it off, but then she exaggerates it and tells all kinds of lies to people.

I decorated for Christmas the other day. I kept asking her how she would like the decorations and she said that anyway I wanted. Well, yesterday her granddaughter came and said she didn't like it. That things should be changed. So, guess what happened. I came home to find all of my decorations moved, half of them broken or bent. I asked her why she did it, she said that her granddaughter said it didn't look good. I told her that I had asked her beforehand and even afterwards and she liked it. I also reminded her that her granddaughter can decorate her house and not here because she does not live here. She told me, to put it back the way I had it then. I told her, no! I worked all day on that for her and her granddaughter to move then I wasn't going to change it. I asked her who was going to pay me for my broken decorations too. It wasn't like she only broke a couple or they were dollar store things.She broke about 8 things and they were the most expensive things!!

We don't have running water in the rancho, but the water comes in every week or so. We have tanks on top of the house we keep full for "running" water. The water came today and I told her we need to fill up the large tank because it is almost empty and that is what is used to wash dishes, bathe, and do laundry with. She refused because it is for rain water only. I told it is not going to rain anytime soon or atleast not enough to fill that up. She said her sons would not agree on it, but they don't live here. I refuse to use water form the other tanks in the kitchen or for showers. This tank is connected to the kitchen and shower. I told that if we use the tank that is for the toilet to do dishes and bathe with, we would get sick. that tank is not sanitary, but she said oh well, we won't bathe or have clean dishes! I could not believe her! If it comes to not having water, I will rent a house and move. It makes me so mad because we built the tanks on the house and added the plumbing here. We have done so much in this house to make it livable and she acts like this?!! When we first moved here, the roof poured water in too many spots to count. The walls were falling apart from water damage, the doors would not close and had huge gaps between them and the outside. Animals and pests could get in and got in. we ave fixed all this and more. It looks almost like a home now.

I guess she thinks that I won't tell Miguel or he will not believe it, but she has another thing coming!! I refuse to let another of his family members to treat us bad! I will leave!!

I can't wait to get Miguel's visa and get the hell out of Mexico and far far from his entire family. They are all hypocrites!! I have already called him and he said he is going to talk to her later. honestly, all that is going to do is make her mad and make my life even harder. if she keeps on, I don't care if she can't see or that her sons don't take care of her even though they live one block away, I will move and it won't be close, there are no houses for rent in the rancho.

I had another good post planned, but she changed that. I will write what I had planned at a later date1 Vent over. See you soon!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Dengue is Evil

I haven't been on here for a while. I have been very sick and it took forever to recover. As the title says, I had Dengue and it is evil.

I felt horrible and had high fevers. The worse part of Dengue is the body pains when the fevers drop. My body hurt so bad. I was sick for about 10 days and then took about 2 weeks to recuperate.

I am almost 100%. I assume that since it is a virus, that I won't get it again. Then again, there are 3 different types of Dengue so I will pray not. My husband 's cousin had the hemmorrhagic kind where you bleed from everywhere including your eyes. She bled from her nose, gums, and eyes. It was scary. I was lucky becasue I only had the weakest form of Dengue. Next year, I will buy Deep Woods repellent from the States for mosquito season. Dengue is scary stuff and not to be played with. Thank God my kids weren't here during Dengue season.

On a good thought, we will be married for 2 years in a month!! Miguel is panning something. I don't know what so we will see. I will go get the kids right after our anniversary and will go Christmas shopping then. I so can't wait. We have decided that we will have an American Christmas and have the gift opening in the morning like in the States. We will do stockings, tons of gifts, the works. I can't wait, I didn't enjoy Christmas last year. I decided that if that is the Mexican way to celebrate Christmas, we will celebrate it the American way, but with the prayers too.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Mexican Legalities and Other Important Things..

I have been a very bad blogger here lately.

I have been to the US and back. My 3 weeks in the States was super busy!!! I was working 50 hours a week and trying to fit in family visits and shopping trips. I started hearing rumors while I was there about Miguel and another woman from here. She is married and I confronted them both about it. Miguel had already heard the rumors and was expecting me to say something. He said that he was planning on telling me the day after I arrived before everybody had a chance to run their mouths. I didn't give him the time, I immediately confronted him as soon as we got in the truck at the airport. He said that none of it is true, that he had been to her house, but that was because she sells "cenas" The people whio started the rumors are people who are infamous for causing problems like this to every couple who one of them stays behind in the rancho while the other is in the States for either a short time or a long time. The majority of the rumors they start have been proven lies so I don't put too much into what they say. Their problem with us is, they sell "cenas" as well and since the other girl started selling Miguel started going to her house to buy. So, they started on them. I am not fully trusting yet, tough. He has said that he talked to her and hung out there after eating and admitted to telling her personal things about us that he should have NEVER told her. He never told me about hanging out there until last week when she let it slip the personal stuff that Miguel had told her and I confronted him about it. I told him that in my opinion, he was unfaithful, maybe not physically, but he hid from me his conversations with her for some reason. the only I can think of is because he knew he was wrong. He said, but we didn't do anything, but talk. I told him to put himself in my place. To imagine that he was in my position and I in his. He had found out 3 weeks later that I told another man personal stuff and hid that I talked to him and hung out with him, what would he think. He took about a minute and said, "Ok you're right, I fucked up. I didn't think it was wrong to talk, but if it was you then I would be mad and hurt."

We are working on this lack of communication and problem. I believe that he hid it from me because there was more there. I don't think he had any physical contact with her, but I feel that if it had kept going something might have happened. I feel horrible and betrayed by this and we are trying to get through this.

This has brought up another doubt in my mind. We got married in the US. We now live here and are in the process of building a house. This got me to thinking about what if something had happened and we separated. How would I be protected and not lose my house to him? We are halfway through building our house and have bought a major piece of land. I have invested a lot of time, energy, and money into this project to create a home for us. Does anybody know if I am protected with us being married in the States and me only having a tourist permit here? I plan on getting a visa, but haven't yet.

Also, i don't anticipate anything to happen to cause a divorce, but I just would like to know my rights. We are working on this problem and are making progress. We have agreed to stay away from her house and to not have anything to do with her anymore. We have come to find out that she ruins marriages too, but in a different way than the others. She is a slut who likes to break up marriages. She has been the cause of a few break ups and quits seeing the man once she has ruined his marriage. I told Miguel that she doesn't ruin the marriage on her own, the man has to be willing to cheat for her to be able to do this. We both agree that she is not the one with the commitment to the wife, it is the husband who does. This in no ways excuses her actions.

I am just glad that Miguel did not take it to the next level, that would be something that I would definitely not forgive.

I have grown up from the 20 year old who would have went to her house and beat her ass, but that doesn't mean that I don't want to. She acted as my friend and all along was hiding the fact the she had private conversations with my husband.

I just needed to vent about this.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Still in GA...

I am still here in Georgia. I will be here for another couple of weeks. I hope to be returning by about the 11th.

Well, the kids were going to stay for school, but after a few days here, they decided they misse dMiguel too much. So, we will be homschooling again this year. I will be using my other blog to keep track of all that we do this year. Homeschooling in Mexico

I start school for my paralegal degree on Sept. 4. I am so excited! Thsi is somethign that I have always wanted to do and finally just did it. I cannot wait!!

Things are a little stressed in our lives right now. I have recieved a couple of crazy messages form people I don't even know, but are from the town we live in. These messages are causing stress in our relationship. I completely trust my husband, but when you get crazy messages form people you don't even know and are 1000 miles away, it makes you think. I can't wait to get back. I am pretty sure this all lies from people who like to cause drama, but I need to see that for myself.

Well, I am fixing to start work so take care people and will chat later! ;)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Sad Times

Well, I am in the States and have been since my birthday, the 17th.

It started out as a very sad day and only got worse. Miguel left us at the bus station and we all cried. I had to force myself to stay on the bus. Miguel stood outside the bus until we left. I later found out that he was waiting on us to change our minds and get off.
We left and hadn't even been moving for an hour and Luis started vomiting (he was car sick). this went on the whole trip from Monterrey to the Border.

We got to the border and had to wait for 5.5 hours to even get to the checkpoint!! After finally getting there, we had to get off with all of our stuff. Our passports had to be scanned and the bags Xrayed. This took another hour and a half.

Keep in mind that we had a flight leaving from San Antonio at 8PM. I had bought tickets to arrive in San Antonio at 2:45PM to leave times for delays at the border. I never imagined that much of a delay!! Well, I think Senda had calculated in 2 hours for the border because of the length of time between leaving and arriving.

Thank God, we got to the airport at 6:50PM and had a few minutes to buy a coffee. I checked our luggage and had to pay $50 because it was 10 lbs over weight! I about cried!!

The kids flew for the first time in their lives and they were extremely excited and nervous. At first Luis was begging for his panda bear and then as soon as the plane picked up speed for take off, they were yelling, "Awesome!!! This is so cool!!!"

We arrived in Atlanta at 11:20PM. For those of you who haven't been to Hartsfield-Jackson, it is an international airport and is huge!! We had to walk or take the shuttle. I decided to walk we arrived 25 minutes early and knowing my parents they would be late. We walked for around 25 minutes and finally had to get on the shuttle to get to baggage claim.

My parents were an hour late!! I didn't have a cell phone, but there were pay phones (old school) and I had change!! I called my mom and dad, no answer. SO, I called Miguel, he sent a text message. After a few minutes, they showed up and we got lost going home because they would not follow my directions.

We got home 4 hours after we landed.

The weekend was ok, I school shopped, food shopped, and visited with a couple friends.

On Monday afternoon, Miguel received horrible news, his baptism godfather had killed himself. He hung himself. Miguel says that he is ok, but I know he feels bad because he hadn't had a chance to go see them since we moved to the rancho. I feel horrible because I am here and he is there and having to go to the funeral alone. I should be there with him. I tried to get a plane ticket back, but the prices were too high and the layovers were so long that Miguel said for me not to worry. He said, I would arrive way after the burial and he is really ok. I made Miguel feel bad yesterday, I told him that his godfather was selfish. How was he going to kill himself and leave a wife, 11 year old daughter, and 2 other children to have to grieve his suicide and even though they don't have money, pay his burial. He said I had a point, but I kind of noticed he was upset. I feel bad for saying it, but I got so mad. Miguel said his daughter was so distraught when she arrived from Reynosa that they had to carry her in. I was like how could a father who claims to love his children so much do this to them? I just don't understand it.

May his godfather Berno rest in peace and that whatever reason he did this no longer bother him. A very sad situation for his whole family.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Chapter in the Life of Me...

Well, this Friday will start another chapter in my life or better yet, in our lives. I will be leaving to go to the STates to stay for a month and when I return, my kids will be staying there in school. I will be going back and forth every 6 weeks to 2 months. I have to figure out a balance between my life here and my life there. I wish we could figure out a way to teach the kids here and them be happy.

They have been begging to go to the States and stay with my mom for so long and they want to go to school there, not here. They have heard so many horror stories about the schools here. so, after careful consideration I decided that we would try this. If when I go in November, things are not what we planned, I will withdraw the kids and enroll them here some how and supplement their education at home.

We will be sending in the I-130 in October. I hope and pray to God that this is a fast process and we know something at least before the kids start the 2013-14 school year. I know that it will not be as fast as I would like. I would love to be able to go to the States in December with Miguel, but that is wishful thinking. As Miguel said, "Sigue sonando!!"

An attorney told us that in around 9 months we could have his visa, but that was with legal assitance and we don't plan on hiring an attorney until we definitely need one. They are WAY too expensive.

I am dreading this, but what else can I do. I have to keep my marraige going and plus make sure my children have the education they deserve.

I wish the US would hurry up and realize what they are doing to families. Why should we as American citizens have to choose whether to live in the US without our spouse and our childrenw ithout a father or live in another country and our children not have all fo the benefits of living in the States and usually living in danger? That should not be a choice that we have to make. I understand that yes, if you have been in the States illegally, you should pay a fine, but if you are married and in a real relationship, you should be able to get your residency.

Unfortunately, this is happening due to all fo the fake marraiges of the recent past and present. I know of 2 couples who had the nerve to ask me to write an affidavit saying their marraige was real when they just got married so that one of them could get their residency. I refused to write an affidavit. I asked them how they could possibly do soemthing like that when there are so many of us who are in real marraiges and having to live outside the US due to BS like this and how in the hell did they have the nerve to come to me and ask this fabor as they called it. Guess what?!!? One of them did get it, just 2 weeks ago!! They sent me an email that no thanks to me they got their visa. I was so mad.

2 days ago, my cousin posted a very cruel and lying post on FB knowing what we are going through and that many of her friends and mine are in the States illegally.

She posted a saying that talked about how in many other countries people either get killed, tortured, or other bad things for crossing illegally. It went on to say that if you cross illegally in to the States, you get food stamps, medicaid, free housing, drivers license, a good job, a tax free busines for 7 years, and othe rthings too many "benefits: to remember. It went on to say that we all wonder why the States is in debt.

I went off on her. First of all, how dare she when she knows what we and many of our friends are going through. Second of all, I told her that it is all lies and that she needs to educate herself before she post comments or other information as she called it. I posted a link to the penalties of livig in the States illegally. I also, reminded her that before she married this white racist animal she is with, she was with MANY illegal Mexican guys. 3 of whom she had children with. I hope her new racist family realizes that she is a hypocrit who just adjusts her beliefs to the beliefs of who ever she is with. I cannot believe what she did. We used to be friends and she has never been like this since she was 13 years old. she is now 30 and all of sudden turned racist. Is she really that ignorant?

I am just in complete shock over what she said. I could not believe it.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Life is a Rollercoaster!

     My life is constantly changing! It drives me crazy sometimes, but it was my decision to move to Mexico.

     My original plan was to have the kids study virtually through Connections Academy, but after my orientation yesterday, I saw that that is not possible. The kids have to meet with their teacher atleast once a month in person and they have to participate in school activities. All this is ok when we are all 3 in the states. I can drive them to everything. However, when the kids are in the States with my mom, there is no way she will drive them to the school. It is over an hour away. We definitely can’t go to meetings when we are in Mexico, round trip tickets are just too expensive. Also, even though it is public school, it is more like homeschool in that the parents have to be more involved than at a regular public school. I knew this, but I didn’t think it would be as much. My parents can’t help me with that when the kids are there and I work a fulltime 50+ hour job a week so, that is next to impossible. Their education will suffer. I am upset because I wanted them to study with this school. It sounded like an awesome opportunity.

     Ok, on to our change in plans. We discussed our options yesterday. Option #1: Enroll the kids in school here. Option #2: Move in with my parents in the States, enroll the kids in school, and me go back and forth every few months. We are trying to get pregnant so me moving to the States for the whole school year is out of the question. After reviewing all of the pros and cons of each option, we decided on Option #2.
I will be leaving on August 17th. The weekend will be spent school clothes and supply shopping. On August 20th, I will enroll the kids into school. I will stay until September 15th. The kids had already planned on going to stay with my parents for 3 months so I will come back to Mexico until November. I will go back to Georgia in the middle of November and will stay until the kids get out of school for Christmas. Then, we will come to Mexico together for Christmas. We will go back to Georgia around January 7th or 8th. I will comeback to Mexico for Miguel’s birthday on January 24th. This time, I will stay in Mexico for a couple of months and go back to Georgia right before Easter. I will stay in Georgia until the kids get out of school in May and we will return to Mexico for the summer.

     During this time, we will begin the immigration application process and I hope that by the time we return at the end of the school year, we know something. Of course, if we get pregnant my schedule will change a little to accommodate my last months of pregnancy and the birth of the baby. Which I will not complain at all. We have been planning this baby for years  and have been officially trying since March and can’t wait for this baby to be in the way. My only sadness will only be when the baby is born. If Miguel has not got his visa by then, he will miss the birth. With the kids being in the States, I will have the baby there. There is no way I will be away from my kids for that long. They are young and wouldn’t understand that and even though it will be a sad situation for Miguel and I, but we are old enough to understand and deal with it.

     I hope to have his visa application sent in by the end of this year. That all depends on finances. He hasn’t been working because he takes care of the kids while  work, but now that the kids will not be here, he will start working. That will be a huge help financially. We will be able to use that to apply for the visa.

     He has a cousin who offered to help us before, but that was when we were in the States and didn’t think he would get his visa. Miguel is thinking about talking to him about loaning us the money to apply. We will see.

     The good thing: I will be able to eat a Wendy’s hamburger and drink an iced coffee from McDonald’s!! Yayyy!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Time Has Flown!

Well, it has been 3 weeks since I last posted! Wow!! Time has flown!

    Miguel cleaned the pila, but for some reason, we couldn’t get the water to come out of the shower. We have changed the shower head and faucets and nothing. So, we are still “showering” with a bucket and cup! This really Sucks with a capital S!! I love the days that we have running water. I pull the water hose in through the bathroom window and shower with it!! It is not the best, but hey, it is better than a cup!
We will be putting in new plumbing in September and building a bathroom on the inside of the house. I am tired of waking up at 2AM and want to go to the bathroom, but don’t go because I am too scared of all of the little pests outside. I am a chicken as Miguel’s grandmother says!
    I have another benefit of living here, I can afford help! I have a house cleaner that comes 4 hours a day 6 days a week and I pay her 100USd every 2 weeks. She cleans, does laundry, and cuts up the meat and vegetables for me to cook. I am very picky about my food so, I cook. This has been a life saver, I work 50-60 hours a week and she makes life easier.

    We are having issues with the electricity. The box is an old fashioned fuse box and has been blowing fuses like crazy! We change fuses 2 or 3 times a week, but I think that has to do with all of the extra electronics we have turned on especially my A/C.

    We will be going to the States on my birthday. I will be staying for around a week or 10 days and the kids will be staying until Thanksgiving. I love their new school. They go to school online through a free online school in the US. The site is called,  They received books from the school and other materials, I just have to buy more than I would if they went to a public school, but it more than makes up for it with convienence. They can study here or in the US. Since this year, we will be going to the States about every 3 months, it works out great. Home schooling is very hard once they get in 5th grade! So, I am thankful for this.

    I have been working my booty off the past 2 weeks, I want to go shopping while in the States so, I have been working 60-70 hours each week.

     On the TTC front, nothing as of yet. I found out that coffee is not good for TTC. I knew it wasn’t good for pregnancy, but not TTC. I found out that it makes the body more acidic therefore killing sperm before they have the chance to reach the ovum. So, if nothing this month, Miguel said he is throwing out the coffee. I agreed. I will buy grapefruit juice. Grapefruit has acid, but it turns alkaline when digested therefore, making the body a more safe place for sperm to travel. 

    We have a lot planned for the next year:
  • ·         August: go to the States
  • ·         September: Build new bathroom and add new electrical
  • ·         October: expand porch and screen it in; build stairs; & build countertops in Kitchen
  • ·         November: Go to the States
  • ·         December: Christmas!!!
  • ·         January: Miguel’s and Jeni’s birthday; Remodel upstairs for kids
  • ·         February: Town festival and go to the States
  • ·         March: Build our bathroom
  • ·         April: Landscape yard; add outdoor patio and outdoor kitchen
  • ·         May: Build pool
  • ·         June: Finish Pool (Just in time for rainy season LOL)
  • ·         July: Vacation and Nando’s Birthday
  • ·         August: Go to the States
  • ·         September: Finish back yard

        If we finally get pregnant, this will change a little to fit prenatal, labor, and baby stuff into the budget. It may take 2 years to finish all of this, then. I won’t complain though.

Friday, July 6, 2012

A Day In the Life of the New Me!! And a Few Other Things :)

Well, as most of you know from my posts, I am now in the rancho. We are doing much better even with all of the new difficulties we are facing. They are not problems, just things that take sometime to get used to. The rancho has running water that we only get once a week and sometimes even, once every two weeks. The bathroom is outside, they built a full bathroom with toilet, shower, and sink on the other side of the driveway, odd, but ok.  We have to get water out of the pila to wash dishes with and that can be a major pain. I am lazy, I admit it. There is nothing I hate more than to need water and have to walk across the driveway to get a bucket full. The good thing, we can change this. Miguel is going to build a pila on top of the house or we might buy a tinaco, not sure, yet. This will have to wait until we recuperate from the expense of moving.

Last night, I cried. It poured rain and we have to go out in the rain to get to the bathroom. Everytime I get wet by rain, I get a cold for some reason. I had to go the bathroom so, I got wet and I got so mad I cried. I even made a smart ass comment about how a normal house has the bathroom and everything on the inside and not outside and how dumb his dad was to have built the bathroom outside. We sent money to build the bathroom just 3 years ago so, that it would be in the house. I shouldn't have called him dumb, but oh well he has called me worse I am sure.

Ok so, on to my new life:

8AM I get up, go straight to the kitchen to make a smoothie for Miguel's grandma and start coffee.
9AM Fix breakfast
10AM Do laundry or something
11AM Clean bedroom
12Noon Fix lunch
1PM Clean something or take a break depends on what needs to be done
2PM Take shower
3PM Fix dinner to be eaten later
4PM Start getting everything in order for work
5PM-11PM Work
11PM Eat dinner
Midnight Fall into bed

My life is much busier than before, but it is all good. I hope to be able to figure out a schedule that will allow me to have time to workout and time for myself each day.

I am growing to love the rancho. The people are awesome!! They are very nice people who do not judge me just because I am American. I get along great with one of Miguel's cousins. It is kind of funny becasue she is the one that my inlaws can't stand!! LOL Miguel's grandmother is awesome, but has high expectations. She is old fashioned and believes that you shouldn't waste your time on the TV or computer and that women and girls alike should be doing chores all day while the boys are resting and doing what they want. She tried that with the kids and I put a stop to that. I explained to her that in our family, the men do exactly the same thing as the women and we as women do not serve the men. She didn't agree with me, she said that it is our job as women to take care of the men, but said that she would respect my wishes. She still slips up and tries to tell Jeni or me to do something for either Miguel or Nando, but we just ignore it or Miguel will say no Abuela, we can do it or he'll tell Nando that he is to do it for himself.

Miguel is cleaning the bathroom pila so, atleast we will have running water in the bathroom. I love the rancho, but definitely do not like living like it is the 1800's.

I can honestly say, I am happy again!! I want to thank all of my fellow bloggers and readers for all of the support during my tough times while living in the hell hole of my in laws house. You helped keep me sane!! Cyber hugs to all of you!!!

Our To Do List to make the house more like home:

1. Plumbing
2. Screen in the porch to keep the mosquitos out, they seem to love me!! I ook like I have a major case of the chicken pox.
3. Pest proof the house, we need to fill in all of the holes that go to the outside, like around the doors and windows.
4. Get rid of the ants, we have sprayed and powdered a couple of times, but they are not quite gone.
5. Build a bathroom on the inside of the house.
6. Repair the bedrooms upsatairs to be livable so, that the largest room downstairs can be a livingroom.
7. Install the A/Cs, we have 1 onstalled in the room that we all are sleeping in at the moment, but need to insatll the other one in the room that will belong to us when we finsih repairing it.

Abuela gave Jeni a little chick and the little thing started following her around as if she was the mama. We convinced her to let it stay with its mama because we were afraid it would get stepped on. Well,  yesterday, she finally agreed to. Last night it poured rain, we had about 5 inches of rain in the yard and this morning, we found the little chick dead in a puddle of water. Jeni was very upset and blamed herself. She said that if she had kept it in a cage, it would have never drowned. She felt worse becasue yesterday was the first time she let it stay with its mama at night.

We went to Panuco today and bought another chick for her and one for Nando. Jeni's is yellow and nando's is black so, no fighting over whose is whose!! this ended all sadness. We now have a chicken grave yard in our back yard!! She buried the chicken and made a cross for the grave and said the rosary for the little chick. It was sad, but so cute.

I will post some pics later today. Take care everybody!!1

Friday, June 22, 2012

Pics from Tampico!!

First time at the beach that they remember

Jumping waves

Jumping waves with the cousins

An awesome view

Tagging the beach!

Tagging the beach!

Being silly in the pool

Jeni can finally swim!!!

Jeni's version of the canonball

Luis'version of the cannonball

All in all, we have had an awesome time so far. Tomorrow, we are going to the rancho. That means more pictures, if my camera copoerates, that is.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We are in Tampico!!!

We left on Monday at 7:00AM. After about 7 hours of hearing, I have to go to the bathroom and are we there yet, we finally arrived!

Miguel's cousin rode with us. Which turned out to be a good thing, there were no ATMs the whole way and the Debit machines did not work at any store we went into. We had forgotten to get money before leaving.

We went to Miguel's aunts house to drop off his cousin and got caught up in the chismes and ate lunch. We all ended up at the beach and had tons of fun with his aunts and cousins. They are no where like his mom and sisters. They are all really nice. They told tons of lies that have been told about me by my mother in law and sister in law. We rented a hotel near their house that night and I was pleasantly surprised to see a REAL bathtub!! Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy it. It was midnight when we got to te hotel and we got up early to go to the rancho where his aunt lives which is 2 hours away. So, all I got to do was take a shower. I was so mad!

We got to pick up his aunts and cousins and off we went to the rancho. The adults rode in the back of the truck and my kids and his cousin's daughter rode in the back seat buckled up. His family does not understand my seatbelt rule especially for kids, but I enforce it! I refuse to move my truck if all kids are not buckled up and all babies buckled in carseats. So, no babies ride in my truck in Mexico. We had to buy a booster seat for our niece. She is 2 1/2 and goes everywhere with us and didn't have a carseat so, she cried everytime we left the house.

We got to the rancho and hung out for a little while. It started to rain so, we had to stay longer than we wanted to. We ended up leaving at 3PM and we had wanted to leave at 12noon. My kids got there foiirst taste of going to the bathroom in a rancho! That was too funny. You should have seen my Jeni's face when I told her where the bathroom was!!! She was like, that is the bathroom? What?!!??!! Miguel's aunt only has an outhouse with a wooden toilet closed in by tarps. Jeni came out and was about to cry. She asked if Miguel's grandmother's house is like that. I told her not to worry, the bathroom is outside, but it has a real toilet and doesn't stink. It was just too funny!!

We got to the rancho where Miguel is from at 5PM that evening. We had planned on going to Panuco to check on the internet, but it was too late. We went to his grandmother's and did a so so cleaning and fixed dinner. I fixed American hamburgers for everybody. We were scared to go to bed, I was scared of scorpions and snakes coming out. I had everybody scared, my kids, Miguel's cousin's little girl who is only 4.

We went to Telmex the next morning to get bad news. The rancho does not have infinutm, just dial up. That is too slow for my job. We have decided to get a wireless card from telcel and I will work in the daytime and evenings and stay in the rancho for a few weeks while we save money to rent a house in Tampico or Panuco. I am hoping it will be Tampico. The temperature is awesome. I have returned to my old self this past week. I am no longer an angry person. My kids told em today that I am like I was in the US and that they missed me being like this. I told them this is the forever me. I will not return to being an angry bitter person I was turning into. I felt so bad. We are going to the beach tomorrow again and on Saturday to the rancho to clean the house. We have to go to Monterrey to get the rest of our stuff, but that will only be for a few days. I can deal with that.

I forgot my camera in the truck. I will post some pictures tomorrow. My camera quit so, we have to buy another one.

Have a good night everybody!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Crazy Stuff My Son says!

We were coming home from the store today and my son, Nando was reading the signs. He told his sister that "gringas" were Americans who eat tortillas.

I explained to him what the gringas advertised were and that gringa is a nickname Mexicans use to call Americans. I was laughing so hard inside. It was just too cute and funny!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WE ARE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right! You really read right!! We are really moving this time!! Monday, we will be goign to Matamoros to get Miguel's grandmother and coming back to Monterrey to load up the truck. Tuesday, we will leave around 5AM and plant to arrive to the rancho around noon. That gives us time to unload the truck, get everything secured in one of the rooms and to get to Tampico to check in to the hotel before dark.

So, the final count down has started, 7 days and counting!!!

Now, all we need to do is pray thet Telmex has fast internet in the rancho.

Lisa's Late Monthly Questions!! LOL

I have missed Lisa's questions. So without further adue....

1. So because we have recently gotten engaged I was wondering how all your hubby's popped the big question?

Miguel is cheesy. He took me to the jewelry store on Valentine's Day and told me to pick out a ring, but said it was not fan engagement ring. So, I picked out a red ruby heart in a silver setting. He then told me I couldn't wear it until later. He went to work and left it on the nightstand. That night, after we were laying in bed, he hugged me and stuttered in my ear will you marry me and held the ring up in front of me. I busted out laughing and said of course. I did get a real engagement ring later, but I still wear both the first one and the diamond one.

2. What Jewelery do you wear daily?

I wear my wedding band, engagement ring, and original engagement ring.

3. Have you ever been told you talk in your sleep?

I have never been told that, but Miguel does when he has drunk more than 2 beers or is very tired.

4. What are 3 websites you visit daily?

Facebook, Fertility Friend, When to Work, Blogger, Email is Outlook

5. Are you allergic to anything?
I am allergic to cats, rabbits, pollen, trees, grass, dust, certain strong perfumes make my nose burn, smog (good living in Mty, right) hypocrites LOL

6. Have you ever had the chicken pox?

I only had 1 bump on my cheek when I was 5. i am scared I will catch them again.

7. Last book you read?

I hate too admit it, but I haven't read any books since right before we moved to Mexico. I think, I read something by Nora Roberts.

8.  4 of your Favorite Alcoholic drinks.

Margaritas, Sex on The Beach, Kahlua, Orange juice and peach schnapps ( I don't know what it is called. I hate beer and wine coolers give me one hell of a hang over, but they are good.

9. What color is your bedroom wall painted?

The ugliest color of pink I could ever imagine. It is like a Pepto pink and very dirty. I refuse to paint it because that would be more money I invest in a house where I am not wanted and I have invested too much here to begin with.

10.Finish the sentence...

I'm hungry for...... A REAL American meal
I'm wearing......jean shorts and a tank top
I'm sad when.....I think of how Miguel's family is to all of us including him
I feel like.... I am going to explode with excitement!! We are finally leaving this hell hole!! Monday!!! I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great News!!!

First of all, I have to say, EVERYONE OF YOU ARE AWESOME!!! just reading your comments made me feel better!! Thanks a lot!!

Well, we decided to go on to Tampico on the 18th. We will rent a hotel for a week and try to get a fast enough internet service in the rancho by then and if not, we will rent a house in either Tampico or Panuco. My wonderful grandmother will be helping us financially with this move if needed, I love her so much. She is always there for me even when I don't deserve it!!

Well, I am feeling much better. I decided to make my version of a fusion of Mongolian beef and Japanese steak, fried rice, and sauteed vegetables for dinner. I thought it is about time for something different!!

Well, I went for an ultrasound yesterday of my ovaries to see if the follicles were close to ovulation. I had 1 12mm follicle and 2 22mm follicles, and 1 23mm follicle!! She said I will ovulate 3 eggs!! Miguel was scared!! He kept thinking what if we catch all three!! I have to admit, that is a little scary. Just imagine trying to baby wear 3 babies!! It would be Miguel, 1 of the kids and myself baby wearing!! LOL Also, the expense of 3 babies is frightening, we would buy 3 of everything. I am hoping for just 1 or 2, but if God gives us 3, then we will be happy!! I told the Dr and Miguel that I don't care how many, I just want a freaking positive!! I will be testing on Father's Day so, that would be awesome!!

I don't think I have told you all, but Miguel's grandmother has been here for the past 3 weeks and she is leaving tomorrow. We told her, we will pick her up from her  daughters on the 18th and on the 19th we will be on our way to Tampico!! I can't wait! Now, I know it will definitely happen! We have the financila back up plan if our truck decides to act crazy!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Change of Plans... Again!! Grrr!!!

Well, tomorrow was supposed to be the day we left this hell hole, but our truck had other plans. It broke down last week again and took over half the money we had saved for the move to fix. I am now stuck here for at l;east another month, again.

I really feel like crying. I have to be honest with a ll of you, I am a little jealous of your relationship with your in laws. I am glad you all have a great relationship and I wish I could have the same thing. No matter how hard I try, they always treat us bad.

My sister in law who moved out a few months ago had left her minisplit here and wanted to get it Friday. She had to turn off the electricity to remove it and I was working. She got mad because, she couldn't do it. Today, she finally removed it, but my mother in law told Miguel that because of us, hsi sister had to sleep in the heat for the past 2 nights and that all we do is cause problems for everybody here. Miguel got mad and told her that his sister does not live here and all she had to do was ask what time I was working that day so she could get it done and not interfere with my job. I started working at 7:00PM that night for God's sake!!

I started working this evening after having the past 3 Sunday's off and they knew I was working, I always tell them when I start to try to keep the noise down. They went to the kitchen and sat there talking, yelling, and laughing as loud as they could. The kitchen is right outside my bedroom door. I culdn't hear my students and they couldn't hear me. I kept stopping and asking them to quieten down and all they did was get louder. This went on for 3 hours. Bear in mind, they never sit in the kitchen, it is too hot there!

As for the moving to the rancho, we are not too sre now. We have tried to investigate the speed of the internet there and everybody says it is very slow, but we don't know if that is because of their plan or what. We tried to call Telmex, but they say we have to go to the local office in Veracruz.
I am in a fix with that. I have to have a good, stable conenection with atleast 5 mbps. The requirementes for my job are a minimum of 1 mbps upload and 1 mbps download. To get the 1 mbps upload, I have to have at least 5 mbps.

Ok, so, I feel that all I do is complain, complain, complain. I really hope to stop that very soon. I used to be a really happy person and hardly ever complained, I had no reason to complain, but now that is different.

If anybody has any advice as to what I can do to make these people quit making our life a living hell, please tell me. I will do anything except change who I am or act like I am something I am not. They like the husband sof my SILs, but that is becasue they agree with everythign they say and do. I have this huge problem, if I don't agree with somethig that affects me or my family, I will say something and they don't like that.

Thanks for listening to me complain.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good News at the Doc's!!

Well, be what it is, Clomid does work! My doctor confirmed I ovulated on Monday and I released 2 eggs!!! So, it does work! Now let's see if we catch these little suckers!! The bad news, I didn't think I would suffer another of the side effects, the weight gain, but yes, I am. I have gained 2 kilos in 2 months!! My pants fit me the same, maybe a little tighter, but not enough to notice except in the waist when I am ovulating, but that is from ovulation swelling. She did say that I could be heavier due to my swollen ovary. I choose to believe her!! LOL We have to weight until June 1st to see if this months suffering through |Clomid side effects was worth it or not!!

We have been worried about my daughter here lately. When we moved in here last year, she weighed 85 pounds and was really chunky. She lost weight and looked really good. But, from January until now, she has lost more weight, her pants that we bought her in January and December fall of her. The other day she said that she was fat! We all got on to her for that. I told her she is too skinny and no where near fat. Everybody else, started telling her the same thing and last night she told me that she doesn't think everybody is wrong so, she doesn't want to lose anymore weight. I still took her to the doctor's office this morning. The pediatrician measured her and weighed her. She is 5'2" and weighs 88 pounds. SO, she has gained weight instead of losing, but she has grown 7 inches since we moved here. She is in the 75th percentile on weight and above all of the lines on height. She is actually at the top percentile on the height of a 13 year old and she is only 10!! Her BMI was 18.2 which is also, at the 75th percentile, so we feel more confident about her weight. The doctor wants to see her in a month just to make sure she isn't losing weight and he also, ordered and CBC blood test to check her iron, platelets, etc.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Clomid Sucks!!

Well, I have been on 100mg Clomid for the past 2 months and let me tell you, it sucks!!! For those of you who don't know, Clomid is a medicine that induces ovulation.

My first month, the side effects were so-so. I had horrible mood swings, some hot flashes, about 10 hours of bad cramps during ovulation, and pregnancy like cravings and nausea.

This month was HELL!!! I have had very horrible mood swings, some hot flashes, 6 days of horrible cramps with 1 day being labor like pains for 3 hours. I am going to the Dr today, because my stomach is so bloated and hard. It looks like I am 5 months pregnant!! She will be doing an ultrasound to check for cysts or any other problem. We will also, decide our next step for next month.

I don't want to go another month on Clomid. It is horrible and if nothing yet, I don't think it is going to work. I am going to request us go on to the next step. I will do 1 more cycle of Clomid, but with IUI or I prefer to go on to the injectables.

We will see what my Dr says. I do trust her and know even if I don't like something, she knows what she is doping, she is a specialist after all!!

Maybe, I will have some wonderful news around June 1st and won't have to worry about the next step!!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!!

Well, I am stuck between celebrating Mother's Day on MAy 10th or the second Sunday of May.  My decision, celebrate both!! (More gifts but next year!)

Here in Mexico, we (as in they) celebrated Mother's Day by having a discada (meat, bacon, hot dogs, and potatoes cooked in chorizo and sauce on a disc above an open fire DELICOUS!!) I mean they because, I had to work, my first day back after having a wisdom tooth removed on Tuesday. This was alos, my first day eating real food!

Photo courtesy of Wikicocinas

My food this week consisted of my version of fresh tomato soup (tomatoes boiled until the are just cooked a litle and blended in the blender with salt and pepper), mashed potatoes, and baked potato mashed with butter and sour cream.

So, Thursday was welcomed. I was starving by then and coulodn't think of eating another plate of mashed potatoes or tomato soup.  I caustiously ate the meat and hot dog chunks, careful not to chew on the wrong side.

Well, I didn't get a gift except for hugs and kisses form Miguel and the kids. We are broke this week. We will go out next Sunday for Mother's Day. Better late than never, right?

I called my mom and grandmother today to tell them Happy Mother's Day. I told them, I would take them shopping for something when I go to visit. That shipping costs were to expensive to send something form here.

My mother in law got a hug and a Happy Mother's Day wish. She will be going to eat with us next Sunday as will my father in law whose birthday was Tuesday.

We will either be going to Los Generales or Sirloin Stockade both are great buffet restaurants here in Monterrey. We have only been to Los Generales once and it was AMAZING!! I loved the food and the s ervice but, very expensive. We can only afford to go every few months. I want to go to Applebee's but, everybody says it is nasty and no where near as good as in the US.

Well, no news on the TTC front except for major pains! I am on Clomid and it causes my ovaries to swell up and painful ovulation. We are on cycle 2 and have 1 more cycle before the doctor decides on our next step.

The move is still on in 22 days!! Yayyyyyy!!!

BTW: This is my 100th post!!! Another thing for me to celebrate!!!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

25 days and counting!!

We are moving to the rancho in 25 days!! I cannot wait!! We have so much to do before we move!

Our pre-move To do list:

1. Organize all of our stuff. Get rid of things we no longer need or use.
2. Finish my dentists appointments (will explain below)
3. Find a good fertility specialist in Tampico
4. Call to turn on phone/internet servide
5. Rent hotel for few days until house is ready to move into and phone/internet is turned on

We did investigate moving to Merida or Cozumel. I told Miguel, if we have to live in Mexico, we might as well live in paradise! The houses are absolutely beautiful and the prices are good but, the actual move is more than we could afford to pay right now.

So, off to the rancho we go!!

I went to the dentist on Tuesday to get a wisdom tooth pulled and was told that I have 4 major cavities, need a rootcanal on another, and have periodontal disease! I floss and brush 2-3 times a day! I was horrified! I have never had this many problems with my teeth in the past.

So, I have to have 4 fillings, a root canal after which she recommends a crown, and 5 treatments to end the periodontal disease. The good news, I only have 2 wisdom teeth and the other might ned to be pulled eventually but, for now it is fine.

On the baby front, nothing, yet. I will be looking for a good fertilty specialist in Tampico if nothing happens this month. I have had it with the Clomid. Miguel and the kids call it the psycho pill! I get very irritated for no reason and am very quick to yell at anybody!

There have been a few moments that I have went off on the inlaws. The pills make it harder to keep my mouth shut! Theserve it so, I feel no remorse!

My job is going great! I have been off since Monday and will start back tonight. I can't wait, I miss working already. The only thing I don't miss is hyaving to deal with all of the extra noise the in laws make when they know I am working. It is as if they want me to lose my job. They are quiet untilo I am working and then, they make tons of noise.

Miguel has had it with his family, they have made it realy know to him that thye prefer their daughters to him. His mom has straight out told him that her daughters are priority and we just need to go somewhere else, to the rancho or to the border, while we wait on his Visa. The gas comapny cme out the other day and when they arrived she called her daughter to come and Miguel over heard her say that she wanted her here for that because she didn't trust Miguel. After they came, noticed Miguel really quiet and upset but, I was working so, i couldn't talk to him until the nexty. I asked him what was wrong and he told me this. I was stunned! I didn't know what to say, I have never had to deal with my family being like this. This was just 1 in a million things they do daily.

I feel so bad for him, he loved his poarents so much and does. They are losing him with all of their BS. I keep trying to tell him we can rent a house around here so, he can visit them more. He said that he has no der visit them for a very long time if ever.

I hope he decides to visit his family becasue, he will regret that in the end. I do know it will take him some time to get over how they have treated all of us since we have been here. They have even started telling my kids that we are the bad ones andthey don't need to trust what we say. This was it! I decided after this that I was out of here very soon! We have to stay a little longer to get everything in order, it is a major move that will require time and money.

As of June 4th, we will no longer have to deal with the BS!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

My new job...

Well, my new job is going great!!! I haven't written any posts in a while, I have been very busy working!!

I work between 36-45 hours a week but, it is all good. I commute from my bed to my desk and when I am feeling lazy, I just open my laptop in bed. This especially works great for those late night classes when I work until 1AM!

We were given the go ahead to TTC at the beginning of this month. We are waiting too see if we have a little one on the way or if we need try again! I should know by Wednesday or Thursday and I cannot wait. I have been feeling certain symptoms like nausea, heartburn, and increased hunger but, I don't want to get my hopes up. I remember having increased hunger before my period was due before but, don't remember any nausea or heartburn since being preggers the last time.

We are still debating between the border and the Rancho. I am worried about going to the ranchpo because, when the power goes out there, it takes days to come back on and it goes out frequently. My job depends on having power! So, I don't know.

Miguel and I are not agreeing on where our baby will be born when he or she is on the way. He is stuck on me delivering in Atlanta, GA. I say that I will deliver where ever he is. We made a deal, that if we do not have enough money saved to cover delivery and a few extras by the time I am 6 months, I will deliver in GA.

I need to find out how to be able to come back to Mexico as soon as possible after the birth. I do not want Miguel to miss out on our baby's first days or weeks. This will probably be our only child together. Any advice, as usual?

Lisa's Monthly Questions

Well, Lisa has done it again!! She has given me something to write about!!

1. Name three things you have a fear of.
2. Cheese or Fruit Pie            Cheese with chocolate and caramel (Turtle Cheesecake)
long or short hair                   Short, eventhough I have long hair
small town or big city            Small town close to big city
Blue cheese or Ranch            Ranch
White or Wheat Bread          White

3. Have you ever won a contest?
       I won a drawing contest in Kindergarten, it was for a huge toy box full of toys!!! I thought, that was the most awesomething then!! It was pretty cool!!

4. Would you rather camp out or stay in a Hilton?
      The Hilton. I love the outdoors but, prefer the comfort and luxury of air conditioner and running water.

5. Have you ever had surgery?
    I have had too many surgeries! I had dental surgery when, I was little, one of my teeth didn't want to come in so, my dentist had to cut it out of the gum. I had a Csection whenmy son was born. I just had my tubal reversal surgery almost 2 months ago.

6. Are you a planner or go with the flow kind of person?
   I love to plan things but, they usually go the total opposite way. So, then, I go with the flow,

7.If you could have anything to eat right now what would it be?
     4 Krystal cheese burgers (they are tiny square things) with extra pickles and mustard, Waffle House hash browns with onions, cheese, and chili, and Iced Tea

8. What is your favorite type of flower?
    I absolutely love red roses

9. Do you remember your dreams? Do you have any?
I hardly ever rember my dreams, I usually only remember them if they were bad! :(   

10. What do you miss most about your childhood?
      Playing with my cousins and speding time with my grandfather. He was more like a father to me and I miss him so much. He passed away in 1998.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Very sad time

Well, my niece was killed Sunday morning. She was 19 years old and would have turned 20 this Thursday. She had been in a long fight with drugs and prostitution.

She had just got out of jail 3 weeks ago and was living in a house with her boyfriend but, her dad, my brother in law thought he was her pimp. She would never admit it and my sister, who is her step mom and my brother in law hadn't heard from her since she went to jail in January. She lived in Michigan and my sister lives in Montana. My sister had been trying to get her to move to Montana with them so, she could get her life together for herself and her 1 year old baby. She refused and when the baby was 2 months old DfAC's took her. After this Emily, my niece, fell deeper into drugs and this is when we think she started prostituting herself.

On Sunday morning, a fire was set in her house. Her boyfriend got out and nobody else was their but, Emily did not get out. The fire is ruled as suspicious and so, is her death. They had to do a DNA test to confirm identity and are doing an autopsy to find out her cause of death.

Her boyfriend told police that she had angered a john and he threatened to kill her but, said john is no where to be found. Her boyfriend also, said that when he smelled the smoke he felt for her on the bed and she wasn't there so, he just left the house. I find this hard to believe and feel that they killed her.

I was not too close to Emily. She was my step niece and was not around too much. She lived with my sister from the age of 10 until about 14. After that, she went to live with her mom in Michigan. So, we never really seen her.

I am upset for my sister, she loved that baby like her daughter and now, she has to tell her goodbye. My sister is having a hard time with her husband. It really hasn't hit him that his only child is gone and she is worried about what will happen when it hits him. He had a problem with drugs but, has been clean for 3 years and she is scared this will make him slide. Also, he refuses to go to Michigan to the memorial service. He said that he is scared of what he will do to her "friends" when h3e gets there. I told her that who ever took Em's life will pay for what he/ she did but, he doesn't need to let them take his life also. They are not worth goign to prison for, this is why he won't go. I am worried about him, he will regret not going in a few years and that will eat away at him.

My sister is distraught and I don't know what to say to her, I can't go because, I don't have the funds to go all the way to Michigan. I hate it and I wish I could do something but, I do not know what to do. As I said, I wasnt too close to her but, I did know her and I cared for her alot.

I ask of your prayers for her soul, my sister, her husband, and Em's baby girl. Also, please pray that the police find out who did this and this person pays for what they did.

Rest in Peace Emily Moñoz

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Been MIA

Well, I haven't posted anything in a while. Nothing going on here latley except the same old thing. Dealing with my hypocritic, smartass, rude, hateful in laws (the list can go on and on). I know everybody gets tired of reading about me complaining about them. Hell, I get tired of dealing with them!!!

I just started woring almost 2 weeks ago and will get paid n3ext week so, hopefully by the end of April, we will be able to move. I am so tired of dealing with the BS. I am to the point that I am about to knock the shit out of one of theses bitches!!!

Miguel got pissed Sunday, I was working and was only scheduled for 4 hours. We have explained to them that, it has to be quiet around our room while I am giving classes. We never told them, they couldn't talk or anything just, when they were around our room, to talk quietly. How hard is that? well, Sunday, 2 of his sisters kept coming to the entrance of our door and yelling back to the livingroom as if they were doing this on purpose! All of this started right when I started working. Miguel is constantly telling them please don't yell or talk loud near our room, Stephanie is working. They just keep talking louder and louder!! It is like they are oout to make me lose my job!!

Well, Sunday, Miguel got pissed and told his sister that we were leaving here ASAP and he would never come back! I was shocked that yhe said that! He is a Mama's boy!! His sister got mad and said well, Miguel you do what you want but, remember you had a Mom before you had this bitch!!! I was like excuse me but, couldn't say anything, I had to start another class.

We have made the decision to really move this time, we are either moving to the border or moving to the rancho. Both have benefits so, I don't know which one yet but, the decision will be made within 2 weeks.

The Border means, US is close, Easy access to anything because, we will be in the city and anything we can't find in Mexico, the US is just a bridge cross away.

The Rancho means, easier life, calmer, cheaper to live, close to the beach!!

As for work, I work online so, that is no problem and Miguel can get a job either in a factory in Nuevo Laredo or in his uncles cattle ranch n the rancho so, that is not an issue.

So, I don't know. they both ghave disadvantages: Border, it's the border and always has danger around! The Rancho, it is 30 mintues froma city and has no police so, anything can happen and nobody to help. People have been kidnapped from there but, people have been kidnapped from evrywhere in Mexico. The only thing that worries me is, Miguels uncle has a very successful cattle ranch in town so, everybody thinks his whole family has money. Which is not true but, they think it! I am worried about that but, not too much. I will just do the same thing as I do here: kieep my eyes open to anything suspicious and not let the kids out of my sight.

If you were debating on the border or a rancho which would you choose?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Update on my niece

I got my other sister in law with me and we went to talk to my sister in law about my niece. She got mad because, I told somebody but, I told her that this was not a playing matter and it doesn't matter what matters is her daughter. We talked to her for about 30 minutes and finally she relunctantly went with us to take her to the IMSS. The whole way she kept saying in front of her child that all she did was try to get attention and this was one of her stunts!!! We kept teling her to shut up but, wouldn't work.
At the IMSS, it took us a few mintues to find where to take her. We kept being sent to here and there. Finally and Dr checked her and sent us to another hospital without saying what he thought. We went to another hospital on the other side of the city and waited forever to get seen. The Dr wouldn't let anybody go back with her. He said that, if she had anything to say, she woud say it quicker without anybody in there. He checked her and talked to her and after an hour came out and caled her mom back. We told him we all were coming back. He didn't like it but, allowed us to. I think he realized, we weren't playing.

As soon as we got into his office, he began getting on to my sister in law for being a neglectful mom. He finally got to his findings, she has an extreme yeast infection and UTI. Which, has caused her to scratch herself horribly. He said that when she was itching she said she went in the bathroom and scratched until it hurt. He said this infection is so bad that, she has had to have it for a long time. His other findings were that she feels alone, her mom doesn't pay attention to her. She told him that all she does is talk on the phone with her boyfriend and play with her son. The boyfriend thing is what bothers her the most, her mom and dad are married and my SIL has a boyfriend on the side and sees him in front of her children so, this baby feels pulled between helping her mom keep this from her dad and helping her dad by telling him. She has so much turmoil going on inside of her that she can't stand it and he thinks that helped make the infections worse.

He told SIL that he should call Proteccion Civil but, would give her the chance to fix this. She was being neglectful because this child has had these infections for too long and she never took her to the doctor and by all of the stuff my niece told the doctor. He referred her to a child therapist and family therapy. He said, he will monitor this and if she does not go to the therapy sessions, he will report her to Proteccion Civil.

We are thanking God that it was nothing more!!! But, we are al pissed at SIL because, how in the hell could she not realize this child had these infections? She is one of the worst moms I know, I have always tod MIguel that, one day somebody was going to take those babies. When we first got here, her 3 year old son got lost for at least 5 hours. She was not sure how long, she was supposively cleaning but, my niece said, no she was with her boyfriend in the bedroom. The other time I know about, her 2 year old baby almost got run over in the middle of the road. She was here at my MIL's house alone and talking on the phone to her boyfriend and was not watching her baby. The car came 6 inches from hitting her!!!

I hope and pray this baby gets the therapy she needs and like the doctor said with this infection as bad as it is, there is a possibilty she won't be able to get pregnant when she is older. When she gets better and a little older, they will do some tests on her to see if she was scarred in her uterus from this.

I will be on top of this until I go to the States. I told my niece to call me if she needs anyhting and she is at home and when here she can hang out with us when she wants to. We all knew she need affection and try to give it to her but, she needs it from her mom, that is why what she gets from all of us and her dad's family is not enough.

Please keep her in your prayers.

There is a situation that I do not know what to do about it.

Well, today, something happened and I really do not know what to do.

My sister in law called me into the bathroom to look at my niece's privates, she had cuts and scratches that did not look like they came from her scratching. A few looked like tears!!
I told my sister in law that it did not look like just scratches. My niece is 7 years old. I talked to her and explained to her about good touch and bad touch. I was telling her that if anybody has done anything to her, she needed to tell us so, we can make it stop. I expained that she will not be in trouble and everything will be ok. I asked her if anybody had done anything to her and she started crying. She wouldn't say anything but, the way she started crying made me sick to my stomach.

I told her mom, her mom started yelling at her for making me think bad things!

I told her mom to give me a chance to tak to her because, all she was doing was scring this baby. She says ok but, remember she has lied about all kinds of stuff before. It seemed to me like she already knew what happened but, didn't want anybody to know. I taked to her again and she cried and finally said I can't say anything, I will get in trouble. She refused to say anything and I was pissed at my sister in law!!! How could she scare her child into not saying anything?!

I told her if you really love your daughter, take her to the IMSS so, they can check her, they can tell if it is scratches or something worse. She said ok but, when her husband got home from work. when he got home, she never woud take her. I was pissed, we left to get something to eat and when we returned they were gone.

My mother in law said she went to the Similares to get medicine for her infection!!! The fucking similares does not do anything, they never even check your throat when you go for a sore throat and that is in my opinion why she went there.
This baby has horrible tears and can't hold her pee or anything. She was left alone for a few hours wiht our nephew who is 12 years old and that was the only time something could have happened, other times she is with lots of people.

I feel sick and disgusted by this and do not know even what to do. My niece won't say anything and I am no Dr but, it sure as hell looks like more than scratches like my sister in law says it is. Supposively this is what the Similares said also.

I told her to take her to the IMSS today to just be sure she got the correct medicine, hoping she would and they woud check her for real, she said she would but, I really do not believe her (SIL). Nobody else in this family except for me knows and nobody will believe me.  God forbid I ruin their perfect family!!!

Also, I know if I tell someone, they will know it was me and then, I will be kicked out with my kids, no money and no where to go. Miguel would leave with me but, we have no money to even get a hotel for a night. So, this makes me think, my kids are my priority but, I know I have to help her. I can't stand by and let something like this happen. AT the least this baby needs therapy.

This is killing me, I need to get her help but, do not even know how to do it. I can't let everybody know I did. The nephew is the family favorite so, they will do anything to protect him. Anybody, please give me some advice, SIL is not even allowing her to go to school this week, in my opinion out of fear she will tell someone.

If I was in the US, I woud have called the police or Child Protective Services but, here I don't know who to contact at all. The police do not do their job here in Monterrey and will only want money and nobody wil back me up on this, they will ony go against me and this child has probably been told not to say anything at all or else.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Well alot to talk about...

First of all:


Ok no more screaming, So, I found an online job and start on Monday. It is a full time job teaching English. The site is called Open English , I know that those of you who are in Mexico have seen this commercial on TV. I saw it about 3 weeks ago and thought, I would check to see if they were hiring and guess what? They were, obviously! LOL Well, for those of you who are looking for an internet job, (Lisa from One Country to Another, you come in mind) this might be a good place to start. I went through training and a certification process this week and found out yesterday, I got the job. I have never cried about getting a job but, this time, I cried my eyes out. I have been praying I would find a job I could do at home as you all know and this is perfect so, if I decide to go back and forth between here and the States, I can still work and just travel on my days off so, this will enable me to travel and even if when I get pregnant, I can work all the way up until delivery and start back really soon after because, I will be working from home!!! I am so happy I got this job, it is a life saver for me right now.
I could go on and on about how this job has saved me but, that will bore you, it would me!

So, now on to my other problem, moving to the States or staying here. We have been talking and have decided, I will go after I get pregnant, it is very important that I get pregnant within a year and I have to be here to do it! No pun intended! LOL Anyway, we hope I am pregnant by June or July so, we can get to Georgia before school starts. Our plan is for me to return a few weeks before he has to go to Ciudad Juarez for his visa appointment (when? I don't know) and I will stay until we have finished the Visa and waiver appointments.

As for the baby, Miguel is dead against me having him or her here in Mexico but, I really want him at the birth. He will already miss out on a lot by us being separated during my pregnancy so, I definitely want him at the birth. Hopefully, his waiver will be one of the quickly approved ones.

I am kind of worried about having the baby here because, I had Toxemia with Jeni and Nando. When I had Jeni, her heart rate dropped to 65 while I was pushing and they had to pull her out with the vacuum and with nando, I was in labor for 3 days and had to have a csection so, I am sort of expecting complications since, I have never had an uncomplicated pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I am hoping for a very easy pregnancy, labor, and birth. I would love a water birth! So, we have sort of made a deal, well, I said this is what I am going to do and he really didn't have much choice! I told him that, if I have no complications, I will return here when I am 7-1/2 to 8 months pregnant to have the baby here but, if I am having high blood pressure or any other complications, I will have the baby in Georgia and come here as soon as I can. I would rather go to the border and have the baby in Texas but, I am having trouble on getting information about how to have the baby and come back across the border when I get out of the hospital. That in my opinion would be an awesome compromise, Miguel would get his way, the baby would be born in the US and we would have easy access to any immediate specialized medical care if needed and I would know that Miguel would get to see his baby at a couple of days old at the most. Though he wouldn't be able to be there for the birth, he would be there during the very important first few days. Anybody with information on this, PLEASE email me.

As for the immigration process, the FOIA was sent off on Wednesday and they should have gotten it today so, I hope the are efficient and I get it back very soon. We will be mail off the I-130 within 2 weeks to at least get the process going. We are waiting on affidavits from family and friends to send in with it and that is why we are waiting.
I have started investigating for the hardship waiver so, any advice on this is also, greatly appreciated!! This is the most difficult thing I have ever written in my life!!! I will try to do it on my own but, if I see I am having lots of trouble, we will then hire and attorney. I really don't want to have to because, we really can't afford to hire one. I will make that sacrafice some how if the time comes that we need one.

As for my issues with Miguel's family, well, they are still going at full blast. They seemed to pause it while I was recuperating from surgery but, this week, they have more than made up for it!!! I have never felt so unwanted in a place in my life. I was just telling Miguel tonight that, nobody has ever treated me like this before. I am scared that they will try to put ideas in Miguel's head when I am in the States because, when I was working last year and getting home at 10 they tried it. They would tell him that there was no way I was still working and that surely I was out doing something I wasn't supposed to be!! He didn't believe them but, I am worried that with me there and him here, they might have just a little more of a chance to do what they tried. I have talked to him and he said that he doesn't care what they say, he has seen how they are with me and know what they are capable of. So, I do not need to worry about that, I will have enough to worry about then. I will be pregnant, dealing with the kids stuff, working, and dealing with the immigration stuff so, they had better hope they don't try to interfere with our relationship. As stressed as I will be and with my hormones raging, I just might open up a can of some good ol' Georgian whoop ass on them!!!!

Well, have a great weekend all!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What do you all think about this???

So, as you all know we are getting Miguel's Visa started. Well, we have been talking and Miguel really wants me to have our baby in the States when we do get pregnant.
We had a conversation about it today and he wants the kids and I to go to the States when I do get pregnant so, I can get quality care for me and the baby.
Plus, my son needs surgery on his feet, he was born with six toes on both feet and has had surgery to remove the extra big toe and another surgery to straighten his toe but, still needs more and it is time to get it gain. This is a very expensive surgery so, I need to be in GA and able to get Peachcare (a government sponsered insurance for low to middle income families who do not qualify for Medicaid) again so, he can get his surgery or at least see the surgeon to see when we need to do it.

I of course, was against it but, I know we have been having a hard time in Mexico for the past few months. Hell, for the past year!! I agreed we will talk it over a little bit more. I told him we could move to the border and rent a house or apartment there so, we could see each other often but, he was thinking me stay at my grandmother's house and help her with utilities like she had offered before and save money for when he gets his visa, we can by a house.

I don't really see us saving too much money because, I will be coming to Mexico every few months and that will exhaust what we save. I don't know what to do. I would love to go back to the US but, I don't want my family to be separated, that was the reason we moved out here.

This is really keeping me upset and stressed out!!! I don't know what does everybody think?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Good news from an attorney!!!

Ok, I recieved an email from an attorney after going back and forth with him to verify that he understood Miguel's case and guess what???

We got GOOD news!!!!

The law states:
Quoted from my soon to be attorney's email:
#1 The 10 year bar that can be waived now is for someone who lived unlawfully in the U.S. for over a year and then departs the U.S. (voluntarily or not).
#2 This 10 year bar becomes a permanent bar (than cannot be overcome until the applicant has lived outside of the U.S. for at least 10 years) when the applicant re-enters or attempts to re-enter the U.S. after #1 has happened.

As long as #2 does not apply, the person who was unlawfully in the US is eligible for the waiver.

After my weekend of crazy stress causing ups and downs investigating the laws, I now say, you need an attorney to do this. It is too stressful, let them deal with it, that is why we will have to pay them the big bucks!

I am not recommending the attorney, at least not until Miguel is in the USA!! From what this attorney says, we can be in the States within a year!!! I don't want to get my hopes up but, I can't help being excited! As all of you know from reading my blog, my in laws make my life a living hell and they keep finding ways to try to bother me so, I honestly can't wait to get as far away from them as possible!!

BTW This morning I was telling my MIL that Miguel would probably have to wait out the 10 years here and her response was, "Well, then you all need to move to the Rancho" This is her response eveythime we talk about us being here on a long term basis, not get a house around here but, move 6 hours from here or hurry up and get back to the US!

What I have to say to her is: Yes MIL dear, don't worry. We will be going back to the States ASAP.

PS If anybody wants the attorney's contact info, email me.