Monday, August 1, 2011

Sis in law says I steal babies!!!!!!!!!!

    Well, we went to a party this weekend at Miguel's cousin's house, it was for his son's first birthday. So, we arrived and I went in to say hello to his other cousins and all of a sudden, his cousin confronts me.
    She says,""Why are you trying to sell my baby?"
    I about fell on the floor!! I asked, "What the hell are you talking about?"
    She told me that my sister in law told her that, I was trying to sell her baby online and the deal fell through because, the couple wanted a girl and her baby is a boy!!! This is my Godson, for Gods sake!
    I was sure, she was joking but, no she said that sis in law told her to be careful. I assured her that it was not true and got everything straight with her and her mom, thank God.
    I came to find out that my mother in law was there when this was told and didn't say anything to defend me. So, I have been a black market baby dealer or so my comadre thought for the past week and me, no clue. She asked me not to say anything at the party because, it would have ruined everything. I didn't say anything and am waiting until she returns from Tampico this weekend to confront her. However, I will be talking to Mother dearest today after work.
    Miguel is very angry about this but, I think he feels like he will lose is parents after we confront them. This sister lives in her parents house and practically controls everything his parents do. I feel bad for them and for Miguel but, oh well, she shouldn't have made up that kind of lie. I could have been arrested for that!
   Needless to say, we are definitely moving this weekend come hell or high water!!! I will be find a new babysitter, also.


  1. Oh my! My in-laws have pulled a few upsetting stunts, but nothing like that! Why is confronting family such a terrifying prospect in Mexico? Sometimes, it must be done. Good for you for moving and taking charge. Suerte, amiga.

  2. Oh My God, if I had a dollar for every time my in-laws pissed me off or went way overboard because they didn't interpret something correctly, well I wouldn't be broke in Mexico too. I agree, my spouse doesn't like confrontation either. Too bad, I have more than enough for both of us.

  3. WOW. I would so be out of there. I mean seriously what do get out of pulling off something like that. Do what you need to do and put her in her place.

  4. That is outrageous. I've witnessed this Mexican attitude about no confrontations which drives me nuts because I am so direct. Thank goodness you are getting away from the family. It will be much better for you and yours.

  5. For at least 2 years my Mexican sister in law told everyone that I was a table-dancer in the US even though I have never dressed like one, and the arthritis in my toes nearly prevents me from dancing at ALL, let alone on the tops of tables.

    Most of the time it's not even worth it to confront the family member as it only causes more disharmony. Ignore them if you can and move at least a full day's drive away as soon as you are able to.

  6. Wow! I agree w/Gail. Get out of there quick though. No drama is my motto! That is one reason I'm glad my sis-in-laws are there and not here stirring up drama. I can see one, being VERY good at it.

  7. Oh my goodness, this story is NUTS ! Even better (worse?) are the comments. Gail - I hope my inlaws arwnt saying the same stuff!! Quien sabe, maybe they are?..