Thursday, June 21, 2012

We are in Tampico!!!

We left on Monday at 7:00AM. After about 7 hours of hearing, I have to go to the bathroom and are we there yet, we finally arrived!

Miguel's cousin rode with us. Which turned out to be a good thing, there were no ATMs the whole way and the Debit machines did not work at any store we went into. We had forgotten to get money before leaving.

We went to Miguel's aunts house to drop off his cousin and got caught up in the chismes and ate lunch. We all ended up at the beach and had tons of fun with his aunts and cousins. They are no where like his mom and sisters. They are all really nice. They told tons of lies that have been told about me by my mother in law and sister in law. We rented a hotel near their house that night and I was pleasantly surprised to see a REAL bathtub!! Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy it. It was midnight when we got to te hotel and we got up early to go to the rancho where his aunt lives which is 2 hours away. So, all I got to do was take a shower. I was so mad!

We got to pick up his aunts and cousins and off we went to the rancho. The adults rode in the back of the truck and my kids and his cousin's daughter rode in the back seat buckled up. His family does not understand my seatbelt rule especially for kids, but I enforce it! I refuse to move my truck if all kids are not buckled up and all babies buckled in carseats. So, no babies ride in my truck in Mexico. We had to buy a booster seat for our niece. She is 2 1/2 and goes everywhere with us and didn't have a carseat so, she cried everytime we left the house.

We got to the rancho and hung out for a little while. It started to rain so, we had to stay longer than we wanted to. We ended up leaving at 3PM and we had wanted to leave at 12noon. My kids got there foiirst taste of going to the bathroom in a rancho! That was too funny. You should have seen my Jeni's face when I told her where the bathroom was!!! She was like, that is the bathroom? What?!!??!! Miguel's aunt only has an outhouse with a wooden toilet closed in by tarps. Jeni came out and was about to cry. She asked if Miguel's grandmother's house is like that. I told her not to worry, the bathroom is outside, but it has a real toilet and doesn't stink. It was just too funny!!

We got to the rancho where Miguel is from at 5PM that evening. We had planned on going to Panuco to check on the internet, but it was too late. We went to his grandmother's and did a so so cleaning and fixed dinner. I fixed American hamburgers for everybody. We were scared to go to bed, I was scared of scorpions and snakes coming out. I had everybody scared, my kids, Miguel's cousin's little girl who is only 4.

We went to Telmex the next morning to get bad news. The rancho does not have infinutm, just dial up. That is too slow for my job. We have decided to get a wireless card from telcel and I will work in the daytime and evenings and stay in the rancho for a few weeks while we save money to rent a house in Tampico or Panuco. I am hoping it will be Tampico. The temperature is awesome. I have returned to my old self this past week. I am no longer an angry person. My kids told em today that I am like I was in the US and that they missed me being like this. I told them this is the forever me. I will not return to being an angry bitter person I was turning into. I felt so bad. We are going to the beach tomorrow again and on Saturday to the rancho to clean the house. We have to go to Monterrey to get the rest of our stuff, but that will only be for a few days. I can deal with that.

I forgot my camera in the truck. I will post some pictures tomorrow. My camera quit so, we have to buy another one.

Have a good night everybody!!


  1. So glad you you are happy out on your own! Isn't it a great feeling? And I found I can deal with occasional in-law visits much better since it is only short-lived. Enjoy your freedom!

  2. What wonderful news! I'm so happy for you and your family! :) Don't worry, everything is going to work out with the Internet situation.

  3. By the way, I FINALLY got my Hotmail account back! I was pretty nervous, because the first time I applied, they told me no. What a relief!

  4. So glad you all made it safe and sound. Love LOVE that you are spreading the American food love, rock on sista!

  5. congrats on getting there!! All the best in your new journey! :)

  6. Yea!!! So happy for you guys. This is what you and your family needed, a fresh start. Wishing you all the best adn cant wait to hear about your new home.

  7. Congrats on the move! Glad you are away from his stressful family.