Friday, October 14, 2011

Attempted kidnapping is not a crime worth investigating in Mexico!!!!

Yesterday, my daughter was at the neighborhood store which, is 3 houses down from ours, she and her brother were there, anyway, she was outside watching the scooter while her brother was inside. A car pulled up to the curb and asked her if she needed a ride, she said no. Then, the woman proceeded to tell her to get in and she would take her to play at her house and then later she would bring her home, my daughter said, no and turned the other way. The lady and the boy in the car kept insisting so, she went into the store but, didn't say anything to anybody just, told her brother to hurry so, they could go home. When they went out of the store the car was gone. She came home and told me what had happened. First of all, I went to the security guard so, they would stop any car matching that description and I asked them to call the police but, they wouldn't. I then called the police and rode around the neighborhood with my daughter looking for this car, we couldn't find it. An hour later, no police, I called again. Another hour, I called again and again another hour later. No police came. We locked up and went to bed. We decided to put the kids in our room for the night and had 2 scared kids iin bed with us all night.
This morning, I called the American Consulate, they told me to go to the Ministerio Publico (Policia Municipal, it turns out), big mistake! We sat there for 2 1/2 hours and nobody ever called us, the kept saying, we had to wait our turn, nobody else was there except, criminals in handcuffs! All the prisoners are mixed in with the victims in this place! I couldn't believe it, my daughter was getting more scared by the minute and I just knew that the longer it took, she would forget valuable information. My bvoss told me to go to Sedena (Military Police) spo, I called them, and guess what. after explaining everything to the officer, she went through this long BS story saying that there are two types of kidnapping, one is Secuestro, which is for ransom and the other is robo, which is to either keep the child or black market for various reasons most of us already know. And that since fortunately my daughter didn't get kidnapped then, even though it was wrong what the woman did, it was not illegal!!! So, all she could do was take note of it happening but, there would not be an investigation!!!! I cold not believe this, I mean what? Do they just wait around until these people do kidnap a child when, investigating these crimes would prevent it from happening in most cases!!

Needless to say, I have lost all respect for this country and it's f*ck*d up laws! Yes, thank God, my baby girl did not get kidnapped but, that is a major crime, do they do the same thing with attempted murder or attemted rape, since it didn't happen it is not crime?

From now on, my kids will not get to go out to play with their friends and won't be able to go to the little store only 3 houses from us without an adult!! We will become basicly prisoners in our own home, our neighborhood is too dangerous and the police will not do anything to stop it.

I have always taught my kids since 2 years old that, if anybody tries to take you or make you get into their car, to start yelling and acting like a fool and run to the nearest adult but, I guess, she was so scared she forgot what she has been taught and yes, she did get a good talking to about the importance of remembering safety rules at all times especially during something like this.

If you are in Mexico or anywhere, please watch your kids! I just realized how easy and quick it can be for one of these animals to take our babies.

My daughter is very scared but, physically ok and at home thank God!


  1. Go ahead and say it. FUCKED UP! No shit. I've never lived anywhere I had to be afraid of gun battles, grenades, extortion, kidnapping, etc. But even more fucked up is the United States that won't allow your family to be together. I am truly sorry.

  2. It's totally fucked up. It's wrong you can't call the cops here. It's wrong that the only people to call are the Army. It's super wrong that as an American you have to worry about being a target for kidnapping because they figure you have money. I am so sorry. Thank God your daughter didn't get in that car.

  3. I am so sorry this happened. This is so scary. Thank God your daughter is ok and safe at home. I wish there was more that could have been done.

  4. This is exactly why I don't want to raise kids in Mexico. Although our pueblo is quiet, should anything happen forget the Mexican police helping you, and that's ANYWHERE in Mexico. So sorry you had such a scare.

  5. I am so sorry this happened. Mexico is beautiful and can be a wonderful place to live but this is an example of what is wrong in Mexico. In the U.S. people are over policed and so you can be arrested for minor things. In Mexico people are under policed so the potential for a crime is not investigated, the crime is not prevented and when a crime happens the investigation goes no where. Why can't these governments find middle ground?!?!

  6. Thank god your daughter is safe. I would have been furious and scared as well. Kudos to you that you tried everything possible to report this crime! Because it is a crime! (at least in my eyes)
    I remember when i was younger a similar thing happened to me. The men inside the van were yelling at me to get in.... I was in SHOCK and just stood there. Thank goodness my friend was with me who grabbed me by the arm and yelled for us to run.
    I'm so glad that your daughter knew better to not get in the car and go inside the store.
    How scary! As a parent, we can never be too careful when it comes to watching our children.
    I now understand why some people take matters into their own hands when it is so hard to get cooperation from the police.