Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Lisa's Late Monthly Questions!! LOL

I have missed Lisa's questions. So without further adue....

1. So because we have recently gotten engaged I was wondering how all your hubby's popped the big question?

Miguel is cheesy. He took me to the jewelry store on Valentine's Day and told me to pick out a ring, but said it was not fan engagement ring. So, I picked out a red ruby heart in a silver setting. He then told me I couldn't wear it until later. He went to work and left it on the nightstand. That night, after we were laying in bed, he hugged me and stuttered in my ear will you marry me and held the ring up in front of me. I busted out laughing and said of course. I did get a real engagement ring later, but I still wear both the first one and the diamond one.

2. What Jewelery do you wear daily?

I wear my wedding band, engagement ring, and original engagement ring.

3. Have you ever been told you talk in your sleep?

I have never been told that, but Miguel does when he has drunk more than 2 beers or is very tired.

4. What are 3 websites you visit daily?

Facebook, Fertility Friend, When to Work, Blogger, Email is Outlook

5. Are you allergic to anything?
I am allergic to cats, rabbits, pollen, trees, grass, dust, certain strong perfumes make my nose burn, smog (good living in Mty, right) hypocrites LOL

6. Have you ever had the chicken pox?

I only had 1 bump on my cheek when I was 5. i am scared I will catch them again.

7. Last book you read?

I hate too admit it, but I haven't read any books since right before we moved to Mexico. I think, I read something by Nora Roberts.

8.  4 of your Favorite Alcoholic drinks.

Margaritas, Sex on The Beach, Kahlua, Orange juice and peach schnapps ( I don't know what it is called. I hate beer and wine coolers give me one hell of a hang over, but they are good.

9. What color is your bedroom wall painted?

The ugliest color of pink I could ever imagine. It is like a Pepto pink and very dirty. I refuse to paint it because that would be more money I invest in a house where I am not wanted and I have invested too much here to begin with.

10.Finish the sentence...

I'm hungry for...... A REAL American meal
I'm wearing......jean shorts and a tank top
I'm sad when.....I think of how Miguel's family is to all of us including him
I feel like.... I am going to explode with excitement!! We are finally leaving this hell hole!! Monday!!! I can't wait!!!


  1. LOL The orange juice with the peach schnapps is called a Fuzzy Naval... They are great, except that the orange juice gives me heartburn :-) Glad to see that things are working out for you! Best of luck on the move!

  2. Yeaa!! So glad you guys get to start on this new chapter in your lives. Aww I like your engagement story, how cute.

    How funny your hubby talks in his sleep after a few beers. Javi does the exact same thing, some time I play with him and tell him that he better watch out how much he drinks because somthing might slip out that he did not want me to know lol.

  3. Congrats on your move and the start of a new chapter! The story about how your hubby popped the question is cute. Romantic :-)

    I answered this questions too.