Sunday, March 17, 2013

Missing Child!! Please be on the Lookout!

My friend's daughter ran away yesterday. She is only 17. She left a note for her boyfriend saying that she was leaving and not coming back because she didn't want to cause him and her mom to suffer. We are very worried about her. Please be on the lookout for her. If you see her call 911 or/ and send me a message on here. She lives in Georgia, but could be anywhere. She is not with any friends or her boyfriend. He has been with her mom since yesterday looking for her. The police will not do anything. They say that she will come home when she is ready. We don't believe that. We are all very worried about her. Please help us find her!


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry you are all going through this, what a horrible thing. I hope she is ok. What is her first name if anyone happens to see someone that looks like her?

    Hoping they hear news quickly. Tell them to be persistent with the authorities, the more time that passes the more

    Big hugs for everyone.

  2. *the mroe serious the authorities will take it hopefully

    Is what the incomplete senteence should read, sorry. I hate this app reader. :(

  3. I forgot to post her name. Her name is Cheyenne Corona. Her DOb is December 24, 1995.