Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am changing my mind... I need to vent.

I am changing my mind about building onto my mother in law's house. I have been here since last Friday and all was good until Miguel went out of town to work. Then, my youngest sister in law started with her attitude and also, my mother in law. Everything that goes wrong in this house seems to be mine or my kid's fault.
On Monday, I went to clean the bathroom, it looked like it hadn't been cleaned in God only knows how long so, I cleaned it. I scrubbed the walls, sink, toilet, and floor. It took a whole bottle of bleach. I opened the door so, I would choke as bad but, my sister in law and her lazy a$$ was laying on the bed and strted complaining about the smell of bleach. So, my mother in law told me to close the door. I continued cleaning it with the door closed and left it very clean. No thank yous or anything, just attitudes. An hour later the floor was filthy and the toilet had pee all over it! I wanted to kill!
The only people who appreciated what I did for them was my father in law and my husband. My mother in law can't clean with bleach, it causes her problems with her breathing but, they're 2 other women living in the house so, there was no excuse. My father in law is never home so, he doesn;t have time to clean it so, the fault lays on my sisters in law.
All was good but, on Tuesday, Miguel went out of town to do a construction job with his brother in law. That day was ok, everybody still treated us fine but, then, on Wednesday, it all changed. They started with their comments and attitudes. They either ignore us or say direct but, indirect comments, and at times direct comments. My nieces and nephews are older and are mean to the kids, when Miguel is here they don't allow it to happen but, when he is not here, I get on to the older ones, they start on my kids blaming everything on them. Today, they have started on the dogs, which are Miguel's babies, they talk about how they don't even want them here and only because of me are they here. They know this is not true that, Miguel insisted on bringing them and Miguel already told them that the dogs come with him and when he is here they act fine with them but, as soon as he leaves it is another story. I have never seen such hypocritic people in my life! Miguel thinks that, it will be better once we have our own space here but, I don't think so, the only thing that will help is that, I can get away from everything but, the attitudes will still be there. Plus, when Miguel is out of town, my mother in law will be the sitter and I will not tolerate someone being mean to my kids or even treating them different in any way! Plus, we are plannig on having a baby next year and I know I will be arguing with everyone on how too take care of my child. They still feed a 4 year old instead of letting him feed hisself for God's sake!!! Plus, they wash dishes in cold water and then blame everyone getting sick from walking on cold floors with no shoes or being outside without a jacket even though it is warm outside. I have told them and told them that, you get sick from germs being passed around from dishes not being cleaned correctly and not from cold floors but, nobody believes me here, and they even say I am stupid for thinking that. So, oh well, let them continue to get sick. The major problem is, they are sick and I have been here all week so, of course, I am sick now, too! I try to wash the dishes in hot water but, they poured out the water I had  heated (they don't have the water heater connected to the kitchen, just the shower)
So, with all these risks, I am seriously thinking about changing my mind but, I am first going to let Miguel talk to them and see if, things change, They should know by now, that, I already have moved us an hour and a half  from here and they know I am the one who convinced Miguel to build on here and I can be the one who takes him even further away and I will do that if it means that we will be happy and they will only see him once every few years, I don't care, my kids and my marraige come first for Miguel and myself.

Sorry for the long complaint, I just had to vent.

My Christmas Tree!

Well, as promised, here is my "tree." 

It's the little white and red thing in the background. In the front, are my awesome models! They have to pose for any picture!

Christmas was different this year, it was my first Christmas in Mexico as well as, my first Christmas away from my family. I was all depressed about this at first but, I made the best of it.

On Friday, we went to my mother in law's. I made a few American sweets with the kids. We made: Rice Krispy Treats, peanut butter balls, and no bake oatmeal cookies. I didn't take pictures, I was so busy making sure the kids followed the recipes. I had Jeni, Luis, and 2 of my nieces so, I was very busy!! It was stressful at moments because, the ingredients are very expensive here and I didn't want to waste it but, we had alot of fun!

On Saturday, my mother in law made tamales that her customers had ordered for Christmas and then we made Discada ( a mixture of steak, pork, hot dogs, and bacon on a special sauce), and frijoles charros ( sister inlaw's way. yuck!) We only ate the discada because, the beans were nasty, I have never heard of putting all of the ingredients into the beans raw but, that was what she did? I don't know, maybe that is just another way to make them. We also, made Vampiros and Micheladas. At midnight, we laid down the baby Jesus. They prayed the Rosary and did the cantos. After all of the prayers were done, the passed the Jesus'around for the kisses and then laid them down. They then passed candy around.

Afterward, the kids went outside to break the pinata so, that Santa could come and leave the presents.
After all of the candy was picked up, the kids went in to open presents! The older girls went in first and yelled, "Santa came Santa came!!"

The one who cried because she got a cell phone!!! My niece

The happiest day of his life! Not only did he get a skateboard after, I told him, I would never get him one but, he got a Waveboard!!! It is way better than just a plain skateboard. He was so happy, he kissed all over it! One problem, he can't even ride a regular skateboard, yet!

Jeni opening her favorite gift ever, Mi Diario Secreto or My Secret Diary. She has been begging for this for 2 years! As soon as, she ripped the paper and saw the box she got so excited!!  She was so happy and writes in it all the time!

Afterwards, the kids went to play with their gifts and the adults played! We sung Karaoke and danced.

Well, they sung Karaoke and I watched!

And some danced.

So, all in all, it was a fun Christmas! Thank God, I was kind of worried. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!

Monday, December 19, 2011

We now have a "tree"!!!

Well, I just could not go Christmas without a tree in my house! I used the lid to the Mexican style washers, (the round ones that don't have spin), rope, and plastic wrapping to create a "tree".  It is small but, in the shape of a tree. I put gold netting around it with ribbon and lights. Though, we know it is not a tree, it looks sort of like one and it helps to add some Christmas cheer to the house.

I am starting to get more into the Christmas feeling. Yesterday, we took the kids to see Opercaion Regalo. One of the theaters here has a special package with the ticket, popcorn, and soda for 39 pesos. We each got that package plus a hot dog for 13 pesos each!!! It was an awesome deal and we had fun, the movie was pretty interesting! The only downside was, the theater had no heat!!! It was 11 degrees celsius outside and wet and they had no heat!!! So, I froze the whole time but, that was ok.

We are officially 5 days from the 24th and nobody has decided what we are doing for Christmas!!! Itr is supposed to be 2 of my sisters in law's responsibility but, one of them, the one who is living off of my mother in law and has more money than all of us put together has not participated in any of the festivities up until now. yesterday, Ii asked her iof they have a plan yet but, she said no, that we should all just bring food and leave it at that. I like the idea of eaverybody taking a dish but, they need to figure this out. At the rate they are going, Saturday is going to arrive and no plans for food. This is really not good, it is the first Christmas in 6 years that all of the family is together and theses people can't get their sh*t together. I will be taking some desserts and maybe something else but, it will all be what my family tradtionally has at Christmas.

Oh yeah! I got my first Christmas present for the year, this weekend!! I got a new phone!!! Yayyyy!! It is the phone that, I have been wanting for about 2 months now and like the phone I have wanted for the past 2 years but, better. It is the Samsung version of the Blackberry but, way better. I personally don't like the blackberry but, love this system. It can download and open word, excel, publisher, etc documents and has a qwerty keyboard and touch screen! I love this phone, it is awesome! I love my husband for giving it to me!!!! just another reason to love him more!!!!
This will be my last post before Christmas so, everybody have a wonderful Christmas!!! If I have time between Christmas and New Year's , I will post how our Christmas went.

Merry Christmas!!!!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

A very depressing Christmas this year ;( ....

Normally, Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. This year, however, it is very depressing. I am 33 years old, mmm did I say that?, anyway, I am 33 years old and have never spent Christmas away from my family. I know our traditions as they are the same each and every year.

Difference #1: This year, I am in a new country with new customs and traditions. I haven't bought a tree, yet. I have had to choose between a tree or gifts for my kids. I chose gifts because, we will be spending from the 23 until the 26 with my in laws so, no gifts will be under a tree at my house. I gave my kids the choice of an extra gift or a tree and they chose the gift. In the US, I have a tree and lots of decorations but, they are 24 hours away so, no good to me right now. I am missing all of my Nativity, my Santas, snowmen, and candles!

Difference #2: Normally, I buy lots of gifts for my kids, they usuually get anywhere from 15 to 20 gifts just from us, this includes, toys, clothing, and shoes. This year, we have bought only 3 gifts plus 1 outfit and a pair of shoes. It took a whole check just to buy this. This is the part that will teach the kids the real reason of Christmas.

Difference #3: I don't even know what the hell we will be having for Christmas dinner because, my sisters in law have decided that, the 2  of them that have a Baby Jesus will be the ones to provide the food and the madrinas will provide candy and a new outfit for Baby Jesus. I am lost. I know, I definitely will be making a few desserts and candy to take to the dinner (if I can find the ingredients). This will teach them how to involve Jesus more in the celebration.

Differences 2 and 3 are just small problems, I know but, they add to the bigger problems like, not being with my family and not having a tree. I feel like Scrooge this year and I HATE it.

I have made a makeshift tree with a hula hoop, rope, fabric, ribbons, and lights and have put up a few decorations so, my house looks a little like Christmas but, it is just not the same but, I really think it is because, I am not with my family and I never thought that would bother me that much!

I am complaining and I apologize! Merry Chritmas to everybody!!

One thing, I am looking forward to, is New Year's. I never spend it with my family, I usually go out with Miguel or stay at home with the kids but, this year, we will be partying with Miguel's family and the sisters are party animals!!! We are planning on buying a small pig, killing it, and cooking it. I can't wait for the fresh Chicharrones!!!!! This is the plan as of now but, if Miguel's control freak sister gets involved, it may change. I hope she keeps her nose out of it! I am also, looking forward to some drinks, I haven't had a drink since we got married last year!!!

Friday, December 9, 2011

Lisa's "Here We Go Again" Questions ;)

I just love theses questionaires, I am going to have to come up with one for everybody but, that will be one day when I have free time. Without further adue, here are my answers:

1. If you could picture you life two years from now what would you like to see?

      I hope to be Mom to one more baby, a little Miguel. Own our own house, have Miguel's Visa so, we can make the choice to go or not and not the US government. Plus, I hope to be running my own English School here in Monterrey.

2. What is the worst habit you feel you have?

        I am very picky about everything and I things have to go my way or no way. This is something I fight with everydaybeing married, a mom, and living in Mexico. Here everything is different and it is hard for stuff to go my way, I have to really work for it!

3. What is your favorite genre of movies?

        Drama, Suspense, I love to get lost in crime movies. I also, have moments when I desperately need a comedy to laugh and forget my problems.

4. What are five thing you would include in your to- do list?

        Travel to Italy        
        Have more kid(s)
        Buy or build our own house
        Start our own business

5. Are you still in contact with any childhood friends?

I am still in contact with one friend from high school, she was the one I always got in trouble with when I was 15 and 16! We lost touch about 7 years ago but, thanks to Facebook, we are now in contact again.     

6. Do you get along well with family members and relatives?

       I get along pretty good with my family, They are kind of odd people and can be very judgemental but, after giving their unrequested opinions or comments, they are pretty supportive.    

7. If you were to win 10 million what would you do with the money?

      I would build a house here in Monterrey, in the town Miguel is from, and one in GA.
      I would start my English school now, instead of later.
      I would go to Italy.
      I would give our families money and put money away for the kids to go to school.

8. Have you ever been in a physical fight? Any details?
     I can honestly say, I have never been in a fight unless you consider smacking Miguel a couple of times when we first started dating for stupid stuff he did then!   

9. Three things you could not live without?

      My kids
      My family
      My computer

10.  Have you ever met a celebrity if not who would you chose to meet?
      I have never met any but, I would prefer to meet Tony Hawk with my son, Justin Bieber with my daughter, and Vin Diesel all by myself ;)!!!!

11. Do you have any tattoos or piercings?

    I do not have any tatoos or piercings other than my ears. I have always wanted a tatoo but, have been scared to get it. I have a very low pain tolerance when it omes to needles. My cousin has a tatoo of a rose on the inside of her ear! It is cute but, I know it had to of hurt!

Well, that's it! Everyone have a good weekend!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

They caught him!!! Rapist and Murderer of 7 year old, Jorelys Rivera In Jail!!!!

       Wednesday afternoon, Cherokee County Sheriff, Canton Police, and the GBI made the arrest of Ryan Brunn, a 20 year old maintenence worker at the apartment complex where little Jorelys Rivera lived and was kidnapped, raped, and murdered. This animal had begun working at the complex only a month ago and had passed all background tests, he had no previous charges. The eveidence showed that he planned this horrendous crime, he took this baby to a vacant apartment, raped her, stabbed, her and beat her. She didn't die from the stab wounds, she did from blunt force trauma to the head. She was dead within and hour and a half after she went missing.
        The District Attorney is not sure if they will seek the death penalty. In my opinion, this animal deserves none less. Plus, they should put him in general population so, that what is done to child abusers can be done to him but, only worse because, not only is he a child abuser, he is a child rapist and murderer. The GBI said,
        I have to say, Great Job to all the police who, were involved in the arrest of this animal. I take back all of the things I said about Canton Police because, yes they have a bad reputation for racism but, this time they forgot about it and put all effort into finding the animal who did this.
        This case affected me so much because, I have friends and family who live in this area, and a couple of friends live in this complex. not only was this a horrendous crime that happened to a little girl who did not deserve this but, I think, it could have been one of the little girls that I know and love dearly.
        Please keep this little girl and her case in your prayers that, this animal gets everything he deserves and much more. And that Jorelys rests in peace, which she can now do, since, he will pay for what he did to her.

Rest In Peace Jorelys Rivera

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wow! It has been forever since I posted! Plans for Christmas and first 3 months of 2012 enclosed...

Thanksgiving was depressing, I had to wórk and couldn't afford a turkey, they were about 400 pesos each so, no turkey for me this year! :( I am missing my family as this is my very first year not spening Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family.
I hope to be able to spend atleast Thanksgiving next year with my family.

As for Christmas, I have yet to get a tree. The last time I went to GA, I could have and should have brought my tree and decorations back with me but, it was July and Christmas was not on my mind so, I forgot it. Now, I regret it! I am broke, being an English teacher in December is not good. I am only working about 15 hours a week and have to buy gifts for the kids, tree, decorations, plus go in with Miguel's family for Christmas and New Years Dinner. I am thinking about getting a small tree for the kids to decorate since we will be at my mother in laws from the 24th early until the 26th so, all gifts will be there. But, I don't want the kids to miss out on our tree decorating tradition.

Each year, we make a special dinner and dessert and have hot chocolate while decorating the tree and I will not let this year be different, they look forward to this each year. we would have normally done this last weekend but, it has to wait until this weekend.

My in laws will be laying the Baby Jesus on Christmas, this will be the first time see this so, I am interested in learning about this a little beforehand. They tried to explain it but, just confused theirselves! Odd! After the Baby Jesus, we will put the kids to bed and then they will wake them up at 3AM (I don't know how that will work with my 2, they LOVE their sleep and don't wake up early even on Christmas morning!) to open gifts. After that, they will go back to bed and the next day, they can play with all gifts.

On the good side, we bought the kids gifts well, what we will be getting them this year, about half of what we normally get.

We bought the twisting skateboard, Manchester soccer ball, and mini skateboard set for our son, mi diario secreto (My Secret Diary), Twister, and a small Furreal pet for our daughter. I do plan on having stockings with all the stuffings like, small toys, acsessories, candy, and other stuff that fits. We plan on buying something for my mother in law and fatehr in law but, I am not sure. We will be getting the kids a new outfit for Christmas this weekend and that will be it for Christmas.

For New Year's, we will be roasting a pig and partying the night away, I can't wait for that!!! It has been so long since I have partied for real and I used to go out for Ne Year's but, for the past 2 years, we haven't. Miguel's sisters are party animals so, we will be having good food, drinks, and dancing!!! FUN!!!

In January, we have a thousand birthdays, well, not a thousand but, alot! For one, my daughter will be turning 10, double digits! And since she will be 10 and will be having her quince in 5 years, this will be her last real party until the quince. We are planning, a clown show, inflatable or trampoline, pinatas, great food, and cake. After this party, she will have a special dinner and cake for each bisthday until the quince.
The day after her birthday, our niece turns 2 and 2 days later, our other niece turns 2 and it is my mother in law's birthday , also. Then, 1 week later, Miguel will turn 25, finally!!! So, we have a very busy January.

I will be having my tubal reversal the first week of February. So, we will start trying to get pregnant in May!! Yayyyyy!! It is about time, we have been planning this for 3 years!

We will begin construction at my mother in law's the beginning of February. Our plan is to build our room and bathroom, first. So, we can move out of this money guzzler (rented house) by the end of February so, only 2 more rent payments!!! Yayyyyy!!! And after that we have a construction schedule to finish the house by the end of the year. We will be doing a total remodel downstairs and adding on 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms upstairs.

At the beginning of March, I will be going to the US to take the kids for a few months. They want to spend a few months out of each year with my family there and since, they are homeschooling, they can do it. I plan on going to get them at the latest August. They want to stay until Thanksgiving of next year and my family wanted until January 2013! but, I don't think so, that is way too long. I decided to compromise with them and my family and decided August is the latest. If I get pregnant quickly, I will go get them when I am 3 months, before I am too pregnant and after the first critical 12 weeks.

On a sad note, I am from Canton, Georgia so, I still get news from there on my homepage. Well, Friday, a 7 year old little girl was taken from an apartment complex in Canton. After the police and volunteers had been searching for her all weekend, they found her body in a trash can in the complex. She had been sexually assaulted and beaten to death. I feel that the police could have done more and if, as they say, they were there since Friday when she was taken, why did they not see who put here body in this trash can? They are investigating this and had offered a $5000 (as of last night) reward to information leading to the capture of the sick bastard who did this. I feel that the reward should be better, I know first hand that Canton Police have a long record of discrimination against the Hispanic population (the child was Hispanic) and feel that more could have been done and that a better reward should be offered this was a 7 year old little girl, she did not deserve to die like that and I think that everyone in the community should get ivolved to find this animal even if it means donating money to the reward fund.
May this little girl rest in peace.
Here is the link to the news story: News story

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We have been married for a year, officially! (Lots of pictures)

Sunday was our first anniversary so, I decided that I would honor this day by creating a post all for our wedding and anniversary. Well, as you know from another post, our wedding was a disaster but, I was looking through pictures and got to thinking, maybe the decor was not right and things didn't go the way I planned but, we had fun and got married, which was the important thing, right? Well, here are some pictures from our wedding. As you will see, we had a very relaxed informal redneck after party!
The aisle was put all wrong, I came in from the front side.

Promising forever.

After ceremony.

I just love this picture. we had a very creative photographer.

The rings!

Us with my Jr. Maid of honor and daughter, Jeni

Us with the Jr. Bestman and son, Luis, and...
The shoes that I looked long and hard for!

A few details:

My bouquet, all hand made by me

The Family:
From top left: My brother and bestman, myself
Bottom left: My grandmother, my siter and maid of honor, my mom.

Myself and my sister and maid of honor

The wedding site.

The After Party
The first dance.

Just dancing

My sister all decked out redneck with my daughter, they were having fun!

Miguel with my sister. He loves to dance Duranguense.

Miguel pulling my sister around the dance floor, she does not know how to dance to any Mexican music!

The bouquet toss. I can't find the picture of the fight (literally) for the bouquet! 

Removing the garter

And it's off!

All in all, it was a good wedding, I can now say after regoing over the pictures and remembering the fun we had! There was lots of food, lots of Modelo, Lots of mixed drinks flowing and tons of laughter and dancing. 

Now for our anniversary:
My sister in law's birthday is November 18 and it was her 18th so, we had a party for her on Saturday and it ended so late that we just stayed at my mother in law's. Sunday, we got up and hung out for a while and then left. we decided to do a Trash/ Rock the dress shoot for our anniversary but, I refuse to pay another photographer outrageous amounts of money so, my sister inlaw will take the photos. We decided we will do them at the Macroplaza, Paseo Sta Lucia, and Parque Fundidora since they are all connected. Well, I have never been to Fundidora so, we went there just the 2 of us on Sunday. Afterwards, we went home and had a cookout just the 2 of us. We had planned on going out to a restaurant but, after a weekend full of people, we decided to stay home and enjoy being alone. We bought a cake but, after pigging out on ribs, potatoes, salad, and grilled zuchinni, we were too stuffed to eat cake. We saved it for yesterday and took it to my in law's to share with the family. 

We will be doing the other photos in 2 weeks so, I will post that after we do it. I can't wait to get to dress up again!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So excited!!! And nervous.

So, I spoke with the doctor about my tubal reversal and scheduled an appointment for a consultation for a test, that I can't remember the name of! It is a more involved ultrasound and will verify whether or not I need a reversal and if so, what are the possibilities of it working. My gyneocologist said that she would prefer to do this test to avoid unnecessary expenses in the case of not needing a reversal or my tubes being too damaged and in the end, needing IVF. I hope either the test shows I don't need a reversal or atleast that my tubes are not damaged, IVF is very expensive, even here in Mexico! If all goes well, I will have surgery around the first week of December. At that time, alot of my students cancel classes anyway so, I won't cancel many classes myself.

When I had my other 2, I didn't really study up on what I needed to do to prepare for pregnancy but, now, I have been. We both are taking prenatal vitamins, Miguel thought it was funny that, he is taking a vitamin for a pregnant woman but, I told him that it has all of the necessary vitamins and minerals to help produce a healthy baby! It is recommended to begn folic acid 3 months before trying to concieve so, we started a week ago. that means, that we will have been taking the vitamins for 3 1/2 months when we officially start trying to conceive. I have been studying everything from how to chart ovulation all the up to positions that help facilitate pregnancy! Of course, that was Miguel's favorite part. I showed him a video of fetus development from conception to birth and he thought that was really cool. I also, used that video in Health class for the kids, (other blog).

I have a broken wisdom tooth that, I need to get pulled and haven't done due to work. I have been surviving on Advil but, now, I have to get it pulled. For one, bad dental health is dangerous to baby and Ibuprophen makes it more difficult to conceive plus, it is a NO NO during pregnancy.

I have been looking at Babies R Us website already! A little early, I know but, you can never be too prepared! Haha!

Hopefully by this time next year, we will be counting the days for our little one!! I can't wait!! This has been a long time coming.

Off this subject, this will be my first Thanksgiving away from the States and the kids are wanting Thanksgiving Dinner. Any ideas on what to do, has anybody done Thanksgiving Dinner here?

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We have made a decision......

So, we decided to stay in Monterrey. we are going to continue to rent where we are at, atleast until the contract is up. I am going to advertise English classes here in our neighborhood and my boss is going to give me classes in the corporate side of town in January so, that equals more money. We are going to buy another vehicle so, Miguel has one and I have one, that way we can both get around town without waiting on the other one. Then, Miguel will be able to get jobs on his own which, equals more money! i wanted out of Monterrey because, I dread spending another Spring, Summer, and Fall this hot but, that is what minisplits are made for right?! I will just make sure my car has good A/C and the minisplits in my house are the right size for each room next year! this year, we baked until 2 in the morning, the mini split was for a smaller room so, it didn't cool!

We will be officially TTC next year!! For those of you who don't know what this is, it means trying to concieve!!! I will be having my tubal reversal surgery done between December and February and two months later, we will be able to start. This is something we have wanted for a while but, first, we wanted to get married and then, we decided to postpone to move here and get Miguel's visa, we were going to wait for that but, I don't see him getting it anytime soo, I don't even have my Fm3, yet. So, we discussed this as we do every year and decided, we will start this year!! If I am as fertile as I was, we will be pregnant within a month after starting!!!!

Another thing, our first anniversary is coming up so, I have been thinking about our wedding and how it was a disaster, the only good thing was, we got married.

First of all, my Dad was in the hospital on my wedding day! Then, the first coordinator we hired quit returning emails and wouldn't take our calls 6 weeks before the date! Well, we hired another one as Day of Coordinator, well, she never showed up!!! So, here I was already running late and my photographer (the absolute best) calls to tell me that nobody was at the site decorating and the chairs were setup backwards. I try to rush the hairstylist and try to get my family to the cite to decorate. Well, with traffic, they arrived 15 minutes before, alot of guests had already arrived. I arrived 5 minutes before and the officiant was saying, he had to hurry that, he had a bigger wedding in and hour so, my wedding had to end in 15 minutes!! So, here I am walking down a walkway that was not even the aisle I had planned with all of the decorations I bought in boxes!!! Almost nobody showed for the ceremony so, it was empty! Well, except for my family. Miguel's family in the US were not in agreement with our marraige! The officiant is rushing everything and then, my brother, the bestman, drops the arras!! He could only find 12 of them so, we did the ceremony with 12. After the ceremony, we take pictures and our closest friends and family set up the reception site! I coul'n't believe it, I felt like crying but, my makeup would run so, I grinned and beared it. We hired a very popular Mexican Restaurant to cater so, I was confident the food would be great atleast. Well, NO! the food was cold and horrible, they didn't even have enough! All of the guests had arrived by then, of course, nobody misses food!! we had ordered a cupcake wedding cake and I had planned on it being set up really pretty, I had even drew out the design but, it was just layed out on the table, the plates and stands were not used! The afterparty was great!! We had it at the party room where I worked so, we decorated it the night before and the DJ set up early another good thing! We danced the night away and everybody drunk a few too many drinks, we had all types of drinks from Bud Light or Modelo to Screwdrivers or Cosmos! It is not a real party without the boos if you ask my husband and his friends! So, after the disasters, we have decided that our Church wedding will be planned WAY ahead of time and since, it will be here in Mexico, Miguel has 5 sisters so, between thme, his Mom, and I, this one will go off with a bang. And BANG! will it, I am very stubborn and modern so, his little Ranchito is in for a shock!!! This wedding will take place in 2 years on our anniversary and I have started looking at different styles, I will use the things I bought but, have different colors and add more decorations and style! Any advice on how to combine the traditional Mexican Ranchito weddings with a modern American flair? Anyway, I have 2 years but, after my last disatser, i want a head start!!!! LOL

First, we will have a baby!!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Los Matachines

My mother in alw had here celebration for San Judas de Tadeo last night. We had it all: Tamales, coffee, and Matachines!!

Keep in mind, this is the first time I have even been to a celebration for San Judas and seen the Matachines dance! So, I was kind of skeptical about this, I have been asking anybody what this is and nobody would tell me all week.

Well, yesterday, Miguel started getting sick and didn't really want to go but, I insisted. One, I was very curious as to what the fuss was all about. Two, I definitely didn't want Miguel's family mad at me because, we didn't go. So, at about 8, off we go.

I did not regret going, the Matachines is definitely an experience and I highly recommend it to anybody who has not seen them!!! After see this, Jeni and Nando want to dance on December 12 for la Virgen da Guadalupe!!! I can't wait to see them dancing!!

Here are some pictures from the dance last night:
Our nephew, the yougest Matachin.
The one looking at the camera is my youngest sister in law.

Our 2 nieces and nephew.

The 2 closest are our nephew and niece.

The youngest matachin dancing and like everything in Mexico, it is not real without the dog!!!

There were a total of 22 Matachines.

All in all, it was a great night. We didn't get home until after midnight last night!!!

Have a great weekend!!!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Been sick AGAIN!!! And some major decisions are in process!

Well, as usual, I have been sick!!! Before we moved to Mexico, I was never sick, I got sick maybe once a year and really sick every 4-5 years so, this is odd. On Saturday, I started feeling weak and by Sunday, my head started hurting. By Sunday night, I thought, I was dying!!! My body hurt, my head hurt, my face hurt and everytime I stood up, I felt like I had drunk a gallon of Tequila!!! But, unfortunately, no alcohol played part in this!
All the other times I was sick, I had medicine that I brought from the States but, I ran out last time so, I had to use medicine from here! I have proven, Mexico's medicine is shitty! Miguel bought me Next, Contact, and something else but, I don't remember the name, nothing worked! So, instead of just sleeping the sickness off, I suffered it out this time. :( I know, when I go to Texas the first thing I will buy is Nyquil and Dayquil!!!
I am still sick but, I feel better atleast, I am no longer dying.

Now for the major decision, we have been talking and somehow my husband has got it into his head to build an apartment like house on top of his parents house! Now, it would be financially sensible, this way we won't be paying rent which, is like throwing money away but, then, I will have to deal with certain people putting their nose where it doesn't belong. I think that, this problem won't be so bad since, we will have a real house with a fiull kitchen and seperate entrance and plus, they know, I will up and leave if they get too bad, I did this last time and I will do it again. Miguel''s sister would love a free house on top of Mommy dearest! LOL

Our other option is, to move to Panuco, Veracruz which is about 45 minutes from Tampico. I would love that since, it is a small town and not Monterrey which, I do not like. Miguel's grandmother has a huge house with like 5 bedrooms and she is about 84 years old and lives alone. She is constantly hinting that she wants someone to come live with her so, I don't know. first, I would need to find a job comparable to what I have now in either Tampico or Panuco. Miguel could do what his grandfather used to do which is, plant alfalfa and sell it and raise cows. I know that is good money here but, don't know how long it takes to get money from this, I assume atleast a few months for the alfalfa and atleast a year for cows.

My other thoughts are to save money and start over somewhere else but, where I can get a good job and Miguel can earn decent money. I just don't know where. I have just came to the point that, I want to be anywhere but, here, really so, the first option is like a last resort, I think. My boss has told me that in about a year he will want to transfer one of the teachers to DF to be regional manager there and was considering me so, that is an option but, DF?? I don't know how bad it is there. Any advice?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Continuance of Attempted Kidnapping

I just want everybody to know that, my daughter is ok, she is still a little scared but, not enough to stop her from driving me crazy about wanting to go outside to ride the scooter! I told her that, no matter how many times or ways she asks me, it will still be NO!! I think, I am more scared than she is now! Thank God! I can hand;le being scared, it just makes me more precautious but, I can't handle knowing my kids are scared.

I sent an email to the Consulate last night asking if, there was anything else they or I could do to get an investigation started. I know now that what she remebers is not very reliable but, it is worth a shot. As I said, she doesn't seem scared or traumatized by this but, I still think, she needs to go to some counselling sessions atleast a couple so, she can talk this out. She knows very well that they tried to kidnap her and has heard what most of the kidnappers here do to their victims. I don't hide things like that from them because, I think it helps them to try to defend theirselves more. She did tell me that when this woman was trying to get her in the car, this is what went through her mind.

We spent the weekend at home resting well, they rested and I worked! Saturday night we went to the Mercado to try to keep some normality in our life. Today, we cooked Caldo de Res and washed clothes. I washed clothes and planned this weeks Homeschool classes and English classes. Miguel helped wash clothes, some but, mostly just lazied around! The kids played all day, lucky them!!!

I am starting to think that all this stress is getting to Miguel, he is very short tempered and has been having an attitude all the time here lately. I have tried talking to him but, he won't open up and keeps saying nothing is wrong. I don't need psychic powers to see the difference in him. Any advice on how to get him to talk so, that we can get past this hump?

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Talk soon.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Attempted kidnapping is not a crime worth investigating in Mexico!!!!

Yesterday, my daughter was at the neighborhood store which, is 3 houses down from ours, she and her brother were there, anyway, she was outside watching the scooter while her brother was inside. A car pulled up to the curb and asked her if she needed a ride, she said no. Then, the woman proceeded to tell her to get in and she would take her to play at her house and then later she would bring her home, my daughter said, no and turned the other way. The lady and the boy in the car kept insisting so, she went into the store but, didn't say anything to anybody just, told her brother to hurry so, they could go home. When they went out of the store the car was gone. She came home and told me what had happened. First of all, I went to the security guard so, they would stop any car matching that description and I asked them to call the police but, they wouldn't. I then called the police and rode around the neighborhood with my daughter looking for this car, we couldn't find it. An hour later, no police, I called again. Another hour, I called again and again another hour later. No police came. We locked up and went to bed. We decided to put the kids in our room for the night and had 2 scared kids iin bed with us all night.
This morning, I called the American Consulate, they told me to go to the Ministerio Publico (Policia Municipal, it turns out), big mistake! We sat there for 2 1/2 hours and nobody ever called us, the kept saying, we had to wait our turn, nobody else was there except, criminals in handcuffs! All the prisoners are mixed in with the victims in this place! I couldn't believe it, my daughter was getting more scared by the minute and I just knew that the longer it took, she would forget valuable information. My bvoss told me to go to Sedena (Military Police) spo, I called them, and guess what. after explaining everything to the officer, she went through this long BS story saying that there are two types of kidnapping, one is Secuestro, which is for ransom and the other is robo, which is to either keep the child or black market for various reasons most of us already know. And that since fortunately my daughter didn't get kidnapped then, even though it was wrong what the woman did, it was not illegal!!! So, all she could do was take note of it happening but, there would not be an investigation!!!! I cold not believe this, I mean what? Do they just wait around until these people do kidnap a child when, investigating these crimes would prevent it from happening in most cases!!

Needless to say, I have lost all respect for this country and it's f*ck*d up laws! Yes, thank God, my baby girl did not get kidnapped but, that is a major crime, do they do the same thing with attempted murder or attemted rape, since it didn't happen it is not crime?

From now on, my kids will not get to go out to play with their friends and won't be able to go to the little store only 3 houses from us without an adult!! We will become basicly prisoners in our own home, our neighborhood is too dangerous and the police will not do anything to stop it.

I have always taught my kids since 2 years old that, if anybody tries to take you or make you get into their car, to start yelling and acting like a fool and run to the nearest adult but, I guess, she was so scared she forgot what she has been taught and yes, she did get a good talking to about the importance of remembering safety rules at all times especially during something like this.

If you are in Mexico or anywhere, please watch your kids! I just realized how easy and quick it can be for one of these animals to take our babies.

My daughter is very scared but, physically ok and at home thank God!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Assistance needed please!!!

I am in the process of trying to get my Fm2 but, the INM says that I need to have our marraige certificate apostilled. I have found out that I have to do this in Georgia but, I can't go there now. Does anybody know of a way around this? Or, has anyone been through this? Any advice is welcome!!! Please!!!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Finally!!!!! It has cooled off but, is it here to stay?

Well, it has been very cool, the past few days. Sunday night it rained way too much but, that caused the temperature to drop about 7 degrees celsius. So, that was a benefit!!

The bad thing, though, was, we flooded!!!! we were upstairs watching Voz De Mexico (Justing Bieber was on ther and I have a 9 year old daughter ;)) Anyway, we were watching this show and Miguel got up for some reason and the floor was full of water. immediately, he asked the kids which one of them had spilled water. All said, It wasn't me! Of course, kids always say this so, we didn't believe them! We checked their glasses and neither had water or any other clear liquid so, no they didn't spill anything. Well, while inspecting the floor and cieling, I noticed a waterfall from my windows! Water was coming in around the window frame
, not just a little but, we had Niagara Falls from our window seals!!! Well, all we could do was clean it up and send an email to our landlord. Miguel went downstairs to get the mop and some old towels, he returned and told me that I didn't want to go downstairs! Well, that got me worried so, of course, I went down! My whole floor was covered in an inche of water!!!! Thank God, we haven't bought any sofas or anything like that for the downstairs!!! I looked outside and my yard was about a foot deep in water. we have a wall around the house, the only thing that didn't have that much water was the parking area. My poor dogs were cuddled in a corner and the chihuahua (the crybaby) was crying! Miguel swept what water he could out of the house and the yard and I mopped up the rest. We gave the dogs an old blanket in the farthest corner so, it wouldn't get wet. That made them VERY happy, you see, our dogs are spoiled, they used to each have a bed but, Chata, the pitbull, decided she was going to use them as a chew toy! She uses everything as a chew toy, even my car!!!!

Now, it is 27 degrees celsius, I think around 75 degrees farenhiet (spelling?) but, that is warm compared to the last few days! We had the perfect excuse for hot chocolate!!!!! We have officially went through 2 gallons of milk since Monday!!!

I so hope it doesn't get hot again but, everybody says it will. I can only pray that this year is the exception as it has been all summer. Everybody tells me it is never as hot as it was this year. All summer it never went below 40 degrees celsius, except at night then it dropped to 33 more or less.

I haven't had anything to post, life has been boring but, good. This past weekend, I decided I needed some new clothes for work so, I went shopping!!!!! Yayyyyyy!!! This is something, I haven't done since December of last year!!! We went to my mother in law's twice this weekend!!!! RRRR!!!! But, it was ok. then we went to the mall and spent a day like when we were in the US. We went looking in all the stores and shopped, had Starbucks, watched a clown show, and ended the day with Peter Piper Pizza (Monterrey's version of Chucky Cheese but, not as good and more expensive). The only difference was, when we left we had to pay 48 pesos for parking!!!! I couldn't believe that, we had to pay to park in the mall parking lot and there are NO security gaurds at all outside!!! Or, atleast, I didn't see any. I found a store here that is sort of like Kohl's in the US, it is called Suburbia, they only need Apt. 9, Candies, and Tony Hawk brands. Oh, and closed pointed toe heels with heels that are not stripper hieght!!! LOL I have yet to see why a culture that is so reserved sells mostly stripper heels and boots!!! I still cannot find business style heels, all are sandle like and have atleast a 1/2 inch platform with 5-7 inch heel!!! Who can work in those, other than a stripper? I wouldn't think they are appropiate for business. I don't know, maybe people here think differently, who knows? I guess, I will keep looking until, I have time and money to go to the US.

Enjoy your Tuesday everyone!!!!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Technology issues!

For some odd reason, everytime I post a comment on a blog, it does not post. I have rewrote and rewrote it but, nothing! Does anybody have any idea why this is happening? I have tried logging out and all. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Finally!! Pictures of our house!!!!

I keep meaning to post this but, keep forgetting to! So here is my new (well not so new now!) house:

My Kitchen:

I so need a dishwasher!!

The rec room:

I need to buy a sofa and chairs, right now, this is all except for a minifridge and microwave

My bedroom:

My husband is no good at bed making! Note: the pillows! ;)

Our bathroom:

I need a real vanity, not just a sink!!

My daughter's room:

Messy as usual!!

My son's room:

Not as messy but, still.

The hall bathroom:

Very small and needs a vanity, too.

The front of my house with the tiny carport that, we normally use as a porch, and our nice little balcony up top.:

Miguel and Chata had to be in the picture!!! I wish this car was mine but, no it is a loaner from my boss until my truck is legal again.

My little back patio with my lemon tree:

Chata again!

As you see, I now have a real house!! I love my little house even though, I complain about the smallness! It is private and nobody tells me what to do and how to do it!

So, while I am on pictures, I will post soem of the dogs, they are getting big and Kaila, the chihuahua, has turned into a little escape artist!!1

They love to get their pictures taken! Kaila is 4 1/2 years and Chata is only 7 months old but, she is about 3 times the size of Kaila! They lay at the door because, they know, we don't allow them in the house. So smart!!

Well, there you have pur little house and our growing dogs. I will post some pics of the family this weekend! By the way, I am feeling much better, I had food poisoning, I will NEVER drink water from the faucet here again!!  I don't care how clean and potable they say it is!! I am proof it is not that healthy!

Have a great day!!!!!