Sunday, August 28, 2011

Good morning...

I have had a very busy week, we moved last weekend into our new house! So, this past week has included, my very busy work schedule plus, unpacking the house.

I was worried about not having a babysitter but, I have this wonderfully, awesome husband who, stayed home this past week and will be at home this week taking care of the house and kids! He is starting his own painting business and his job is too far so, it was not feasible for him to pay multiple bus fares to and from work, in the end after paynig a sitter and bus fares, almost 70% of his check would have been gone. There is a factory in front of our neighborhood which he might apply, just until he starts getting paint jobs. He's a man and he's Mexican, the stay at home Dad doesn't appease to his personality but, for the meantime, it is working good. This has prove dto me that he is a real man who doesn't let the "machissmo" and family comments get him down. Thank God!

I have been trying to register the kids in school all week but, the morning school wouldn't accept them and I could never find the Director at the afternoon school. On Friday, I finally caught the "Head teacher", she said, they can start Monday but, I will have to pay the cuota of $350, placement testing fees of $240, plus buy special uniforms from the school. This schools uniform has the schools name sewed into the fabric of the collar and a badge sewed on each arm. She said that I can only get them at the school.

I have my house unpacked more or less. We have bedroom furniture, 2 kitchen tables, 2 end tables, a Mexican style washer (the kind you ring the clothes out your self), 3 TV's, all the kitchen stuff but, no sofas or sitting chairs and no outside furniture. This is on my shopping list to get in a few weeks little by little. Oh, we do have a refrigerator but, it is very old and uses way too much electricity so, that is the first thing we will buy. My kitchen is super small but, I can deal with that (maybe), I have about 3 feet of counter space and one of the small stoves. Atleast, we now have a house and PRIVACY! I will take pictures as soon as, I remember to buy batteries for my camara!LOL I seem to keep forgetting.  

As for my job, it just keeps getting better! I am giving classes for a total of 32 hours a week and now have 1 private class on Saturdays for 2 hours and have another interested in taking private classes. I am thinking of advertising in my neighborhood about classes, maybe a kids group and an adult group.


  1. I am SO happy for you that your job is going so well. It really sounds like you guys are fitting in and making it work.

  2. Cheryl- Thank you and yes, now everything seems to be falling into place. I think, it just took getting far enough away from the in laws. They kept my husband in a ÿou can't do anything better mentality"

  3. So glad that everything is going good for you guys. Hope your husband is able to get work soon.