Friday, April 15, 2011

Rest in Peace Jose Daniel

Almost 2 weeks ago my husband and I were out walking the puppy and we met this guy who showed us his puppy he had for sell, we never got his name but, he seemed a really good guy. 
Five hours later we were awakened by loud noises outside we thought it was the gun fights of the Cartels so we looked out the window but, never went out. Outside our bedroom window lay a man bleeding to death, we thought the cartels had shot him so we didn't go outside first our kids second others. I felt helpless, watching him die and nobody did anything. The ambulance arrived an hour later and declared him dead. 
The next day we found out his name was Jose Daniel who was 26 years old and he was on his way home from walking his 4 month pregnant wife to the bus to go to work. He will never meet his child, he did not deserve that.
He was at the wrong place at the wrong time a gang of about 20-30 people were chasing the gang from this area and mistakened him for one of them and beat him to death with full 40 oz glass bottles of beer, he choked in his own blood.
He was the man we met that day.
Today they took up all of the saints and candles that were placed where he died and in its place the put a cross.
Please take a minute to remember and honor all of those who have died as an innocent bystander of gang activity and organized crime. Anyone who is involved in these crimes please think about this man, who lost his life and the chance of a future, his family who lost someone they loved dearly, and his unborn child who will never know him.
Rest in Peace Jose Daniel...


  1. That is so sad. I am thankful to live in an area where i have never experienced such a thing.

  2. I want to move, I told my husband that it is just as bad here as it is at the border and atleast at the border I could work in the US and earn an American salary. So we are thinking about that.

  3. Wow, what a sad story. What part of Mexico do you live in? My husband is from Coahuila, so i was just curious.

  4. I can only imagine how horrible you must have felt.

  5. Hi Stephanie!

    I just found your blog. Wow, I knew things were bad in Monterrey, but I NEVER thought they were THAT bad. Hang in there. (Or move by me in Saltillo--it's an hour west of Mty. It's waaaaay safer, and looking at the ads in the newspapers it seems lots of places are hiring (but I don't know what that means for those actually looking for work. My husband's factory is always hiring (but there is a reason for that, so I don't necessarily recommend it)).
    Still, I can't imagine that living on the border would be any less safe than Guadalupe. And that US salary would be a huge bonus.
    Saltillo certainly is safer though . . . come here! Come here! ;)

    Best of luck to you, though! What a month you've had!