Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Wow! It has been forever since I posted! Plans for Christmas and first 3 months of 2012 enclosed...

Thanksgiving was depressing, I had to wórk and couldn't afford a turkey, they were about 400 pesos each so, no turkey for me this year! :( I am missing my family as this is my very first year not spening Thanksgiving or Christmas with my family.
I hope to be able to spend atleast Thanksgiving next year with my family.

As for Christmas, I have yet to get a tree. The last time I went to GA, I could have and should have brought my tree and decorations back with me but, it was July and Christmas was not on my mind so, I forgot it. Now, I regret it! I am broke, being an English teacher in December is not good. I am only working about 15 hours a week and have to buy gifts for the kids, tree, decorations, plus go in with Miguel's family for Christmas and New Years Dinner. I am thinking about getting a small tree for the kids to decorate since we will be at my mother in laws from the 24th early until the 26th so, all gifts will be there. But, I don't want the kids to miss out on our tree decorating tradition.

Each year, we make a special dinner and dessert and have hot chocolate while decorating the tree and I will not let this year be different, they look forward to this each year. we would have normally done this last weekend but, it has to wait until this weekend.

My in laws will be laying the Baby Jesus on Christmas, this will be the first time see this so, I am interested in learning about this a little beforehand. They tried to explain it but, just confused theirselves! Odd! After the Baby Jesus, we will put the kids to bed and then they will wake them up at 3AM (I don't know how that will work with my 2, they LOVE their sleep and don't wake up early even on Christmas morning!) to open gifts. After that, they will go back to bed and the next day, they can play with all gifts.

On the good side, we bought the kids gifts well, what we will be getting them this year, about half of what we normally get.

We bought the twisting skateboard, Manchester soccer ball, and mini skateboard set for our son, mi diario secreto (My Secret Diary), Twister, and a small Furreal pet for our daughter. I do plan on having stockings with all the stuffings like, small toys, acsessories, candy, and other stuff that fits. We plan on buying something for my mother in law and fatehr in law but, I am not sure. We will be getting the kids a new outfit for Christmas this weekend and that will be it for Christmas.

For New Year's, we will be roasting a pig and partying the night away, I can't wait for that!!! It has been so long since I have partied for real and I used to go out for Ne Year's but, for the past 2 years, we haven't. Miguel's sisters are party animals so, we will be having good food, drinks, and dancing!!! FUN!!!

In January, we have a thousand birthdays, well, not a thousand but, alot! For one, my daughter will be turning 10, double digits! And since she will be 10 and will be having her quince in 5 years, this will be her last real party until the quince. We are planning, a clown show, inflatable or trampoline, pinatas, great food, and cake. After this party, she will have a special dinner and cake for each bisthday until the quince.
The day after her birthday, our niece turns 2 and 2 days later, our other niece turns 2 and it is my mother in law's birthday , also. Then, 1 week later, Miguel will turn 25, finally!!! So, we have a very busy January.

I will be having my tubal reversal the first week of February. So, we will start trying to get pregnant in May!! Yayyyyy!! It is about time, we have been planning this for 3 years!

We will begin construction at my mother in law's the beginning of February. Our plan is to build our room and bathroom, first. So, we can move out of this money guzzler (rented house) by the end of February so, only 2 more rent payments!!! Yayyyyy!!! And after that we have a construction schedule to finish the house by the end of the year. We will be doing a total remodel downstairs and adding on 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms upstairs.

At the beginning of March, I will be going to the US to take the kids for a few months. They want to spend a few months out of each year with my family there and since, they are homeschooling, they can do it. I plan on going to get them at the latest August. They want to stay until Thanksgiving of next year and my family wanted until January 2013! but, I don't think so, that is way too long. I decided to compromise with them and my family and decided August is the latest. If I get pregnant quickly, I will go get them when I am 3 months, before I am too pregnant and after the first critical 12 weeks.

On a sad note, I am from Canton, Georgia so, I still get news from there on my homepage. Well, Friday, a 7 year old little girl was taken from an apartment complex in Canton. After the police and volunteers had been searching for her all weekend, they found her body in a trash can in the complex. She had been sexually assaulted and beaten to death. I feel that the police could have done more and if, as they say, they were there since Friday when she was taken, why did they not see who put here body in this trash can? They are investigating this and had offered a $5000 (as of last night) reward to information leading to the capture of the sick bastard who did this. I feel that the reward should be better, I know first hand that Canton Police have a long record of discrimination against the Hispanic population (the child was Hispanic) and feel that more could have been done and that a better reward should be offered this was a 7 year old little girl, she did not deserve to die like that and I think that everyone in the community should get ivolved to find this animal even if it means donating money to the reward fund.
May this little girl rest in peace.
Here is the link to the news story: News story


  1. Poor little thing. I hope that they find the guy who did this.

    It sounds like you guys have a big year ahead of you. Wishing you a happy holiday season.

  2. Just out of curiosity, where are you having your tubal reversal done? I am going to do the same thing, and haven't decided where to go! Good luck and sending baby dust your way!!!

  3. I am having the Tubal reversal done here in Monterrey in the Ginequito, hospital that specializes in gynecology, obstetrics, and infertility. I don't hjave on me the name of my doctor but, I will get that for you if you are interested just send me an email.