Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We have made a decision......

So, we decided to stay in Monterrey. we are going to continue to rent where we are at, atleast until the contract is up. I am going to advertise English classes here in our neighborhood and my boss is going to give me classes in the corporate side of town in January so, that equals more money. We are going to buy another vehicle so, Miguel has one and I have one, that way we can both get around town without waiting on the other one. Then, Miguel will be able to get jobs on his own which, equals more money! i wanted out of Monterrey because, I dread spending another Spring, Summer, and Fall this hot but, that is what minisplits are made for right?! I will just make sure my car has good A/C and the minisplits in my house are the right size for each room next year! this year, we baked until 2 in the morning, the mini split was for a smaller room so, it didn't cool!

We will be officially TTC next year!! For those of you who don't know what this is, it means trying to concieve!!! I will be having my tubal reversal surgery done between December and February and two months later, we will be able to start. This is something we have wanted for a while but, first, we wanted to get married and then, we decided to postpone to move here and get Miguel's visa, we were going to wait for that but, I don't see him getting it anytime soo, I don't even have my Fm3, yet. So, we discussed this as we do every year and decided, we will start this year!! If I am as fertile as I was, we will be pregnant within a month after starting!!!!

Another thing, our first anniversary is coming up so, I have been thinking about our wedding and how it was a disaster, the only good thing was, we got married.

First of all, my Dad was in the hospital on my wedding day! Then, the first coordinator we hired quit returning emails and wouldn't take our calls 6 weeks before the date! Well, we hired another one as Day of Coordinator, well, she never showed up!!! So, here I was already running late and my photographer (the absolute best) calls to tell me that nobody was at the site decorating and the chairs were setup backwards. I try to rush the hairstylist and try to get my family to the cite to decorate. Well, with traffic, they arrived 15 minutes before, alot of guests had already arrived. I arrived 5 minutes before and the officiant was saying, he had to hurry that, he had a bigger wedding in and hour so, my wedding had to end in 15 minutes!! So, here I am walking down a walkway that was not even the aisle I had planned with all of the decorations I bought in boxes!!! Almost nobody showed for the ceremony so, it was empty! Well, except for my family. Miguel's family in the US were not in agreement with our marraige! The officiant is rushing everything and then, my brother, the bestman, drops the arras!! He could only find 12 of them so, we did the ceremony with 12. After the ceremony, we take pictures and our closest friends and family set up the reception site! I coul'n't believe it, I felt like crying but, my makeup would run so, I grinned and beared it. We hired a very popular Mexican Restaurant to cater so, I was confident the food would be great atleast. Well, NO! the food was cold and horrible, they didn't even have enough! All of the guests had arrived by then, of course, nobody misses food!! we had ordered a cupcake wedding cake and I had planned on it being set up really pretty, I had even drew out the design but, it was just layed out on the table, the plates and stands were not used! The afterparty was great!! We had it at the party room where I worked so, we decorated it the night before and the DJ set up early another good thing! We danced the night away and everybody drunk a few too many drinks, we had all types of drinks from Bud Light or Modelo to Screwdrivers or Cosmos! It is not a real party without the boos if you ask my husband and his friends! So, after the disasters, we have decided that our Church wedding will be planned WAY ahead of time and since, it will be here in Mexico, Miguel has 5 sisters so, between thme, his Mom, and I, this one will go off with a bang. And BANG! will it, I am very stubborn and modern so, his little Ranchito is in for a shock!!! This wedding will take place in 2 years on our anniversary and I have started looking at different styles, I will use the things I bought but, have different colors and add more decorations and style! Any advice on how to combine the traditional Mexican Ranchito weddings with a modern American flair? Anyway, I have 2 years but, after my last disatser, i want a head start!!!! LOL

First, we will have a baby!!


  1. Oh my goodness where start? Lol

    That's great news about the money. More money is always a plus! I'm still trying to figure out how to make more then $3 a week online >.<

    Congrats on TTC, I can't wait to start planing for another, we were thinking we would try in March, but with the lack of money we will just have to see. Oh how i hate the waiting game lol.

    I'm not sure what to say about your wedding, but wow.. I am sending good thoughts your way for your next wedding.

  2. Sounds like you have everything worked out! Good for you guys! :) I admire you for not breaking into tears on your wedding day. I'll remember your story the next time I'm on the verge of crying.

  3. Latosha: Yeah, I so HATE the waiting part but, unless God wants to save me a few thousand dollars and I pop up pregnant, I have to wait!:(

    Jackie: Not crying was the hardest thing, \i ever did, everytime I felt like it, I reminded myself that, my make up cost way too much for it to be ruined too!!!

  4. Everything seems so much better once you have a plan in place. Good luck with the TTC, and with 2 years to plan I bet your next wedding will be a stunning event.

  5. Cant wait to hear all about the wedding details. And congrats & good luck with the TTC, how exciting!! I cant wait for this moment for me n javi. Take Care Stephanie.

  6. Lots of plans and future events to look forward to. Good luck with everything.