Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We have been married for a year, officially! (Lots of pictures)

Sunday was our first anniversary so, I decided that I would honor this day by creating a post all for our wedding and anniversary. Well, as you know from another post, our wedding was a disaster but, I was looking through pictures and got to thinking, maybe the decor was not right and things didn't go the way I planned but, we had fun and got married, which was the important thing, right? Well, here are some pictures from our wedding. As you will see, we had a very relaxed informal redneck after party!
The aisle was put all wrong, I came in from the front side.

Promising forever.

After ceremony.

I just love this picture. we had a very creative photographer.

The rings!

Us with my Jr. Maid of honor and daughter, Jeni

Us with the Jr. Bestman and son, Luis, and...
The shoes that I looked long and hard for!

A few details:

My bouquet, all hand made by me

The Family:
From top left: My brother and bestman, myself
Bottom left: My grandmother, my siter and maid of honor, my mom.

Myself and my sister and maid of honor

The wedding site.

The After Party
The first dance.

Just dancing

My sister all decked out redneck with my daughter, they were having fun!

Miguel with my sister. He loves to dance Duranguense.

Miguel pulling my sister around the dance floor, she does not know how to dance to any Mexican music!

The bouquet toss. I can't find the picture of the fight (literally) for the bouquet! 

Removing the garter

And it's off!

All in all, it was a good wedding, I can now say after regoing over the pictures and remembering the fun we had! There was lots of food, lots of Modelo, Lots of mixed drinks flowing and tons of laughter and dancing. 

Now for our anniversary:
My sister in law's birthday is November 18 and it was her 18th so, we had a party for her on Saturday and it ended so late that we just stayed at my mother in law's. Sunday, we got up and hung out for a while and then left. we decided to do a Trash/ Rock the dress shoot for our anniversary but, I refuse to pay another photographer outrageous amounts of money so, my sister inlaw will take the photos. We decided we will do them at the Macroplaza, Paseo Sta Lucia, and Parque Fundidora since they are all connected. Well, I have never been to Fundidora so, we went there just the 2 of us on Sunday. Afterwards, we went home and had a cookout just the 2 of us. We had planned on going out to a restaurant but, after a weekend full of people, we decided to stay home and enjoy being alone. We bought a cake but, after pigging out on ribs, potatoes, salad, and grilled zuchinni, we were too stuffed to eat cake. We saved it for yesterday and took it to my in law's to share with the family. 

We will be doing the other photos in 2 weeks so, I will post that after we do it. I can't wait to get to dress up again!


  1. You say the day wasn't the best, but it looks like it turned out wonderfully!

    Nice pictures!

  2. Love the photos and beautiful bouquet. Cant wait to see the next round of pictures.

  3. I love these pics! Your wedding looks beautiful! I too can't wait to see the next round. Thanks for sharing them with us. You guys make a beautiful pareja!

  4. Thank you Valarie, Lisa, and Tara. I look back on it and now think, it wasn't that bad after all. Maybe it didn't go as planned but, the day after all the bad was forgotten turned out very fun and good. After all, I married the most wonderful man in the world!!!