Wednesday, September 4, 2013

EEEEEEEEKKKKKK!!!!!! I Got the Job!!!

        I am so happy right now! I am in school to be a paralegal. When I started last year, my goal was to work in immigration law.

       Well, I saw a posting Craigslist last week for an entry level paralegal at get this, an immigration law firm!! I sent in my resume and they called me in for an interview. They told me they would be making a decision yesterday. 6:00PM rolled around and no phone call so I thought I didn't get the job. Well, at around 6:45 I got the call!! She told me to be there Friday at 10:00AM!! I can't believe I actually got the job!!

       During my interview, they asked why immigration law. I told them about my husband. They asked me a few questions. Then, they told me they had the perfect defense plan for our case! I am super ecstatic!!

      The firm I am working for is Chavarro & Gorinshtyen


  1. I'm so happy for you. Congrats on the job.

    This might sound kind of bitchy but I read your comment on another blog about knowing at least 4 times that your husband has cheated on you and think he is cheating right now. Knowing he cheats on you - would you actually spend the time and money to bring him here legally?

    1. We have cleared up the question about whether he is cheating or not right now. Which is why I didn't write a post about it.

      I commented on that blog during my moment of anger with him about my suspicions. I regret making that post because of obvious reasons.

      As for the past infidelities, we have worked those out. They are actually in the past. Yes, they sometimes show their ugly head, but we work through it.

      I love my husband and I know he loves me so as long as he doesn't cheat again, all is good.

    2. Also, the cheating was before we got engaged so it was over 4 years ago. I have trust issues which make simple things seem like something more. I am not defending my husband for what he did, but I did decide to forgive him. He now regrets what he did then and we have had many super long conversations over the past week or so abut all of this. Thanks for you thoughts though. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Emily! I am really loving my job. It really feels great to be able to do a little to help people who are in the same position. I know when I see an approval, that one day that will be us. I am also learning so much and it will help me with my case as well.

  3. Congratulations!!!!! I'm finally catching up with your blog. Lots more to read. So happy for you amiga!