Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ya tengo casa!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, it is official, we have a new house and just in time for my birthday tomorrow!!!!!! Yayyyyyy! Oh my God!!! I am so happy!!! I will be moving into a real house Friday. For everyone who hasn't read my past posts, you need a little history to understand.

I arrived to Monterrey in March and at first, was living with my in laws in a house with 2 bedrooms, tiny living room, tiny kitchen, and 1 bathroom. In this house lived my mother in law, father in law, sister in law, other sister in law, niece, nephew, my daughter, my son, my husband, and finally myself. This house is about 900 square feet, ok. Well, we stayed there for a little while around a month or so and then we moved next door into an even smaller house but, it was just the 4 of us. In this house we have 1 bedroom, "living room" if you can call it that (my closet in the US was bigger, so not exaggerating), a bathroom, and a place for the kitchen. I say place because the house consisted of concrete walls and floors, no cabinets, appliances, counters nothing, just the plumbing for the kitchen sink.

Well, we actually came to Mexico with a little bit of money not a lot but, some.  My goal before we left was to rent a normal house and use our money to furnish it but, Miguel's family had other plans and took advantage of the fact that Miguel is this extremely nice person and made it look like they didn't have any money. So, Miguel paid for EVERYTHING at first, food, outings, utilities, etc. I understand helping but, not supporting everyone!! His sister's husband is in the US and sends her $500 USD a week so, she has money, his dad has a fulltime job, and his mom sells tamales 3 times a week. Everybody has money and was doing really good until we got here and then miraculously they are starving to death and are about to get the utilities cut off! Go figure.

Needless to say, we spent all of our money in 1 month. Food is expensive here, especially when you are buying for 10 people and at moments for up to 30!! I tried to tell him but, he kept saying, I haven't seen them in 5 years and they need my help. He was totally brainwashed!!

Anyway, back to the story, due to this spending, we didn't have money to buy furniture, muchless a kitchen so; we continued to eat at his mom's house.

For the last 5 months, they have made my life hell. (As you can see in my posts) So, I am extremely excited to be moving!!!

Our new house is 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry room, a sort of living room on 2nd floor with a small balcony, parking area inside the gate, and GRASS! It is perfect for us. The living room area is connected to the dining room but, is very small and one of the bedrooms is downstairs off the kitchen. I am planning on turning that bedroom into the living room and the actual living room into my office/ kids study area. The kids will share a bedroom for now (they usually end up sleeping in the same room anyway, even when we were in the US) As for the 2nd living room, we will turn it into a recreation area. The master bedroom has a minisplit so; the kids’ bedroom will get our window unit.

I will be going there Friday morning to clean and will be moving everything in on Saturday. Yaaayyyyy!!!!

Now, we just need a couch, loveseat, washer, and patio table. The first thing will be the couch, though. I have my mother in laws old washer, the kind you fill up with the water hose and ring out the clothes yourself. I never imagined myself washing clothes like that but, hey, you have to do what you have to do! LOL

School starts Monday so, we are just in time. Now, I need to find a sitter, any advice on how to find a quality sitter in Mexico?

Have a great day!


  1. so happy that you will have a nice place with some privacy. It really makes a world of difference. :)

  2. Yeah so excited for you guys. It is definetly a challenge living with the in laws. I got lucky enough that it is a good size house here and Javi's family is pretty decent.

  3. Yeah! Privacy!! I remember crying tears of joy when we moved out of my SIL's house, even though the house we rented was UGLY. I'm so glad for you guys!

  4. You have GRASS?!? So jealous! ;)

    Enjoy! I'm thrilled for you guys.

  5. The problem starts when our hubs are back in Mexico for the first time in a long time and their extended family seems so sad and needy. Being the sweet men that our hubbies are, they graciously open their hearts and their wallets. The extended family doesn't have any idea how much racism and degradation our husbands have endured all these years to earn a dollar in America. They think all that money just grows on trees over there, honestly they do.