Tuesday, March 19, 2013

She is Home!!!

We are so happy to say that Cheyenne has been found and is home safe and sound!! Thank you God!! I want to thank everybody for your prayers and help!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Missing Child!! Please be on the Lookout!

My friend's daughter ran away yesterday. She is only 17. She left a note for her boyfriend saying that she was leaving and not coming back because she didn't want to cause him and her mom to suffer. We are very worried about her. Please be on the lookout for her. If you see her call 911 or/ and send me a message on here. She lives in Georgia, but could be anywhere. She is not with any friends or her boyfriend. He has been with her mom since yesterday looking for her. The police will not do anything. They say that she will come home when she is ready. We don't believe that. We are all very worried about her. Please help us find her!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Dull Life...

      Well, I was trying to figure out what to post. Our life is so dull right now thank God!

      The only cool thing going on is we are in the process of planning a business. Our goal is to open an apparel store for women, men, and kids. We have started searching locations and checking prices.

      On the school front, I am waiting on my final grade for my Ethics class. I have a feeling that I did not do too well, but we shall see.

       As for TTC, I finished my Menopur and Clomid a week ago. I trigger tomorrow night and start progesterone on Monday. I go in for betas on April 4th. I feel a little more optimistic about this cycle,  but not as much as the beginning of this journey.

     Homeschool, is good. The kids are doing pretty good right now.

     So, as you see my life is very dull, but I couldn't love it more!!


Sunday, March 3, 2013

Found my Blog!!! Update on my life...

I could not find my blog. I searched and searched. I finally saw the link for lost blogs. A tada!! I saw the eliminated blogs. How my blog got eliminated, who knows, but it is up and running again!!

I have not written in  here in a very long time. Hence why I didn't even realize my blog was missing. A lot has happened in my life in the past few months.

Miguel got this stupid idea that he was going to the US with or without a visa. So, he was stuck on using a coyote. It took me 2 months and enlisting the help of his parents and sisters to talk him out of it. he was even talking to the coyote and had set a date to leave and all. I told him that I would not even put up with it. that would mean 2 years in Mexico for nothing!! He told me that I could go with him to the States or stay here in Mexico, it was up to me, but he was gone. he had had it with Mexico.

Well, we are now back in Monterrey, but in our own house. We sold our TV, old computers, and video games. The kids pitched a fit about the video games, but I told them that they haven't played them in over 7 months so why keep them. I did promise to buy my son the PS Vita for Christmas. He is getting a laptop for his birthday in July. My daughter already has her laptop. This is the reason the video games have not been touched. Anyway, we sold all of that and with the money bought new furniture!! Yayy!!!

I am still homeschooling. This is getting more difficult. My son who is 9 is going through the "school sucks" stage. My daughter on the other hand is doing awesome in school!! She is in 5th grade and learning Algebra. She loves it and catches on so quick. I usually only explain the process once and she gets it. My son is really good at school and learns things quickly, but his problem is he wants to rush through everything and does not read directions. So, he usually has to redo his worksheets and he hates it. I have told him and told him to read directions.

I am still working with Open English and loving it!! I will be working with them for a year in 3 weeks.

I am now in college. I am studying online to get my paralegal degree. I have been studying since September. At first it was horribly hard, but I think I have re-learnt how to learn.

We are still TTC. I have had 2 chemical pregnancies, one in September and one in December. I had an HSG done a couple of weeks ago. I have one blocked tube and one good tube. My reproductive endocrinologist is going to start more aggressive meds this cycle. I had a psychic reading and she said that she did not see anymore children in my future. I am bound and determined to prove her wrong!!

We are finally going to apply for Miguel's visa. His little stunt made me think that I better hurry up and get him that. He is getting tired of being here. I think it is finally getting to him that I make more than 3 times what he makes. I am praying that the Reform happens and the 9B and 9C bans are removed or atleast made easier to get waived without having to wait the 10 years.

I am going to take pics of our new house as soon as the cabinets are installed. I am loving my cute little house!! That is the first time I have actually said that since being in Mexico.