Monday, August 27, 2012

Still in GA...

I am still here in Georgia. I will be here for another couple of weeks. I hope to be returning by about the 11th.

Well, the kids were going to stay for school, but after a few days here, they decided they misse dMiguel too much. So, we will be homschooling again this year. I will be using my other blog to keep track of all that we do this year. Homeschooling in Mexico

I start school for my paralegal degree on Sept. 4. I am so excited! Thsi is somethign that I have always wanted to do and finally just did it. I cannot wait!!

Things are a little stressed in our lives right now. I have recieved a couple of crazy messages form people I don't even know, but are from the town we live in. These messages are causing stress in our relationship. I completely trust my husband, but when you get crazy messages form people you don't even know and are 1000 miles away, it makes you think. I can't wait to get back. I am pretty sure this all lies from people who like to cause drama, but I need to see that for myself.

Well, I am fixing to start work so take care people and will chat later! ;)

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