Monday, April 11, 2011

Ohhh, In-laws!!!!

Hubby calls Mom from the USA, you talk to her, you like her immediately...
You get along great with her and she seems to never interfere except to agree with you, all is great

You move to Mexico, and live with them for 2 weeks and….

The real Mother-in-law comes out, she starts to try to keep your husband living right beside her if not in the same house as her, and she gets involved in everything, even private conversations between you and him.

This is my mother-in-law and 2 of my sister-in-laws, one is married with 2 kids and the other is 17!!!!!

I love her but, she has to understand that her baby is now a grown married man and he has lived the past 5 years without her assistance.

I will not fix his plate of food before my kids have been served, I will not only fix foods that he likes and ignore what my kids and I like, I will not tolerate someone judging American food I cook just because they have never seen it or tasted it. I refuse to scrub his socks and underwear by hand as she wants me to; I have always washed them in a washing machine and will continue to do so! I will not allow his Mom to make decisions for our family, she and her husband made the decisions for their family now we will make them for ours. Last but, not least, I will not be his servant and spoil him like she did!!

By God, if I have to convince him to move to the other side of Mexico to avoid all of the interfering, I will!


Ok, now I feel better, I needed to vent!!!!

Ok, on to better things,

We are renting a house, MIL did win on this, it is next door but, atleast we will be in our own space and it will be only temporary until I find a job. The house is small, one large bedroom (we will divide into 2), livingroom/diningroom combination, kitchen and Bathroom. The rent is only $1100 pesos a month!
I wonder why houses here do not have cabinets built in and you have to buy them if you want kitchen cabinets.

I have sent my resume to 3 English schools and I am looking for more schools or any other place that pays atleast around the US’s minimum wage.


I need advice on enrolling my kids in school here, I enrolled them in home school in the US before we came but, they want to go to school here with the other kids and they will learn to speak Spanish better.
I am scared to enroll them because we live in Guadalupe and all of the Cartels have been fighting a lot near us. 
Last week we had one of the Bloqueos at the entrance to the Colonia. What does everybody think? Should I enroll them or not?


  1. I feel for you, we live with my inlaws. It ain't always easy but we manage.

  2. Hey! Are you from Georgia? I am from Stockbridge, GA but have been here forever :) or around 12 years!
    I totally get the MIL stuff. It is not easy. My MIL lives right beside us. But she is really so kind. It has still taken us a lot of years to "get along". Mexican moms will baby their sons for life. I have learned if my MIL wants to make something nutritivo for my husband (meaning her daughter in law hasnt done that) I let her. I quit worrying about it. She can feed him her crazy juice concoctions. I know she's just doing it out of love. But I get a little snippy when she passes out advice for me in dealing with my children. " Aw no you dint" She has learned just to leave it alone when it comes to them :) It is a WONDERFUL idea for you to live far enough away to have your own space.

    I hope you find a job soon. It must be pretty tough living in Guadalupe. I hope it gets easier.

  3. Rebecca- Yeah so far I just bite my tongue and say everything in my mind! LOL

    Karen- I am from Canton, GA.
    We will be living right beside her but, thank God, there is a high wall with a door that locks and inside the house you "can't hear anyone at the door" so when I am not in the mood for her stuff, I just won{t open the door. She is not really bad, as you say, she does it out of love for her only son of 6 kids but, urrrr! it drives me crazy. Yesterday my daughter was sick and she tried to tell me what to give her, I just ignored her and she got mad but, oh well, my child is 9 so, obviously I have been doing something right.
    Guadalupe, is one of the worst cities in the Monterrey area to live right now with all of the cartel fights.

  4. Well have have to say that reading this makes me cry. I live in Alabama and they are trying to pass a law the same as Arizona. I love my husband so much and I have went to visit his family alot. The longest visit was for 3 months and I was sooo glad to get home. His mother is just like your MIL. We have 5 kids and I an so scared that we will have to move to Mexico one day too. At least he is from Toluca. It is close to Mexico City. I feel safe there but how in the world can we manage to support our family there. It's hard enough here. And my husband doesnt even have an ID from Mx and he didn't finish school either. He said it would be hard for him to get a job. I hope that we can stay here andnit have to move but whatever happens we will just get through it. Good luck and stay safe.

  5. Stephanie,
    I just discovered all of us gringas blogging about our lives with our mexican hubbys. I had no idea there were so many gringas married to Latinos and no idea so many were living in Mexico.

    I'm new to blogging, but I follow "Motherhood in Mexico" which is really good. I've seen in some blogs where she has given advice about enrolling kids in school etc.... You should check it out!

    I consider myself kind of lucky because my hubby's familia is in Mexico and we hardly ever have any interference from mi suegra, although i would like to get to know all of his family better. It can be a catch 22!

    Keep blogging! Enjoying them so much!