Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back in the States

    At the beginning of July, I came back to Georgia. I actually came back to just buy a vehicle, but we got to talk about the kids and their education. The kids education was suffering. So, we had to make the difficult decision to move back to GA.

    I bought a new vehicle, well a new old vehicle. I only had $1300 so it was a cheap-o van. A 1999 Plymouth Voyager. Only 3 doors, but it gets me from point A to point B. I also decided to buy a van because of my IUI. I was a little worried to buy a car and get pregnant with twins or more. Well, the IUI did not work. Miguel and I were both very upset about it. I think we had the timing off. I normally ovulate 12-24 hours after I take the trigger shot, I had the actual insemination done 48 hours after I took the shot. So, 16 days later, we confirmed that we did not have a baby on the way. We decided that we will do 2 more IUIs with back to back insemination, one 12-18 hours after the shot and one 48 hours after the shot. If no baby by March, we will do IVF. I never thought trying to have a baby would be so hard. It is so depressing.

   Anyway, back to our current situation. We have been back here since July. We missed the fireworks due to rain, our first 4th back in 3 years! I was so mad, the kids were let down. It has been raining almost constantly since I got back.

   I found a basement apartment. It worked out great. My grandmother is engaged and has moved in with her fiance. He has a basement apartment and the tenants were being evicted due to loud parties. I asked him about it. He told me to look at it after they moved out. Well, we had to take out the carpet, it was destroyed. They had cats inside, and it looked like no litter pan. The stove and the sliding door frame was broken and part of the cabinets had been destroyed. He told me he would rent the basement apartment and the 2 bedrooms immediately at the top of the stairs. I only pay $200 a month for the rent. I have the concrete floor for now until he can get flooring put down, but I am used to that so no biggie for now.

    I plan to go for a couple of weeks in September, so I hope we can have a long talk about some things that have happened since I got back to the States. We have had some problems and the end result of our conversation will decide the fate of our marriage.

      I don't understand why Mexican women love to interfere with their brother's marriages to American women.