Thursday, April 5, 2012

Been MIA

Well, I haven't posted anything in a while. Nothing going on here latley except the same old thing. Dealing with my hypocritic, smartass, rude, hateful in laws (the list can go on and on). I know everybody gets tired of reading about me complaining about them. Hell, I get tired of dealing with them!!!

I just started woring almost 2 weeks ago and will get paid n3ext week so, hopefully by the end of April, we will be able to move. I am so tired of dealing with the BS. I am to the point that I am about to knock the shit out of one of theses bitches!!!

Miguel got pissed Sunday, I was working and was only scheduled for 4 hours. We have explained to them that, it has to be quiet around our room while I am giving classes. We never told them, they couldn't talk or anything just, when they were around our room, to talk quietly. How hard is that? well, Sunday, 2 of his sisters kept coming to the entrance of our door and yelling back to the livingroom as if they were doing this on purpose! All of this started right when I started working. Miguel is constantly telling them please don't yell or talk loud near our room, Stephanie is working. They just keep talking louder and louder!! It is like they are oout to make me lose my job!!

Well, Sunday, Miguel got pissed and told his sister that we were leaving here ASAP and he would never come back! I was shocked that yhe said that! He is a Mama's boy!! His sister got mad and said well, Miguel you do what you want but, remember you had a Mom before you had this bitch!!! I was like excuse me but, couldn't say anything, I had to start another class.

We have made the decision to really move this time, we are either moving to the border or moving to the rancho. Both have benefits so, I don't know which one yet but, the decision will be made within 2 weeks.

The Border means, US is close, Easy access to anything because, we will be in the city and anything we can't find in Mexico, the US is just a bridge cross away.

The Rancho means, easier life, calmer, cheaper to live, close to the beach!!

As for work, I work online so, that is no problem and Miguel can get a job either in a factory in Nuevo Laredo or in his uncles cattle ranch n the rancho so, that is not an issue.

So, I don't know. they both ghave disadvantages: Border, it's the border and always has danger around! The Rancho, it is 30 mintues froma city and has no police so, anything can happen and nobody to help. People have been kidnapped from there but, people have been kidnapped from evrywhere in Mexico. The only thing that worries me is, Miguels uncle has a very successful cattle ranch in town so, everybody thinks his whole family has money. Which is not true but, they think it! I am worried about that but, not too much. I will just do the same thing as I do here: kieep my eyes open to anything suspicious and not let the kids out of my sight.

If you were debating on the border or a rancho which would you choose?


  1. Both of those options would make me nervous (because of the safety concerns you mention). Have you explored the idea of moving to another area of Mexico where safety would be less of a concern?
    (I think of those two options I'd pick the rancho but I really don't have much experience with either situation.)

  2. So how do you like your new job? I saw the ad on TV last night and I thought of you! :) Do you get paid by PayPal? Did you have to fill out a W9?

  3. Anything sounds better than having to live with that family. I would have never lasted as long as you have. Hope the job is going well.