Thursday, May 10, 2012

25 days and counting!!

We are moving to the rancho in 25 days!! I cannot wait!! We have so much to do before we move!

Our pre-move To do list:

1. Organize all of our stuff. Get rid of things we no longer need or use.
2. Finish my dentists appointments (will explain below)
3. Find a good fertility specialist in Tampico
4. Call to turn on phone/internet servide
5. Rent hotel for few days until house is ready to move into and phone/internet is turned on

We did investigate moving to Merida or Cozumel. I told Miguel, if we have to live in Mexico, we might as well live in paradise! The houses are absolutely beautiful and the prices are good but, the actual move is more than we could afford to pay right now.

So, off to the rancho we go!!

I went to the dentist on Tuesday to get a wisdom tooth pulled and was told that I have 4 major cavities, need a rootcanal on another, and have periodontal disease! I floss and brush 2-3 times a day! I was horrified! I have never had this many problems with my teeth in the past.

So, I have to have 4 fillings, a root canal after which she recommends a crown, and 5 treatments to end the periodontal disease. The good news, I only have 2 wisdom teeth and the other might ned to be pulled eventually but, for now it is fine.

On the baby front, nothing, yet. I will be looking for a good fertilty specialist in Tampico if nothing happens this month. I have had it with the Clomid. Miguel and the kids call it the psycho pill! I get very irritated for no reason and am very quick to yell at anybody!

There have been a few moments that I have went off on the inlaws. The pills make it harder to keep my mouth shut! Theserve it so, I feel no remorse!

My job is going great! I have been off since Monday and will start back tonight. I can't wait, I miss working already. The only thing I don't miss is hyaving to deal with all of the extra noise the in laws make when they know I am working. It is as if they want me to lose my job. They are quiet untilo I am working and then, they make tons of noise.

Miguel has had it with his family, they have made it realy know to him that thye prefer their daughters to him. His mom has straight out told him that her daughters are priority and we just need to go somewhere else, to the rancho or to the border, while we wait on his Visa. The gas comapny cme out the other day and when they arrived she called her daughter to come and Miguel over heard her say that she wanted her here for that because she didn't trust Miguel. After they came, noticed Miguel really quiet and upset but, I was working so, i couldn't talk to him until the nexty. I asked him what was wrong and he told me this. I was stunned! I didn't know what to say, I have never had to deal with my family being like this. This was just 1 in a million things they do daily.

I feel so bad for him, he loved his poarents so much and does. They are losing him with all of their BS. I keep trying to tell him we can rent a house around here so, he can visit them more. He said that he has no der visit them for a very long time if ever.

I hope he decides to visit his family becasue, he will regret that in the end. I do know it will take him some time to get over how they have treated all of us since we have been here. They have even started telling my kids that we are the bad ones andthey don't need to trust what we say. This was it! I decided after this that I was out of here very soon! We have to stay a little longer to get everything in order, it is a major move that will require time and money.

As of June 4th, we will no longer have to deal with the BS!!


  1. Wow, exciting news! And oouch on the dentist front, but at least you can get it taken care of.

    Merida and Cozumel sound heavenly, maybe one day you all will move there! I think its great you are being the bigger person in regards to his family. Thats the best route, for sure. Not always the easiest, but in the long run you will be happy you did take the high road.

    Here is to hoping the 24 days left go quickly :)

  2. Im so happy for you guys. You need a good change and I cant wait to hear how everything is going.