Saturday, April 30, 2011

Leaving in just 3 days!!!

We will be leaving for the US on Tuesday around 12 o'clock if all goes well. Tomorrow, Miguel and I are going to sis in law's house to do the maintanence on the truck and trailer, hopefully, we won't spend too much money!! Monday, I am going to Transito (Transit office) to get the tag. Tuesday travel day!!!! Yay!!!!!!!!!

I hope to be in Georgia by Wednesday night around midnight. We will drive Tuesday until midnight or later if the kids aren't to whiney, get a hotel and leave out again Wednesday morning at 5AM.

I am kind of worried about traveling to Laredo from here because of all of the Balaceras (Shoot outs) on the major highways. Miguel and his nephew will be riding with us to the border and then they will return to Monterrey by bus which, worries me most but, I am scared to go by myself!! I may be a chicken but, hey around here with all the cops trying to take money from everyone, I need all the back up I can get!!!

On to other things, here it is Saturday and I'm bored. It seems as if there is nothing to do in Monterrey but, there is plenty, you just can't go out too much after dark due to all of the Narco's assaulting people here. So, here I am wanting to go out dancing but, can't. All there is to do is to watch the guys play Dominos or listen to the women complain about there husbands. Neither one seems like fun so, I will sit here online until 9:30 and then I will go home and watch ¨The Exorcism of Emily Rose¨, I have been wanting to watch it for a while but, I lost the movie.

I have a break from the kids for tonight, atleast after everyone goes home, they are going to spend the night with their aunt!!!! Yayyyyyy!!!!!!!

I will try to post again before I go but, if not I will post when I get to Georgia. Take care and enjoy your weekend!!!

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