Monday, March 26, 2012

Update on my niece

I got my other sister in law with me and we went to talk to my sister in law about my niece. She got mad because, I told somebody but, I told her that this was not a playing matter and it doesn't matter what matters is her daughter. We talked to her for about 30 minutes and finally she relunctantly went with us to take her to the IMSS. The whole way she kept saying in front of her child that all she did was try to get attention and this was one of her stunts!!! We kept teling her to shut up but, wouldn't work.
At the IMSS, it took us a few mintues to find where to take her. We kept being sent to here and there. Finally and Dr checked her and sent us to another hospital without saying what he thought. We went to another hospital on the other side of the city and waited forever to get seen. The Dr wouldn't let anybody go back with her. He said that, if she had anything to say, she woud say it quicker without anybody in there. He checked her and talked to her and after an hour came out and caled her mom back. We told him we all were coming back. He didn't like it but, allowed us to. I think he realized, we weren't playing.

As soon as we got into his office, he began getting on to my sister in law for being a neglectful mom. He finally got to his findings, she has an extreme yeast infection and UTI. Which, has caused her to scratch herself horribly. He said that when she was itching she said she went in the bathroom and scratched until it hurt. He said this infection is so bad that, she has had to have it for a long time. His other findings were that she feels alone, her mom doesn't pay attention to her. She told him that all she does is talk on the phone with her boyfriend and play with her son. The boyfriend thing is what bothers her the most, her mom and dad are married and my SIL has a boyfriend on the side and sees him in front of her children so, this baby feels pulled between helping her mom keep this from her dad and helping her dad by telling him. She has so much turmoil going on inside of her that she can't stand it and he thinks that helped make the infections worse.

He told SIL that he should call Proteccion Civil but, would give her the chance to fix this. She was being neglectful because this child has had these infections for too long and she never took her to the doctor and by all of the stuff my niece told the doctor. He referred her to a child therapist and family therapy. He said, he will monitor this and if she does not go to the therapy sessions, he will report her to Proteccion Civil.

We are thanking God that it was nothing more!!! But, we are al pissed at SIL because, how in the hell could she not realize this child had these infections? She is one of the worst moms I know, I have always tod MIguel that, one day somebody was going to take those babies. When we first got here, her 3 year old son got lost for at least 5 hours. She was not sure how long, she was supposively cleaning but, my niece said, no she was with her boyfriend in the bedroom. The other time I know about, her 2 year old baby almost got run over in the middle of the road. She was here at my MIL's house alone and talking on the phone to her boyfriend and was not watching her baby. The car came 6 inches from hitting her!!!

I hope and pray this baby gets the therapy she needs and like the doctor said with this infection as bad as it is, there is a possibilty she won't be able to get pregnant when she is older. When she gets better and a little older, they will do some tests on her to see if she was scarred in her uterus from this.

I will be on top of this until I go to the States. I told my niece to call me if she needs anyhting and she is at home and when here she can hang out with us when she wants to. We all knew she need affection and try to give it to her but, she needs it from her mom, that is why what she gets from all of us and her dad's family is not enough.

Please keep her in your prayers.

There is a situation that I do not know what to do about it.

Well, today, something happened and I really do not know what to do.

My sister in law called me into the bathroom to look at my niece's privates, she had cuts and scratches that did not look like they came from her scratching. A few looked like tears!!
I told my sister in law that it did not look like just scratches. My niece is 7 years old. I talked to her and explained to her about good touch and bad touch. I was telling her that if anybody has done anything to her, she needed to tell us so, we can make it stop. I expained that she will not be in trouble and everything will be ok. I asked her if anybody had done anything to her and she started crying. She wouldn't say anything but, the way she started crying made me sick to my stomach.

I told her mom, her mom started yelling at her for making me think bad things!

I told her mom to give me a chance to tak to her because, all she was doing was scring this baby. She says ok but, remember she has lied about all kinds of stuff before. It seemed to me like she already knew what happened but, didn't want anybody to know. I taked to her again and she cried and finally said I can't say anything, I will get in trouble. She refused to say anything and I was pissed at my sister in law!!! How could she scare her child into not saying anything?!

I told her if you really love your daughter, take her to the IMSS so, they can check her, they can tell if it is scratches or something worse. She said ok but, when her husband got home from work. when he got home, she never woud take her. I was pissed, we left to get something to eat and when we returned they were gone.

My mother in law said she went to the Similares to get medicine for her infection!!! The fucking similares does not do anything, they never even check your throat when you go for a sore throat and that is in my opinion why she went there.
This baby has horrible tears and can't hold her pee or anything. She was left alone for a few hours wiht our nephew who is 12 years old and that was the only time something could have happened, other times she is with lots of people.

I feel sick and disgusted by this and do not know even what to do. My niece won't say anything and I am no Dr but, it sure as hell looks like more than scratches like my sister in law says it is. Supposively this is what the Similares said also.

I told her to take her to the IMSS today to just be sure she got the correct medicine, hoping she would and they woud check her for real, she said she would but, I really do not believe her (SIL). Nobody else in this family except for me knows and nobody will believe me.  God forbid I ruin their perfect family!!!

Also, I know if I tell someone, they will know it was me and then, I will be kicked out with my kids, no money and no where to go. Miguel would leave with me but, we have no money to even get a hotel for a night. So, this makes me think, my kids are my priority but, I know I have to help her. I can't stand by and let something like this happen. AT the least this baby needs therapy.

This is killing me, I need to get her help but, do not even know how to do it. I can't let everybody know I did. The nephew is the family favorite so, they will do anything to protect him. Anybody, please give me some advice, SIL is not even allowing her to go to school this week, in my opinion out of fear she will tell someone.

If I was in the US, I woud have called the police or Child Protective Services but, here I don't know who to contact at all. The police do not do their job here in Monterrey and will only want money and nobody wil back me up on this, they will ony go against me and this child has probably been told not to say anything at all or else.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Well alot to talk about...

First of all:


Ok no more screaming, So, I found an online job and start on Monday. It is a full time job teaching English. The site is called Open English , I know that those of you who are in Mexico have seen this commercial on TV. I saw it about 3 weeks ago and thought, I would check to see if they were hiring and guess what? They were, obviously! LOL Well, for those of you who are looking for an internet job, (Lisa from One Country to Another, you come in mind) this might be a good place to start. I went through training and a certification process this week and found out yesterday, I got the job. I have never cried about getting a job but, this time, I cried my eyes out. I have been praying I would find a job I could do at home as you all know and this is perfect so, if I decide to go back and forth between here and the States, I can still work and just travel on my days off so, this will enable me to travel and even if when I get pregnant, I can work all the way up until delivery and start back really soon after because, I will be working from home!!! I am so happy I got this job, it is a life saver for me right now.
I could go on and on about how this job has saved me but, that will bore you, it would me!

So, now on to my other problem, moving to the States or staying here. We have been talking and have decided, I will go after I get pregnant, it is very important that I get pregnant within a year and I have to be here to do it! No pun intended! LOL Anyway, we hope I am pregnant by June or July so, we can get to Georgia before school starts. Our plan is for me to return a few weeks before he has to go to Ciudad Juarez for his visa appointment (when? I don't know) and I will stay until we have finished the Visa and waiver appointments.

As for the baby, Miguel is dead against me having him or her here in Mexico but, I really want him at the birth. He will already miss out on a lot by us being separated during my pregnancy so, I definitely want him at the birth. Hopefully, his waiver will be one of the quickly approved ones.

I am kind of worried about having the baby here because, I had Toxemia with Jeni and Nando. When I had Jeni, her heart rate dropped to 65 while I was pushing and they had to pull her out with the vacuum and with nando, I was in labor for 3 days and had to have a csection so, I am sort of expecting complications since, I have never had an uncomplicated pregnancy, labor, and delivery. I am hoping for a very easy pregnancy, labor, and birth. I would love a water birth! So, we have sort of made a deal, well, I said this is what I am going to do and he really didn't have much choice! I told him that, if I have no complications, I will return here when I am 7-1/2 to 8 months pregnant to have the baby here but, if I am having high blood pressure or any other complications, I will have the baby in Georgia and come here as soon as I can. I would rather go to the border and have the baby in Texas but, I am having trouble on getting information about how to have the baby and come back across the border when I get out of the hospital. That in my opinion would be an awesome compromise, Miguel would get his way, the baby would be born in the US and we would have easy access to any immediate specialized medical care if needed and I would know that Miguel would get to see his baby at a couple of days old at the most. Though he wouldn't be able to be there for the birth, he would be there during the very important first few days. Anybody with information on this, PLEASE email me.

As for the immigration process, the FOIA was sent off on Wednesday and they should have gotten it today so, I hope the are efficient and I get it back very soon. We will be mail off the I-130 within 2 weeks to at least get the process going. We are waiting on affidavits from family and friends to send in with it and that is why we are waiting.
I have started investigating for the hardship waiver so, any advice on this is also, greatly appreciated!! This is the most difficult thing I have ever written in my life!!! I will try to do it on my own but, if I see I am having lots of trouble, we will then hire and attorney. I really don't want to have to because, we really can't afford to hire one. I will make that sacrafice some how if the time comes that we need one.

As for my issues with Miguel's family, well, they are still going at full blast. They seemed to pause it while I was recuperating from surgery but, this week, they have more than made up for it!!! I have never felt so unwanted in a place in my life. I was just telling Miguel tonight that, nobody has ever treated me like this before. I am scared that they will try to put ideas in Miguel's head when I am in the States because, when I was working last year and getting home at 10 they tried it. They would tell him that there was no way I was still working and that surely I was out doing something I wasn't supposed to be!! He didn't believe them but, I am worried that with me there and him here, they might have just a little more of a chance to do what they tried. I have talked to him and he said that he doesn't care what they say, he has seen how they are with me and know what they are capable of. So, I do not need to worry about that, I will have enough to worry about then. I will be pregnant, dealing with the kids stuff, working, and dealing with the immigration stuff so, they had better hope they don't try to interfere with our relationship. As stressed as I will be and with my hormones raging, I just might open up a can of some good ol' Georgian whoop ass on them!!!!

Well, have a great weekend all!!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

What do you all think about this???

So, as you all know we are getting Miguel's Visa started. Well, we have been talking and Miguel really wants me to have our baby in the States when we do get pregnant.
We had a conversation about it today and he wants the kids and I to go to the States when I do get pregnant so, I can get quality care for me and the baby.
Plus, my son needs surgery on his feet, he was born with six toes on both feet and has had surgery to remove the extra big toe and another surgery to straighten his toe but, still needs more and it is time to get it gain. This is a very expensive surgery so, I need to be in GA and able to get Peachcare (a government sponsered insurance for low to middle income families who do not qualify for Medicaid) again so, he can get his surgery or at least see the surgeon to see when we need to do it.

I of course, was against it but, I know we have been having a hard time in Mexico for the past few months. Hell, for the past year!! I agreed we will talk it over a little bit more. I told him we could move to the border and rent a house or apartment there so, we could see each other often but, he was thinking me stay at my grandmother's house and help her with utilities like she had offered before and save money for when he gets his visa, we can by a house.

I don't really see us saving too much money because, I will be coming to Mexico every few months and that will exhaust what we save. I don't know what to do. I would love to go back to the US but, I don't want my family to be separated, that was the reason we moved out here.

This is really keeping me upset and stressed out!!! I don't know what does everybody think?

Monday, March 19, 2012

Good news from an attorney!!!

Ok, I recieved an email from an attorney after going back and forth with him to verify that he understood Miguel's case and guess what???

We got GOOD news!!!!

The law states:
Quoted from my soon to be attorney's email:
#1 The 10 year bar that can be waived now is for someone who lived unlawfully in the U.S. for over a year and then departs the U.S. (voluntarily or not).
#2 This 10 year bar becomes a permanent bar (than cannot be overcome until the applicant has lived outside of the U.S. for at least 10 years) when the applicant re-enters or attempts to re-enter the U.S. after #1 has happened.

As long as #2 does not apply, the person who was unlawfully in the US is eligible for the waiver.

After my weekend of crazy stress causing ups and downs investigating the laws, I now say, you need an attorney to do this. It is too stressful, let them deal with it, that is why we will have to pay them the big bucks!

I am not recommending the attorney, at least not until Miguel is in the USA!! From what this attorney says, we can be in the States within a year!!! I don't want to get my hopes up but, I can't help being excited! As all of you know from reading my blog, my in laws make my life a living hell and they keep finding ways to try to bother me so, I honestly can't wait to get as far away from them as possible!!

BTW This morning I was telling my MIL that Miguel would probably have to wait out the 10 years here and her response was, "Well, then you all need to move to the Rancho" This is her response eveythime we talk about us being here on a long term basis, not get a house around here but, move 6 hours from here or hurry up and get back to the US!

What I have to say to her is: Yes MIL dear, don't worry. We will be going back to the States ASAP.

PS If anybody wants the attorney's contact info, email me.

A weekend full of USCIS!!!

Well, we decided to start checking out our options for Miguel's visa.

First of all, a little background.

Miguel first tried to enter the US in Feb 2005, he was caught by CBP a few hours after crossing the river 3 times!! Each time the officer took fingerprints, photo and told him he was just signing a permission to be sent back across the border. After the 3 times, he went back home. He tried again a year later in Feb 2006, this time, he crossed. We met in March 2007 and you know the rest.

So, he attempted to enter 3 times was caught by Border Patrol all 3 times, never advised about any bar, just signed a permission to be returned to Mexico. Entered again, stayed for 5 years, and returned to Mexico.

On Friday, I read about the CR1/ IR1 and after investigating it, it sounded like the best choice. So, I contacted a few attorneys and registered on Visa Journey I posted a question about our situation, they recommended me to I then posted on there, only to be told that, Miguel more than likely has the 10 year bar and not eligible for the waiver.

I am waiting on the attorney to respond but, am getting stressed. I have went from being told, you can get the visa within a year to no he will have to wait out the 10 years, and back and forth all weekend!!

At this moment, I do not know what is going on, I am planning on doing an FOAI request which, is a request for Miguel's records with Border Patrol but, don't know if I need to use our American address or our Mexican address. Plus, I don't know if there is a possibility that this request can hurt our case in any way.

Any advice from anybody who has been through this is greatly needed and appreciated! Thanks in advance!!!

Friday, March 16, 2012

How I Met Miguel (lots of pictures)

Lisa from "From One Country to Another" had a question in her monthly questions the inspired this post: Who made the first move?

Let me tell you first that 2007 was my wild year.

It was the last weekend of March of 2007, I had just broke up with my boyfriend and I was not in the mood to go out but, did want to get drunk! It was that bad of a break up!!

My cousin and best friend, Heather had other ideas. She told me that I was not getting drunk at home by myself that we were going out and I could drink at the club with her and didn't have to dance.

I gave in got dressed and off we went. When we got there, we ran into a couple of friends and sat with them at a table near the dance floor that has Mexican music like, Norteña, Cumbia, Banda, and Durangense instead of in our normal spot by the Reggeaton, Bachata dance floor. You see, I was a Reggeatonera before I met Miguel, I loved to dance Reggeaton, Bachata, and Merengue. I loved to walk by the other floor to take in eye candy, teh Atlanta Peach has some gorgeous men in cowboy hats! LOL.
Anyway, I had been sitting there for about an hour or so and had drunk a few Margaritas when, I looked over at the dance floor and there he was dancing Duranguense like on TV. I told Heather, I want him to teach me how to dance, it looks fun. Her comment was well, atleast you will be able to dance with the pretty cowboys!
So, after he quit dancing, I went up to him and told him, I wanted him to teach me how to dance. We exchanged numbers and I went back to my table. I told Heather, either I am drunk or he is fine! we walked by him later that night and she said, no girl, he is fine.

The next day, I get a phone call at 11:00AM, it was Miguel, he wanted to meet me outside of the club. I agreed to meet him at the Quiktrip (a gas station), I pulled up and parked. He wasn't there yet so, we went in for a desperately needed coffee and I called him and told him that if he wasn't there in 5 minutes, we were leaving. I was not a patient person then. He pulled up with his cousin and got out of the truck. I told my cousin, he is not fine, he is GORGEOUS!!! We talked for a few minutes and he asked if I wanted to go to the Alacranes concert that night if he was still in town. He was leaving either that afternoon or the next morning to go to Florida to work for a month. I said that I would call him later if I wanted to go.
I didn't call him, I went to dance reggeaton at the Emperio that night. I called him the next afternoon and he acted sad that I didn't call him but, he didnt go to the concert, he went to Florida Saturday evening. Well, we talked a couple of times the next 3 weeks.
I went to Texas for the weekend a few weeks later, forgot my phone charger and was too cheap to buy a car charger. I returned home on Monday evening. I was telling Heather that I was going to call Miguel that night to see what he had been up to, we hadn't talked for about a week and a half. Right after I said that, my phone rang and it was him.
The first thing out of his mouth was, "this was the last time I was going to call you.  I have been calling you all weekend and you wouldn't answer my phone calls"! I was thinkinhg that you just didn't want to talk to me and I was making myself look stupid!"
I busted out laughing and explained that my phone was dead all weekend.
We made plans to go out the next weekend.
This was a picture he took of hisself, as you can see, he is very concieted! LOL

I knew he was 20 years old and I was 28 but, thought, this will never be anything more than fun for a while so, I decided to enjoy myself. Well, after that weekend we spent the next 2 months playng friends with benefits that talked every single day. I went out with other people and so did he but, one night, we ended up at the same club, the Atlanta Peach but, were with other people. I would be dancing with the guy I went with and everytime I would look up, there he would be watching me with this look on his face.
The next day, he started calling me at 8:00AM!!! I didn't answer until almost 3:00PM. He tried to not let n that he was jealous but, I could tell. I told him, I was going to hang up and let hime think about it and that I was tired of playing this game. By then, I know I had feelings for him but, didn't think he did and I had my pride.
He called me an hour later and we decided to meet and talk about this. I really don't remember much of this conversation but, I remember, we didn't talk or see each other for a month.
All of a sudden, he called me one day. We went out the following Saturday. After that, he came over on Monday stayed the night and was at my house about 4 times that week. This went on for about 4 weeks. We had along conversation about him moving in. We decided he would but, never set a date for this to happen but, I gave him a key.
 About a week later, I came home from work to find him working out back, he was removing all of the weeds that had grown on my fence. This did not surprise me, I had just bought the house 2 months earlier and for the last month, he had been doing a lot of work on the house for me like, painting, cabinet repair, a busted water heater clean up and repair, and now weeds. Anyway, I went upstairs to change and was very surprised when I walked into the bedroom. All of his clothes and things were on my bed and floor.
I was just standing there staring when, I heard him say, I didn't know where to put it, the closet and drawers are full! So, I had work to do, I rearranged my closet and drawers so, his stuff could fit and we finally finished putting everything in order by 11 that night.
Our first daytime date to Stone Mountain, this was right after we climbed to the top!

A year after we moved in together, living in Columbus, GA

Engagement photos, McDaniel Park, Duluth, GA

My favorite enagement photo

We lived to gether for 3 years and got married finally in November 2010.

Now, here we are in Mexico, married for a little over a year, and planning on a baby with in the next year.
I never would have thought that, a "friend with benefits" I met at a night club could turn into the love of my life and father to my kids and our future child(ren).

This shows you, you never know where you can meet your soul mate!

Here are some more pictures over the years:

Jeni trying to dress like Miguel. She was 5 years old here.

Luis trying to get the hat just right like Miguel! He was 4 years old.

All of us at Jeni's Kindergarten graduation, Jeni had to cover Luis' head up!!

At Amicalola Falls in North GA

Luis, 6 and Miguel trying to look mean, it didn't work! They look funny!

Luis and Miguel on a hike in a park near Columbus, GA

At the Chattahoochee River Park in Columbus, GA

On the Hayride in the Pumpkin Patch near Amicalola Falls

Waiting in line to ride the Paseo Sta Lucia, Monterrey
Our first anniversay, Parque Fundidora, Monterrey

Miguel is a wonderful father and husband, like all he has his faults. They are so small that, I can live with them because, the good outways the bad by a million to one!!!
Now, I am interested in reading how all of you met your spouses.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Monthly Questions!! Thank you Lisa!!

Here are my answers to Lisa's monthly questions. Thank you Lisa, I have been so bored the past few days and it has drove me crazy!!

1. What are three things that really annoy you about your "better half"
A. His pickyness, he is so picky about everything and it drives me CRAZY!!
B. He loves to play with the kids and agravate them to the point they start yelling.
C. Like Lisa, he will ask the same question over and over.

2. Who was your first crush. Did they ever find out how you felt?

I was in 6th grade and his name was Wes, he was in the same class. This was a secret crush, I never told him or anybody else. Now, he owns a huge construction business in GA!

3. Tea or Coffee?     Both but, if I had to choose, it would be coffee
Lime or Lemon?    Lime
Mayonnaise or crema?     Neither
Jack or Cheddar?     Cheddar, I miss it, I haven't been able to find it here.
Drama or comedy?     Drama

4. Who made the first move in the relationship?

I met him at a popular night club in Atlanta  called the Atlanta Peach. I saw him dancing to Duranguense and loved the way he danced so, I went up to him and asked him to teach me to dance. We exchanged numbers and 3 weeks later, he called me and asked me to go to the club with him, after that, well, it is a long story (another post idea) Anyway, I think he actually made the first move to a relationship.

5. What is a funny quirk you have?

I am very picky about how the kitchen and bathroom is cleaned, if it is not done like I say, it is not clean. Crazy but, I inherited it from my Mom.

6. If you could change one physical part of you what would it be?

If I could motivate myself, it would be the spare tire around my waist and the thunder thighs. One day, I will eventually get to it.

7. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone? English or Spanish?

Miguel in Spanish

8. Do you believe everything happens for a reason?

Yes, I do. This is what seems to get me through the hard times.

9. Five words that describe your immediate family.

( My mom, dad, sisters, and brother)


10. Wedding or Elope?   Wedding
Beach or snow?   Beach
Fruits or Veggies   Fruits and veggies
Chicken or Beef   Chicken Breast or wing
Cake or Pie            Cake

Monday, March 12, 2012

Our first year anniversary!!!

Wow! I can't believe it! We have been in Mexico for a full year!!!

I first brought it up to Miguel in December of 2010, his answer, NO!!! We are not moving to Mexico! Then, in January after GA approved the HB87, I brought it up again, this time, after off and on converstaion for a week, he finally agreed.

I remember planning our move, I was so excited1 I had always wanted to move to Mexico and even though the reason for our move was not so great, I was super excited! Miguel on the other hand not so excited, of course, he was happy to be seeing his parents but, the thought of being stuck in Mexico until INS decides to let him return to the Staes was terrifying for him. He had gotten used to living in the Staes and couldn't see hisself living in Mexico but, was willing to come because, I wanted to.

We left my grandmother's house on Friday, March 11, 2011 at 5:00PM. It was a bittersweet moment, we were all excited but, sad to leave my family. My grandmother and mom cried, my dad told Miguel to takle care of all 3 of his babies (Jeni, Nando, and I). My brother gave me one of the longes hardest hugs he has ever given me. I was sick, I had been packing in the cold all day and for the past couple of hours, had been sneezing.

We got gas and some burgers from Wendy's and were on our way. I fell asleep an hour into the trip. At 11:00, we finally stopped in Montgomery, Alabama. I had a fever and felt just plain horrible. I bought 3 bottles of orange juice and some Nyquil. The next morning, we woke up 2 hours later than we had planned.
That day, we drove through the rest of Alabama, all of Mississippi, Lousiana, and half way through Texas. We finally stopped at 12:30 that night in a little road side hotel in the southern outskirts of Houston. The hotel was old and shabby but, it would do to sleep.On Sunday morning, we woke up at 7:00AM. It was hot finally!!! When we left GA it was freezing so, this was welcomed. Due to the heat, we had some reorganizing to do, I had to pack up the blankets and coats in to the truck bed but, it was as full as it could be. I took out a box and quickly went through it, I left alot of things in that hotel, we had no room for extras by that time.

Jeni and Luis modeling for the camera! They had a great time!

Modeling in Lousiana

Another traveler offered to take this picture for us.

Lake Pontchartrain. This lake is huge!! For like 7 miles all we could see on both sides was water and all was this lake!!

3 crosses in the middle of Louisiana
A beautiful sunset in Louisiana. This was my peace in the storm of traveling with 2 wild kids!!

It was late when we arrived to Texas but, the kids were still excited about modeling in the signs!!

They tried to swing on the star!

We got back on the road and continued on, the kids loved our last breakfast in the US, we ate at Dairy Queen. They had Cheese burgers and Ice Cream!
We then road through a very small town and stopped at McDonald's to go to the restroom. Jeni was so shocked to see that the bathroom only had 1 toilet!
An antique toy store in small town Texas.

An old fashioned gas staion, that was something, I haven't seen in years!!

Flags in McAllen, Texas

When we were about to go past the 2nd Border Patrol checkpoint, Miguel asked if I was sure, that after that, there was no turning back. I was nervous but, said yeah, I am sure, let's go. We passed the cameras and there was no turning back.
We crossed into Matamoros at 5:00PM on Sunday, March 13, 2011. We stopped at the Sorian right beside the border and had to call Miguel's uncle from a pay phone, the cell quick working right when we crossed the line.
As soon as we arrived to his uncle's house, out came his mom. Immediately, she grabbed her son and started crying, I think we all cried then. She hugged me and told me thank you for bringing my son back to me.
I would go through it all again to see that smile again! He was so happy.

Though he won't admit it, he is a Mama's boy. I love this picture, it shows his love for his Mama.
Our "Welcome to Mexico" gift!!

We had a great time there that night. The next day, off we went to Monterrey.
We had a great welcome awaiting us in Monterrey, all were very happy to see us.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

It has been 4 days and counting... (Pics of Hospital included)

Four days ago, I had my surgery. I was all brave, I walked into the hospital and up the ramp to the next floor. I went into my room, number 6, got undressed and put on the traditional open back hospital gown. I then sat down on the hospital bed, I noticed it was the old ones, they used to have in the States. The room as furnished with old furniture but, was clean.

The nurse returned with a tray, she cleaned my hand and searched for a good vein, all the while, I was nervous, IV's always take 4-5 tries to get right on me. Well, the nurse finally found a vein on top of my hand that she said was good. she cleaned the area and put the needle in, it did right! On the first try!! I couldn't believe it, that had never happened to me, I have been told I have bad veins.

The nurse called Miguel and his sister up to the room and about 30 minutes later, a nurse opened the door with a wheelchair. Oh God!! It is time. I thought.

As the nurse wheeled me into the operating room, I could hear a baby crying. I thought, this is why I am doing this. I got up on the table and the nurse started wrapping my legs with ace bandages, she said this helped with circulation. The anesthesiologist arrived and he calmed my fears about the epidural not taking, he said that, he didn't do it the last time and that here they also give a sedative. He put the medicine in my IV and I started feeling good! LOL He put the epidural in and it didn't hurt near as bad as I thought. For about an hour after the epidural was put in, I felt people cleaning my stomach, or so I thought. I asked the anesthesiologist when was the surgery going to start and he told me they had been in there for about 20 minutes! I fell asleep for a while and woke up because, I felt a little pain, I told the Dr, he put in more medicine. This happened a coupke o times and he immediately stopped it. At the end, I felt pulling and tugging but, that was it. I was then transferred to one bed moved to another room, transferred to another bed and took to my room.
I got in there and Miguel was about to have a fit, my surgery was supposed to take an hour and a half and it took almost 3 1/2 hours. An hour later, I had bad pain so, the Dr injected another pain medicine and it helped. I slept off and on all day and night.
On Tuesday, I started moving around and finally got to go home after callimg my Dr. I had had it with the food, they gave me jello for breakfast and lunch and fried eggs for supper! I hate eggs and jello! Miguel was able to bring me food from the cafeteria, he brought me shredded chicken breast and vegetable soup, either I was starving or that was absolutely delicious!
I went home and ate tacos! I was so happy but, in pain.
Wednesday, I woke up in pain and was in horrible pain all day. All they give you for pain here is Ketorolac which is like Advil in my opinion.
This morning, I woke up feeling good. The pain is a lot less today, I have been more mobile today and with only minimal pain. The left side still hurts but, it is not that bad.
Here are some picutres of the hospital:
Us the day after surgery, I look all swollen and exhausted!

The tiny TV and the Minisplit (A/C)

The table, it is not adjustable like in the States.

The Rules and Regulations of Clinica Nuevo Nacimiento
The worst rule: No food and drink from outside allowed!!!

The bathroom, it was clean but, old and the bath seat was an outside chair.
Like all other public places in Mexico, the toilet needed a toilet seat!

The couch/ bed for Miguel.

All in all, the place was old but, very clean. I was very happy with the experience. I will be considering having the furture Lil one there but, only if it is a vaginal birth. After all the pain, I have had, I have decided to go to the States to have the baby if I have to have a C-section. I refuse to suffer through pain when, good pain medicine does exist.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tomorrow is the Big Day!!!

I will be having my Tubal Reversal tomorrow morning and am so very nervous and that is the understatment. I have already eaten my last full meal before surgery! :(
I can eat lightly between now and 8 o'clock tonight and liquids until midnight so, that means no coffee in the morning.
I haven't been sleeping to well for a few nights and I think that is due to me being nervous about this surgery so, i am excited about finally being able to sleep again!
Another blogger (Palomina) just had her surgery so, she made me feel alot better with her email, I was horrible scared about having surgery here. So, Thank you so much Palomina!

Well, I can't think of anything to post about so, have a great rest of your weekend and I will post after I have recuperated a little from my surgery.