Saturday, July 23, 2011

I finally have internet and been in the middle of a gunfight!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello everyone,
 I have been out of service for a while, my computer quit working and I just got my first check so, I now have a computer again. Maybe not what I could have got in the US but, a computer none the less. I have been working for 2 weeks now and love it! I was beginning to believe that everyone in Mexico or atleast Monterrey were uneducated close minded individuals but, I think it had to do with my being shut up in the house and only going to my mother inlaws house. I was nervous about going out, due to the gunfights and getting lost in the city.
  My first day at work, I left an hour and a half before and still was late. It now takes me 40 minutes to get there. I now drive all over Monterrey and get nervous that I will get lost but, I still go.

  On my way home from work yesterday, I found myself in the middle of my first real gunfight!! I was a block away from the bridge when, I heard gunshots and traffic stopped dead. At first, I thought it was fireworks or something but, then I saw the helicopter and thought, "F¡#k!!, a gunfight!!" I was stuck in the middle of  all of these crazy people who thought, there were 5 lanes instead of 2. Traffic didn't move for an hour but, when it started moving and I crossed the bridge, I saw 3 bodies on the highway below and the AFI on the bridge getting evidence. So thank God, it wasn't my actual being in the middle of the fight but, still close enough!

 On to the good stuff!!! I absolutely love my job and the pay!! I meet business executives and engineers, it is so cool to actually meet educated people here. I give classes to this one engineer who is 22 years old and is a Megatronics Engineer, he is very intelligent and can read and write English very well, my first class with him, I gave him a workbook exercise and he finished it in about 3 minutes and was correct. His only problem is speaking, he needs to learn to think in English so, he can speak faster. He's a challenge but, a very interesting guy.

  Next thing, we are moving over toward the San Nicolas-Escobedo area in 2 weeks, I can't wait!! I will actually have a real house and not be having to put up with all I put up with here living next door to in-laws who don't want to see their brother/son do better than them. I am now dealing with coming home at 7 at night and there being no food left to eat after I pay for the groceries! This all started when they asked me how much I was making at work and I told them. I will not make that mistake again!!! I told Miguel that if they can't handle the answer why ask the question. So, when we move I will again be the bad person, I will be taking their son/brother to God forbid, San Nicolas!!! They think it is horrible there and actually Guadalupe is now the danger zone!! Oh, I can't wait to move!! HEHEHEHE!!!!

  Well, have a wonderful weekend!!!


  1. You go girl! So glad you like your job! And you've got to stand up to the familia, he's your husband, now you guys are a family. Happy for you!

  2. Wow--I never expected your gunfight post to be so upbeat! So glad to hear you're enjoying the job and that you guys are moving on to better things! Good for you!

  3. I've been so busy. Stopped by today to catch up on your blog and so glad I did. I see I've missed a lot! Glad you are ok (gunfight) and love your job! Sounds like moving is probably a good thing! (them not leaving you food)