Sunday, May 29, 2011

I'm back in Guadalupe!!!

I am back in Guadalupe with it's 115 degree heat!!! I missed Miguel but, not the city! LOL

Well the trip to the US started off crazy, my son got sick, he had diarrhea and it started half way to Nuevo Laredo. So, here we were in the middle of no where and my 7 year old son has to go to the bathroom!!! By the time we crossed the border he had to change clothes 2 times. Long lines at the border!

The 85 toll road from Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo is ok but, expensive! We paid 186 pesos to drive it and it only lasts about half way.

Other than the beginning, the trip went without incident.

I had 2 not so restful days in GA with family and on the last day (the day we were to load up) it poured, thunderstorms with hail and tornados all day!! So, here we were at mid night loading my truck up. I have to love my cousin and his wife, they helped me load even after it started raining again!! Love ya Jermie!!

I started out at 8AM Friday morning, all was well or so I thought. I stopped in Alabama to get gas and saw that the tarp had ripped and was flying behind me. I bought another one and more rope tied it down as good as I could and started again. About 5 miles down it started flying so, here I stop again to get more rope. I wrap the rope around the tarp about 6 times and tyie it down. I start off again, I stop in Mobile and see that the tarp has ripped again. It wasn't flying so, I left it as it was. I looked like the Beverly Hillbillies going down the road. I made it to Houston Friday and stopped for the night. After I paid the hotel, I had 25 dollars left and my credit card was already over limit. Atleast, I had a full tank of gas! I left Houston Saturday and put 20 dollars more in the tank in San Antonio and prayed to God that I made it to the line.

I hit low fuel right when I got into Laredo, TX so I stopped and counted all the change I had and put in $5. I got lost trying to find the correct bridge even though I just passed it on Monday, go figure. Sat in line for 3 hours to be inspected, I could see my husband at the corner but, couldn't get to him due to Aduana regulations. When I got in place for inspection, one of the soldiers let Miguel come in to help me unload the truck, Thank God, it was all wood furniture! After paying $505 pesos for taxes, we were off to the gas station. Miguel was just as broke, it cost him 500 pesos to get to Nuevo Laredo and all he had was 400 pesos left so we put in all 400 for gas and came the regular road to Monterrey. It was just as quiet, a little more bumpy but, atleast it was a great scenic route. 

So, after a round trip drive to Georgia, I am back home and exhausted but, happy to be with Miguel and at the beginning of my break! The kids did stay with my Mom, they woke up gave me a hug and kiss, told me see you in August and went back to bed! So much love! That was good because, I know they are happy there. 

Next plan, we are moving to this colonia in Nuevo Laredo that I saw when I was going to the US, it is 2 minutes from the border and guess what? No graffitti at all!!! I have a busy summer ahead of me.

My last surprise, when I got here Miguel told me that we are going on the honeymoon that we never did when we got married!!! YAYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!

Take care and I blog this week again!!


  1. Glad your trip went good (besides your son getting sick, hope he's better) I can't wait to read your next post.

  2. Wow sounds like everything went pretty well. Congrats on the Honeymoon have a great time. Hope your son is feeling better.