Saturday, April 6, 2013

We are Having a Baby!!!

You read that right! We are having a baby!! Finally after my tubal reversal in March 2012 Surgery Post, 13 months, 17 cycles, Clomid, injectables, and finally progesterone. We now are pregnant!!

This last cycle, we used 100mg CLomid, 2 Menopur shots, 10,000 iu trigger shot, and 200 mg progesterone a day. I ovulated 3 ovum and at least one stuck!! On 7DPO(days past ovulation) I did a test to make sure the trigger, which is basically pregnancy hormone was out of my system and it was. So, on Thursday 10DPO I tested again and had a very light positive on a cheapie internet strip. I waited impatiently 2 days and did a Forst Response, it was Positive!!! We were so happy and excited. Well, that night I started bleeding so I thought all hope was lost. I was told to do a blood test anyway since the bleeding was not a typical period bleed. My betas were 20, normally negative, but due to all of my symptoms and the lack of a real bleed we did another test on Wednesday before starting treatment this month. My betas doubled!! They are supposed to double every 48 hours and they were 40! I have taken 2 more cheap tests from here since and they are positive. I am sleepy all the time and nausea from hell! I go for another beta Wednesday and then an ultrasound Saturday.

My due date is December 9!!!

I leave you with my tests:
7 days past ovulation and 10 days past ovulation

First Response at 12 days past ovulation

Top is last night 18 days past ovulation 2 hour hold Bottom: this morning 19 days past ovulation first morning urine

I will post ultrasound pics next week!


  1. Thanks ladies!! We are excited, but cautious.

  2. Congratulations Stephanie! I am also excited for another success of tubal reversal procedure...

  3. Thank you, but I miscarried at 6 weeks. We are still TTC with no more positives since my miscarriage. We are using Clomid now again, I hope this time it works.