Sunday, October 16, 2011

Continuance of Attempted Kidnapping

I just want everybody to know that, my daughter is ok, she is still a little scared but, not enough to stop her from driving me crazy about wanting to go outside to ride the scooter! I told her that, no matter how many times or ways she asks me, it will still be NO!! I think, I am more scared than she is now! Thank God! I can hand;le being scared, it just makes me more precautious but, I can't handle knowing my kids are scared.

I sent an email to the Consulate last night asking if, there was anything else they or I could do to get an investigation started. I know now that what she remebers is not very reliable but, it is worth a shot. As I said, she doesn't seem scared or traumatized by this but, I still think, she needs to go to some counselling sessions atleast a couple so, she can talk this out. She knows very well that they tried to kidnap her and has heard what most of the kidnappers here do to their victims. I don't hide things like that from them because, I think it helps them to try to defend theirselves more. She did tell me that when this woman was trying to get her in the car, this is what went through her mind.

We spent the weekend at home resting well, they rested and I worked! Saturday night we went to the Mercado to try to keep some normality in our life. Today, we cooked Caldo de Res and washed clothes. I washed clothes and planned this weeks Homeschool classes and English classes. Miguel helped wash clothes, some but, mostly just lazied around! The kids played all day, lucky them!!!

I am starting to think that all this stress is getting to Miguel, he is very short tempered and has been having an attitude all the time here lately. I have tried talking to him but, he won't open up and keeps saying nothing is wrong. I don't need psychic powers to see the difference in him. Any advice on how to get him to talk so, that we can get past this hump?

I hope everyone had a good weekend. Talk soon.

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  1. My hubby tends to react the same way when he is stressed and tired. I just leave him alone and he usually comes around. Hope things are better.