Saturday, March 16, 2013

My Dull Life...

      Well, I was trying to figure out what to post. Our life is so dull right now thank God!

      The only cool thing going on is we are in the process of planning a business. Our goal is to open an apparel store for women, men, and kids. We have started searching locations and checking prices.

      On the school front, I am waiting on my final grade for my Ethics class. I have a feeling that I did not do too well, but we shall see.

       As for TTC, I finished my Menopur and Clomid a week ago. I trigger tomorrow night and start progesterone on Monday. I go in for betas on April 4th. I feel a little more optimistic about this cycle,  but not as much as the beginning of this journey.

     Homeschool, is good. The kids are doing pretty good right now.

     So, as you see my life is very dull, but I couldn't love it more!!


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