Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We are back and I have great news!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the mini honeymoon turned into a family vacation, Miguel and I, his parents, sister, and nephews. We ended up going to the town where he lived from 12 years until he went to the US and stayed at his grandma's house. That had been the plan for half the time but, it was supposed to have been just us. We went to Tampico for 2 days and 1 night by ourselves and that was great. We spent the whole second day at the beach drinking Piña Coladas and Micheladas and enjoying the sound of the ocean. It was beautiful, the beach was empty except for the workers fixing the Palapas, the food carts, and a crazy lady feeding a baby doll and stripping in the water!!! Here is just one pic from that wonderful 2 days,
Oh the happy times, though the sun was in our eyes!

At El Rancho as Miguel calls the town he's from, which is actually a small place near Panuco, Veracruz, we visited people Miguel hasn't seen in years. I met his Godparents, and friends. The temperature was 80 in the day and 65 at night and tons of wind, so different from here in Monterrey, with it's 100 degree weather!! Here is my favorite picture from there,

And now for Miguel's favorite thing that is new,
This was a new feature on the way to the main highway from town.

Chata went with us to El Rancho and she really enjoyed it, all of that running free, who wouldn't. Here she is taking a break,
She is getting so BIG!

Now for the good news!!!!!! I finally have a job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYYY!!!!!! I start on July 4th, I will be teaching business executives English. I have to go to the US to get the kids before, I can start so, that is the reason for the late start date. I will be leaving Sunday morning for Georgia and that will be the last time I go to Georgia for a while. Hopefully, we will be returning to Georgia at the latest May of next year but, who knows what will happen when we turn in the Visa application for Miguel. Well, positive thinking will help us get through this and I have came to the conclusion that, I really do love Mexico, I just don't love living right beside my in laws!!! So, my next goal is to move, hopefully toward the San Pedro Area of Monterrey. I have heard it is expensive but, maybe we can find something near there that we can afford. I have heard it is one of the safest areas here and that the public schools there are better than here in Guadalupe. 

Take care all and we'll talk soon.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

No blogs recently, nothing has happened really....

 Well, we are leaving to go to Veracruz on Saturday, we will be in Tampico for a couple of days just the 2 of us! Thank GOD!! It is about time we  have time for our selves, just us and nobody else!!! At first we will be at the Ranch with his parents, sister, and other family but, then off we go to Tampico for our mini honeymoon!!! Yayyyy!!!
  I have had a very uneventful week, I have been relaxing and watching TV. I think I have watched rerun after rerun of CSI and Without a Trace. I have found a new show though, it is called The Border and only comes on at 7 in the morning, I found it yesterday morning while Miguel was getting ready for work and I was just sitting there so, I started channel surfing. It is a pretty good show about the Canadian border, CSI style.
  The kids are enjoying their ¨vacation¨ with my Mom but,. are ready to come back one moment and then they're not. My son is good now, he is really having a ball at my grandmother's house, she has a habit of spoiling them with cakes, brownies, and other goodies!
  I go to apply for my FM3 visa when we get back the week after next, I am not familiar with the process but, have heard it is a little difficult so, hopefully, I will have it by August. We will have everything else we need to apply for Miguel's Visa then.
   A couple of people asked how Chata is doing, she is doing great, she was at the Vet's for 2 days and now is twice as big as she was. We now have another dog, Keila a 2 year old Chihuahua, I will post some pics soon. My sister in law was just going to throw out on the road!! I couldn't let her do that so, we took her. I am starting to think that alot of people around me are very mean people.
   I will try my best to get online more often, I don't have internet at home and my computer is out of service right now so, I have to use my sister in laws computer but, all that will be fixed soon!!! Take care and we'll take soon!!