Thursday, May 17, 2012

Good News at the Doc's!!

Well, be what it is, Clomid does work! My doctor confirmed I ovulated on Monday and I released 2 eggs!!! So, it does work! Now let's see if we catch these little suckers!! The bad news, I didn't think I would suffer another of the side effects, the weight gain, but yes, I am. I have gained 2 kilos in 2 months!! My pants fit me the same, maybe a little tighter, but not enough to notice except in the waist when I am ovulating, but that is from ovulation swelling. She did say that I could be heavier due to my swollen ovary. I choose to believe her!! LOL We have to weight until June 1st to see if this months suffering through |Clomid side effects was worth it or not!!

We have been worried about my daughter here lately. When we moved in here last year, she weighed 85 pounds and was really chunky. She lost weight and looked really good. But, from January until now, she has lost more weight, her pants that we bought her in January and December fall of her. The other day she said that she was fat! We all got on to her for that. I told her she is too skinny and no where near fat. Everybody else, started telling her the same thing and last night she told me that she doesn't think everybody is wrong so, she doesn't want to lose anymore weight. I still took her to the doctor's office this morning. The pediatrician measured her and weighed her. She is 5'2" and weighs 88 pounds. SO, she has gained weight instead of losing, but she has grown 7 inches since we moved here. She is in the 75th percentile on weight and above all of the lines on height. She is actually at the top percentile on the height of a 13 year old and she is only 10!! Her BMI was 18.2 which is also, at the 75th percentile, so we feel more confident about her weight. The doctor wants to see her in a month just to make sure she isn't losing weight and he also, ordered and CBC blood test to check her iron, platelets, etc.


  1. Bravo for eggs!! Now turn em into a baby ! (easier said than done)

    Im gladyou are keeping an eye on your girlie. As someone who suffered from issues similarly (at an older age) , self image issues start young and are tough to fix lateron. Lots of love her way!

  2. Sending good thoughts and prayers your way. Hope your daughter sees how beautiful she really is and stays healthy, I have been around someone with eating disorders and it is so hard to understand how in their mind they see something different.