Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Life is a Rollercoaster!

     My life is constantly changing! It drives me crazy sometimes, but it was my decision to move to Mexico.

     My original plan was to have the kids study virtually through Connections Academy, but after my orientation yesterday, I saw that that is not possible. The kids have to meet with their teacher atleast once a month in person and they have to participate in school activities. All this is ok when we are all 3 in the states. I can drive them to everything. However, when the kids are in the States with my mom, there is no way she will drive them to the school. It is over an hour away. We definitely can’t go to meetings when we are in Mexico, round trip tickets are just too expensive. Also, even though it is public school, it is more like homeschool in that the parents have to be more involved than at a regular public school. I knew this, but I didn’t think it would be as much. My parents can’t help me with that when the kids are there and I work a fulltime 50+ hour job a week so, that is next to impossible. Their education will suffer. I am upset because I wanted them to study with this school. It sounded like an awesome opportunity.

     Ok, on to our change in plans. We discussed our options yesterday. Option #1: Enroll the kids in school here. Option #2: Move in with my parents in the States, enroll the kids in school, and me go back and forth every few months. We are trying to get pregnant so me moving to the States for the whole school year is out of the question. After reviewing all of the pros and cons of each option, we decided on Option #2.
I will be leaving on August 17th. The weekend will be spent school clothes and supply shopping. On August 20th, I will enroll the kids into school. I will stay until September 15th. The kids had already planned on going to stay with my parents for 3 months so I will come back to Mexico until November. I will go back to Georgia in the middle of November and will stay until the kids get out of school for Christmas. Then, we will come to Mexico together for Christmas. We will go back to Georgia around January 7th or 8th. I will comeback to Mexico for Miguel’s birthday on January 24th. This time, I will stay in Mexico for a couple of months and go back to Georgia right before Easter. I will stay in Georgia until the kids get out of school in May and we will return to Mexico for the summer.

     During this time, we will begin the immigration application process and I hope that by the time we return at the end of the school year, we know something. Of course, if we get pregnant my schedule will change a little to accommodate my last months of pregnancy and the birth of the baby. Which I will not complain at all. We have been planning this baby for years  and have been officially trying since March and can’t wait for this baby to be in the way. My only sadness will only be when the baby is born. If Miguel has not got his visa by then, he will miss the birth. With the kids being in the States, I will have the baby there. There is no way I will be away from my kids for that long. They are young and wouldn’t understand that and even though it will be a sad situation for Miguel and I, but we are old enough to understand and deal with it.

     I hope to have his visa application sent in by the end of this year. That all depends on finances. He hasn’t been working because he takes care of the kids while  work, but now that the kids will not be here, he will start working. That will be a huge help financially. We will be able to use that to apply for the visa.

     He has a cousin who offered to help us before, but that was when we were in the States and didn’t think he would get his visa. Miguel is thinking about talking to him about loaning us the money to apply. We will see.

     The good thing: I will be able to eat a Wendy’s hamburger and drink an iced coffee from McDonald’s!! Yayyy!!


  1. It's such a hard situation! I just wrote about it today - how hard it is to be separated during pregnancy, delivery, post partum. If I can give you a piece of advice, apply for Miguel from Mexico if you have an FM2/FM3. It's MUCH MUCH faster! I applied for my hubby last month and we have already received a notice to schedule the visa appointment in Juarez! And we aren't quite ready - still need some papers, but still, filing directly to the consulate abroad will take about 3-4 months to the visa interview, which normally takes a year. Let me know if you need more details, and good luck w/your situation!

  2. Ahhh... Stephanie, I am sorry that you are being drug back and forth like a rag-doll. I hope this all works out for you!!

  3. Good luck with everything Stephanie, sounds like it is going to be a busy year.