Monday, October 22, 2012

Dengue is Evil

I haven't been on here for a while. I have been very sick and it took forever to recover. As the title says, I had Dengue and it is evil.

I felt horrible and had high fevers. The worse part of Dengue is the body pains when the fevers drop. My body hurt so bad. I was sick for about 10 days and then took about 2 weeks to recuperate.

I am almost 100%. I assume that since it is a virus, that I won't get it again. Then again, there are 3 different types of Dengue so I will pray not. My husband 's cousin had the hemmorrhagic kind where you bleed from everywhere including your eyes. She bled from her nose, gums, and eyes. It was scary. I was lucky becasue I only had the weakest form of Dengue. Next year, I will buy Deep Woods repellent from the States for mosquito season. Dengue is scary stuff and not to be played with. Thank God my kids weren't here during Dengue season.

On a good thought, we will be married for 2 years in a month!! Miguel is panning something. I don't know what so we will see. I will go get the kids right after our anniversary and will go Christmas shopping then. I so can't wait. We have decided that we will have an American Christmas and have the gift opening in the morning like in the States. We will do stockings, tons of gifts, the works. I can't wait, I didn't enjoy Christmas last year. I decided that if that is the Mexican way to celebrate Christmas, we will celebrate it the American way, but with the prayers too.


  1. That sounds horrible, I can't even imagine how scary! Is time the only cure for it or what? When is dengue season so I can send my kids away during that time too???

    I hope you are completely recovered super fast!

    1. Here in Veracruz, it is August through October. Even though they say cases still pop up through out the year, but not as bad.

      The best way to keep them away from your house is to not have open containers of water, trash, or brush around. Also, make sure to have repellent that has Deet in it, contrary to what we are told in the States. These mosquitos could care less about Off, I caught it using Off spray. The water part is difficult living in a rancho with an 85 year old woman who is stuck in her ways.

  2. My daughter and I both had it 2 years ago. It was unreal how sick we were. My daughter slept almost 20 hours a day for over a week. She was in very bad shape. I was not as bad but the body aches and headaches were unreal. It took my daughter weeks to recover fully. Now we live in a cold climate area so they are not that bad. Dengue is something that needs to be taken very very very seriously. I really thought at one point that we may loose her. Take care and be careful!

  3. I've been living in Mexico for 4 years and we've never had a problem. Yeah we've gotten bug bites but nothing that bad. We use Raid (the kind for cockroaches)and it kills everything in its path. Also get the Raid plug-ins for each room of the house, it'll keep out any unwanted bloodsuckers. You can also go to your local IMSS clinic and they have pamphlets about preventing dengue.

  4. Glad you are better! That sounds very scary. Happy Anniversary!