Friday, June 22, 2012

Pics from Tampico!!

First time at the beach that they remember

Jumping waves

Jumping waves with the cousins

An awesome view

Tagging the beach!

Tagging the beach!

Being silly in the pool

Jeni can finally swim!!!

Jeni's version of the canonball

Luis'version of the cannonball

All in all, we have had an awesome time so far. Tomorrow, we are going to the rancho. That means more pictures, if my camera copoerates, that is.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We are in Tampico!!!

We left on Monday at 7:00AM. After about 7 hours of hearing, I have to go to the bathroom and are we there yet, we finally arrived!

Miguel's cousin rode with us. Which turned out to be a good thing, there were no ATMs the whole way and the Debit machines did not work at any store we went into. We had forgotten to get money before leaving.

We went to Miguel's aunts house to drop off his cousin and got caught up in the chismes and ate lunch. We all ended up at the beach and had tons of fun with his aunts and cousins. They are no where like his mom and sisters. They are all really nice. They told tons of lies that have been told about me by my mother in law and sister in law. We rented a hotel near their house that night and I was pleasantly surprised to see a REAL bathtub!! Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy it. It was midnight when we got to te hotel and we got up early to go to the rancho where his aunt lives which is 2 hours away. So, all I got to do was take a shower. I was so mad!

We got to pick up his aunts and cousins and off we went to the rancho. The adults rode in the back of the truck and my kids and his cousin's daughter rode in the back seat buckled up. His family does not understand my seatbelt rule especially for kids, but I enforce it! I refuse to move my truck if all kids are not buckled up and all babies buckled in carseats. So, no babies ride in my truck in Mexico. We had to buy a booster seat for our niece. She is 2 1/2 and goes everywhere with us and didn't have a carseat so, she cried everytime we left the house.

We got to the rancho and hung out for a little while. It started to rain so, we had to stay longer than we wanted to. We ended up leaving at 3PM and we had wanted to leave at 12noon. My kids got there foiirst taste of going to the bathroom in a rancho! That was too funny. You should have seen my Jeni's face when I told her where the bathroom was!!! She was like, that is the bathroom? What?!!??!! Miguel's aunt only has an outhouse with a wooden toilet closed in by tarps. Jeni came out and was about to cry. She asked if Miguel's grandmother's house is like that. I told her not to worry, the bathroom is outside, but it has a real toilet and doesn't stink. It was just too funny!!

We got to the rancho where Miguel is from at 5PM that evening. We had planned on going to Panuco to check on the internet, but it was too late. We went to his grandmother's and did a so so cleaning and fixed dinner. I fixed American hamburgers for everybody. We were scared to go to bed, I was scared of scorpions and snakes coming out. I had everybody scared, my kids, Miguel's cousin's little girl who is only 4.

We went to Telmex the next morning to get bad news. The rancho does not have infinutm, just dial up. That is too slow for my job. We have decided to get a wireless card from telcel and I will work in the daytime and evenings and stay in the rancho for a few weeks while we save money to rent a house in Tampico or Panuco. I am hoping it will be Tampico. The temperature is awesome. I have returned to my old self this past week. I am no longer an angry person. My kids told em today that I am like I was in the US and that they missed me being like this. I told them this is the forever me. I will not return to being an angry bitter person I was turning into. I felt so bad. We are going to the beach tomorrow again and on Saturday to the rancho to clean the house. We have to go to Monterrey to get the rest of our stuff, but that will only be for a few days. I can deal with that.

I forgot my camera in the truck. I will post some pictures tomorrow. My camera quit so, we have to buy another one.

Have a good night everybody!!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Crazy Stuff My Son says!

We were coming home from the store today and my son, Nando was reading the signs. He told his sister that "gringas" were Americans who eat tortillas.

I explained to him what the gringas advertised were and that gringa is a nickname Mexicans use to call Americans. I was laughing so hard inside. It was just too cute and funny!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

WE ARE MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That's right! You really read right!! We are really moving this time!! Monday, we will be goign to Matamoros to get Miguel's grandmother and coming back to Monterrey to load up the truck. Tuesday, we will leave around 5AM and plant to arrive to the rancho around noon. That gives us time to unload the truck, get everything secured in one of the rooms and to get to Tampico to check in to the hotel before dark.

So, the final count down has started, 7 days and counting!!!

Now, all we need to do is pray thet Telmex has fast internet in the rancho.

Lisa's Late Monthly Questions!! LOL

I have missed Lisa's questions. So without further adue....

1. So because we have recently gotten engaged I was wondering how all your hubby's popped the big question?

Miguel is cheesy. He took me to the jewelry store on Valentine's Day and told me to pick out a ring, but said it was not fan engagement ring. So, I picked out a red ruby heart in a silver setting. He then told me I couldn't wear it until later. He went to work and left it on the nightstand. That night, after we were laying in bed, he hugged me and stuttered in my ear will you marry me and held the ring up in front of me. I busted out laughing and said of course. I did get a real engagement ring later, but I still wear both the first one and the diamond one.

2. What Jewelery do you wear daily?

I wear my wedding band, engagement ring, and original engagement ring.

3. Have you ever been told you talk in your sleep?

I have never been told that, but Miguel does when he has drunk more than 2 beers or is very tired.

4. What are 3 websites you visit daily?

Facebook, Fertility Friend, When to Work, Blogger, Email is Outlook

5. Are you allergic to anything?
I am allergic to cats, rabbits, pollen, trees, grass, dust, certain strong perfumes make my nose burn, smog (good living in Mty, right) hypocrites LOL

6. Have you ever had the chicken pox?

I only had 1 bump on my cheek when I was 5. i am scared I will catch them again.

7. Last book you read?

I hate too admit it, but I haven't read any books since right before we moved to Mexico. I think, I read something by Nora Roberts.

8.  4 of your Favorite Alcoholic drinks.

Margaritas, Sex on The Beach, Kahlua, Orange juice and peach schnapps ( I don't know what it is called. I hate beer and wine coolers give me one hell of a hang over, but they are good.

9. What color is your bedroom wall painted?

The ugliest color of pink I could ever imagine. It is like a Pepto pink and very dirty. I refuse to paint it because that would be more money I invest in a house where I am not wanted and I have invested too much here to begin with.

10.Finish the sentence...

I'm hungry for...... A REAL American meal
I'm wearing......jean shorts and a tank top
I'm sad when.....I think of how Miguel's family is to all of us including him
I feel like.... I am going to explode with excitement!! We are finally leaving this hell hole!! Monday!!! I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great News!!!

First of all, I have to say, EVERYONE OF YOU ARE AWESOME!!! just reading your comments made me feel better!! Thanks a lot!!

Well, we decided to go on to Tampico on the 18th. We will rent a hotel for a week and try to get a fast enough internet service in the rancho by then and if not, we will rent a house in either Tampico or Panuco. My wonderful grandmother will be helping us financially with this move if needed, I love her so much. She is always there for me even when I don't deserve it!!

Well, I am feeling much better. I decided to make my version of a fusion of Mongolian beef and Japanese steak, fried rice, and sauteed vegetables for dinner. I thought it is about time for something different!!

Well, I went for an ultrasound yesterday of my ovaries to see if the follicles were close to ovulation. I had 1 12mm follicle and 2 22mm follicles, and 1 23mm follicle!! She said I will ovulate 3 eggs!! Miguel was scared!! He kept thinking what if we catch all three!! I have to admit, that is a little scary. Just imagine trying to baby wear 3 babies!! It would be Miguel, 1 of the kids and myself baby wearing!! LOL Also, the expense of 3 babies is frightening, we would buy 3 of everything. I am hoping for just 1 or 2, but if God gives us 3, then we will be happy!! I told the Dr and Miguel that I don't care how many, I just want a freaking positive!! I will be testing on Father's Day so, that would be awesome!!

I don't think I have told you all, but Miguel's grandmother has been here for the past 3 weeks and she is leaving tomorrow. We told her, we will pick her up from her  daughters on the 18th and on the 19th we will be on our way to Tampico!! I can't wait! Now, I know it will definitely happen! We have the financila back up plan if our truck decides to act crazy!!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Change of Plans... Again!! Grrr!!!

Well, tomorrow was supposed to be the day we left this hell hole, but our truck had other plans. It broke down last week again and took over half the money we had saved for the move to fix. I am now stuck here for at l;east another month, again.

I really feel like crying. I have to be honest with a ll of you, I am a little jealous of your relationship with your in laws. I am glad you all have a great relationship and I wish I could have the same thing. No matter how hard I try, they always treat us bad.

My sister in law who moved out a few months ago had left her minisplit here and wanted to get it Friday. She had to turn off the electricity to remove it and I was working. She got mad because, she couldn't do it. Today, she finally removed it, but my mother in law told Miguel that because of us, hsi sister had to sleep in the heat for the past 2 nights and that all we do is cause problems for everybody here. Miguel got mad and told her that his sister does not live here and all she had to do was ask what time I was working that day so she could get it done and not interfere with my job. I started working at 7:00PM that night for God's sake!!

I started working this evening after having the past 3 Sunday's off and they knew I was working, I always tell them when I start to try to keep the noise down. They went to the kitchen and sat there talking, yelling, and laughing as loud as they could. The kitchen is right outside my bedroom door. I culdn't hear my students and they couldn't hear me. I kept stopping and asking them to quieten down and all they did was get louder. This went on for 3 hours. Bear in mind, they never sit in the kitchen, it is too hot there!

As for the moving to the rancho, we are not too sre now. We have tried to investigate the speed of the internet there and everybody says it is very slow, but we don't know if that is because of their plan or what. We tried to call Telmex, but they say we have to go to the local office in Veracruz.
I am in a fix with that. I have to have a good, stable conenection with atleast 5 mbps. The requirementes for my job are a minimum of 1 mbps upload and 1 mbps download. To get the 1 mbps upload, I have to have at least 5 mbps.

Ok, so, I feel that all I do is complain, complain, complain. I really hope to stop that very soon. I used to be a really happy person and hardly ever complained, I had no reason to complain, but now that is different.

If anybody has any advice as to what I can do to make these people quit making our life a living hell, please tell me. I will do anything except change who I am or act like I am something I am not. They like the husband sof my SILs, but that is becasue they agree with everythign they say and do. I have this huge problem, if I don't agree with somethig that affects me or my family, I will say something and they don't like that.

Thanks for listening to me complain.