Sunday, August 12, 2012

Another Chapter in the Life of Me...

Well, this Friday will start another chapter in my life or better yet, in our lives. I will be leaving to go to the STates to stay for a month and when I return, my kids will be staying there in school. I will be going back and forth every 6 weeks to 2 months. I have to figure out a balance between my life here and my life there. I wish we could figure out a way to teach the kids here and them be happy.

They have been begging to go to the States and stay with my mom for so long and they want to go to school there, not here. They have heard so many horror stories about the schools here. so, after careful consideration I decided that we would try this. If when I go in November, things are not what we planned, I will withdraw the kids and enroll them here some how and supplement their education at home.

We will be sending in the I-130 in October. I hope and pray to God that this is a fast process and we know something at least before the kids start the 2013-14 school year. I know that it will not be as fast as I would like. I would love to be able to go to the States in December with Miguel, but that is wishful thinking. As Miguel said, "Sigue sonando!!"

An attorney told us that in around 9 months we could have his visa, but that was with legal assitance and we don't plan on hiring an attorney until we definitely need one. They are WAY too expensive.

I am dreading this, but what else can I do. I have to keep my marraige going and plus make sure my children have the education they deserve.

I wish the US would hurry up and realize what they are doing to families. Why should we as American citizens have to choose whether to live in the US without our spouse and our childrenw ithout a father or live in another country and our children not have all fo the benefits of living in the States and usually living in danger? That should not be a choice that we have to make. I understand that yes, if you have been in the States illegally, you should pay a fine, but if you are married and in a real relationship, you should be able to get your residency.

Unfortunately, this is happening due to all fo the fake marraiges of the recent past and present. I know of 2 couples who had the nerve to ask me to write an affidavit saying their marraige was real when they just got married so that one of them could get their residency. I refused to write an affidavit. I asked them how they could possibly do soemthing like that when there are so many of us who are in real marraiges and having to live outside the US due to BS like this and how in the hell did they have the nerve to come to me and ask this fabor as they called it. Guess what?!!? One of them did get it, just 2 weeks ago!! They sent me an email that no thanks to me they got their visa. I was so mad.

2 days ago, my cousin posted a very cruel and lying post on FB knowing what we are going through and that many of her friends and mine are in the States illegally.

She posted a saying that talked about how in many other countries people either get killed, tortured, or other bad things for crossing illegally. It went on to say that if you cross illegally in to the States, you get food stamps, medicaid, free housing, drivers license, a good job, a tax free busines for 7 years, and othe rthings too many "benefits: to remember. It went on to say that we all wonder why the States is in debt.

I went off on her. First of all, how dare she when she knows what we and many of our friends are going through. Second of all, I told her that it is all lies and that she needs to educate herself before she post comments or other information as she called it. I posted a link to the penalties of livig in the States illegally. I also, reminded her that before she married this white racist animal she is with, she was with MANY illegal Mexican guys. 3 of whom she had children with. I hope her new racist family realizes that she is a hypocrit who just adjusts her beliefs to the beliefs of who ever she is with. I cannot believe what she did. We used to be friends and she has never been like this since she was 13 years old. she is now 30 and all of sudden turned racist. Is she really that ignorant?

I am just in complete shock over what she said. I could not believe it.


  1. Sorry your going through all this, its just so sad. I can't even begin to imagine.Your family is in my thoughts!

  2. Like I said in the last post, file the I-130 from Mexico to the embassy over your jurisdiction, it will save several months of time. We filed sent it July 2nd and my hubby already has his appointment for aug.23rd! It's called direct consular filing and it's much faster. We are also not hiring a lawyer unless we absolutely need one, I have prepared everything myself, so we'll see what happens. I will try to write about the process this week. Suerte!

    1. What about the income requirements for the visa process? I was told that I have to prove 125% above the guidelines for 3 years. IS this true or is it just the year that you apply?

      This immigration process is so confusing. :(

    2. You do have to prove 125% above poverty guidelines but not for 3 years, it's just when Miguel would go for his visa interview. You can show a tax return, recent pay stubs, or an employment letter. You can get a joint sponsor (your parents or whoever) as well to meet the guidelines. You also have to prove US domicile, I used my pay stubs, tax returns and copy of my US driver's license. It can be done and it's worth saving all that time.

  3. Sorry your having all these little bumps in the rode amiga. I hope everything goes as planned for your kids and the schooling. It all sounds very stressful. Have a safe trip to the states. If you ever want to do lunch or something I can send u my number. I understand if you can't. I know you will be busy.... it's just a thought.
    I can imagine how much your relatives comments hurt you. I hate to hear ignorant comments like that. So many people think that people who are in the US "undocumented" are living off of welfare etc and that is soooooo FAR FROM THE TRUTH! Hopefully her new man doesn't totally brainwash her.
    Cuidate amiga.