Sunday, May 15, 2011

Pros and Cons of Mexico

So, I have been thinking about how my life has been since we moved to Mexico and what is good and what is bad. Here is what I came up with:
  •   Life is so much calmer here even with all the gun fights.
  •  The food is AWESOME.
  •  Most of the people here are very nice.
  •  You usually have a store at most 2 houses down from you because, a lot of people have stores in their houses.
  • The amusement areas are very cheap to get into.
  •  I absolutely cannot live without the bolitas de cajeta and Tostitos preparados con elote!!!
  • Rent is cheap here.
  • Last but, not least: My husband.

  •  Drug Cartels
  •  Most restaurants are nasty.
  •  A lot of women hate seeing an American with ¨their Mexican Men¨ so they try to cause problems!!!      (These are the women who make Mexican women look so insecure.)
  • The kids always want something from the store since it is so close.
  • It seems to smell like sewage all the time. Yuck!!!
  • It never rains and when it finally does, everything floods.
  • Salaries are even cheaper than the rent.
  • The heat, 110 humid degrees!!

So, this is what I came up with and well, I figure that I can deal with and come to love living in Mexico.  I would love it even more if I had more money but, that is wishful thinking right now. If anybody can think of anything else feel free to add to list. Have a wonderful Sunday evening ladies and if you are anywhere near Monterrey, enjoy this wonderfully cool weather.


  1. Pro: Family and culture
    Con : dirt, motos w/ kids on them
    I agree, I think I will come to love it too.

  2. Pros-
    -fresh fruit is nearly free
    -if i don't feel like talking to someone i pretend i don't speak spanish
    -I can sleep in and no one thinks i am lazy cause everyone is sleeping in

    -public bathrooms..
    -i can't find alot of the food i like from back home
    -things other than food are expensive and poorly made (clothes, toys, electronics)