Monday, March 26, 2012

Update on my niece

I got my other sister in law with me and we went to talk to my sister in law about my niece. She got mad because, I told somebody but, I told her that this was not a playing matter and it doesn't matter what matters is her daughter. We talked to her for about 30 minutes and finally she relunctantly went with us to take her to the IMSS. The whole way she kept saying in front of her child that all she did was try to get attention and this was one of her stunts!!! We kept teling her to shut up but, wouldn't work.
At the IMSS, it took us a few mintues to find where to take her. We kept being sent to here and there. Finally and Dr checked her and sent us to another hospital without saying what he thought. We went to another hospital on the other side of the city and waited forever to get seen. The Dr wouldn't let anybody go back with her. He said that, if she had anything to say, she woud say it quicker without anybody in there. He checked her and talked to her and after an hour came out and caled her mom back. We told him we all were coming back. He didn't like it but, allowed us to. I think he realized, we weren't playing.

As soon as we got into his office, he began getting on to my sister in law for being a neglectful mom. He finally got to his findings, she has an extreme yeast infection and UTI. Which, has caused her to scratch herself horribly. He said that when she was itching she said she went in the bathroom and scratched until it hurt. He said this infection is so bad that, she has had to have it for a long time. His other findings were that she feels alone, her mom doesn't pay attention to her. She told him that all she does is talk on the phone with her boyfriend and play with her son. The boyfriend thing is what bothers her the most, her mom and dad are married and my SIL has a boyfriend on the side and sees him in front of her children so, this baby feels pulled between helping her mom keep this from her dad and helping her dad by telling him. She has so much turmoil going on inside of her that she can't stand it and he thinks that helped make the infections worse.

He told SIL that he should call Proteccion Civil but, would give her the chance to fix this. She was being neglectful because this child has had these infections for too long and she never took her to the doctor and by all of the stuff my niece told the doctor. He referred her to a child therapist and family therapy. He said, he will monitor this and if she does not go to the therapy sessions, he will report her to Proteccion Civil.

We are thanking God that it was nothing more!!! But, we are al pissed at SIL because, how in the hell could she not realize this child had these infections? She is one of the worst moms I know, I have always tod MIguel that, one day somebody was going to take those babies. When we first got here, her 3 year old son got lost for at least 5 hours. She was not sure how long, she was supposively cleaning but, my niece said, no she was with her boyfriend in the bedroom. The other time I know about, her 2 year old baby almost got run over in the middle of the road. She was here at my MIL's house alone and talking on the phone to her boyfriend and was not watching her baby. The car came 6 inches from hitting her!!!

I hope and pray this baby gets the therapy she needs and like the doctor said with this infection as bad as it is, there is a possibilty she won't be able to get pregnant when she is older. When she gets better and a little older, they will do some tests on her to see if she was scarred in her uterus from this.

I will be on top of this until I go to the States. I told my niece to call me if she needs anyhting and she is at home and when here she can hang out with us when she wants to. We all knew she need affection and try to give it to her but, she needs it from her mom, that is why what she gets from all of us and her dad's family is not enough.

Please keep her in your prayers.


  1. Stephanie, thanks for the update and most importantly, for looking out for your niece. I'm so relieved you were able to take her to IMSS and that's good news that she wasn't likely to have been abused. Of course it's terrible that her mother is neglectful, though it sounds promising that the doctor will be keeping a close eye on her. You and your sister-in-law can also continue to play an important role in your niece's life by stepping up when her own mother won't. It's unfortunate that you would need to, but I know that won't stop you from doing what's right. Good work.

    Not sure why my name didn't publish in the comment I left you before, I didn't want to be an anonymous poster. Sorry!


  2. Oh, my goodness! Your poor seven years old she's having to deal with this. I'm so, so sorry. Thankfully you stepped in.

  3. horrendous! Good thing you are there to lend support to your niece.

  4. I am relieved that it's only an infection, but I'm also horrified that your SIL is such a terrible mother. I'm really glad that your niece has you to look out for her - I'm sure that you are making a huge positive impact in her life. You didn't say what the doctor said about physical treatment, but I hope that he had a conversation with someone about hygiene, including handling laundry and having your niece wear cotton underwear that breathes, so that the infections don't return. Thank you so much for sticking your neck out for her.

  5. Thank you everybody for your concern. I forgot to put in the blog what the doctor said about care, he gave her some medicine and creams to take and also, gave SIL a good talking about hygiene. SIL said my niece knows how to bathe herself. She has been bathing on her own since she was 3 yearsold!!
    The doctor and myself later told her a 3 year old cannot bathe theirselves correctly and will never learn if she is not shown so, she has to start all over with her and her other kids. They need training on hygiene.
    My niece came over today and I was talking to her. She told me that, her mom gave her a bath last night and told her she has to clean all of those parts very well but, carefully.
    I am not sure if this will make her open her eyes but, I hope this makes her start paying attention to her daughter but, i doubt it. She just left angry because, we all told her to get off the phone with her boyfriend and to pay attention to her kids. Plus, she arrived with the boyfriend and left with him. So, that hasn't changed, yet. I know it won't happen over night but, I hope it happens. All I can do is support these kids and pray she changes before it is too late and the kids search for love and attention in the wrong place!

  6. So glad that you girls were able to get her and your neice to go to the doctor. Poor thing, she is very lucky to have you there looking out for her. I will be keeping her in my prayers and hope that her mother starts paying more attention to her kids.

  7. Stephanie,
    Just read the last 2 posts and all I can say is Thank God this little girl has you looking out for her! I hope SIL changes too. Thankfully she has a good role model in you.