Monday, April 25, 2011

Checking in with Pics...

Semana Santa was great after I got better, my neck and shoulders hurt until Thursday evening so, we started our fun on Friday. We went to the Macroplaza and Paseo Santa Lucia in downtown Monterrey, as soon as we arrived and walked about a block, Jeni got blisters on her feet from wearing new shoes after I told her to wear ones she knew wouldn't hurt but, you know how kids never listen anyway. We got on the Paseo Santa Lucia, which is a boat ride through 2 parks and lasts about 30 minutes with a line of about an hour. Got some bandaids from the paramedics and walked around to look at the Jesus paintings that were being done on the pavement and went to eat at Subway and went home tired o0f Jeni whining about her blisters. Fun right? 
Here are a few pics:

I can't figure out how to turn the pics. LOL

Yesterday, we decided to do Easter the way Miguel's family do, we did not have the egg hunt but, went to the Parque Guadalupeke and had a kids day!!!! They rode rides, we slid down these huge slides, played and ate ice cream and ended the day the Mexican way; played Loteria!!!

The kids and I are going to get my furniture from the US next week, I am kind of nervous about traveling on the highway here in Mexico to get to Texas but, as long as everything is calm this week and weekend we will leave Sunday afternoon. Miguel will go with us to Nuevo Laredo and then he will return to Monterrey on the bus. I wish he could just go on across the border with me but, oh well, that's life. We will be in Georgia for a few days and will get back here on Saturday afternoon. All goes well, I will have all of my furniture here with me!!
How is everyone surviving this heat? It is driving me crazy!!!!


  1. Are you taking toll roads to get back into the states? If you are they are not too bad. We drove from Tj to Jalisco on the toll roads and they were much nicer than I thought. Also crossing the border with all my things was really not that bad but there where some check points we had to stop at after you get past a certain point, and most of the time you have to pay taxes on things you bring in to mexico. And the heat is driving me crazy too. Good Luck!

  2. I hope all goes well on your trip back to Georgia! Enjoyed seeing the pics your took!

  3. We are taking the Toll road to the border but, they say that they are not as secure as everyone thinks. So far this week it has been calm, though.