Monday, June 10, 2013

My Brother's Angels..

A picture was taken at the scene of my brother's accident. In the picture, you can see 2 figures that look like angels. I believe 100% that they were his guardian angels coming to take him home to God. He has been gone for a month and this does not get any easier. I cry every time I think of my lil . I just wish I could have seen him 1 last time. RIP Lil Russ. We love you and miss you boy.

This is a zoomed in picture of the accident scene. Beside the police truck is one of the angels and over towards the woods behind the paramedics and police is the other angel.

The last picture I took of my brother. We were picking on him that day because he was mad. He was mad because we woke him up and if you see on the picture, it was 11AM!! 

RIP Lil Russ. We love you.

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