Saturday, April 13, 2013

Ectopic Pregnancy turned Blighted Ovum :(

Well, we thought I had an ovarian ectopic pregnancy. I received my hormone levels and they had dropped form 160 to 20 in 3 days. We saw a sac on Monday and the sac was considered a cyst this morning since it hadn't grown or changed shape since Monday. I do have an ovarian cyst that has grown and had what looked like an embryo inside, but it seems it is just tissue. Since my betas have dropped that means that I had a blighted ovum which is a fertilized egg that attaches to the uterus, but fails to develop. This is the light in my darkest of dark days.

This morning I was told that my only option after an ectopic was IVF. I was so scared. IVF is expensive so we can't afford many IVFs. Heck, we would have to save up for a few months for 1. So, if it didn't work we would more than likely not be able to try again.

Now, we know that we can try again right after I finish a cycle of birth control pills to get rid of the cyst. Thank God for this miracle!! I am very sad about losing my baby, but very grateful to have the opportunity to try again for our rainbow baby.

Please keep us in your prayers that we conceive a healthy baby very soon.

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  1. Ay mama, so sorry for this news. Sendng lots of love and prayers your way right now. Hoping for better news soon. Bg big big hugs.