Thursday, December 29, 2011

My Christmas Tree!

Well, as promised, here is my "tree." 

It's the little white and red thing in the background. In the front, are my awesome models! They have to pose for any picture!

Christmas was different this year, it was my first Christmas in Mexico as well as, my first Christmas away from my family. I was all depressed about this at first but, I made the best of it.

On Friday, we went to my mother in law's. I made a few American sweets with the kids. We made: Rice Krispy Treats, peanut butter balls, and no bake oatmeal cookies. I didn't take pictures, I was so busy making sure the kids followed the recipes. I had Jeni, Luis, and 2 of my nieces so, I was very busy!! It was stressful at moments because, the ingredients are very expensive here and I didn't want to waste it but, we had alot of fun!

On Saturday, my mother in law made tamales that her customers had ordered for Christmas and then we made Discada ( a mixture of steak, pork, hot dogs, and bacon on a special sauce), and frijoles charros ( sister inlaw's way. yuck!) We only ate the discada because, the beans were nasty, I have never heard of putting all of the ingredients into the beans raw but, that was what she did? I don't know, maybe that is just another way to make them. We also, made Vampiros and Micheladas. At midnight, we laid down the baby Jesus. They prayed the Rosary and did the cantos. After all of the prayers were done, the passed the Jesus'around for the kisses and then laid them down. They then passed candy around.

Afterward, the kids went outside to break the pinata so, that Santa could come and leave the presents.
After all of the candy was picked up, the kids went in to open presents! The older girls went in first and yelled, "Santa came Santa came!!"

The one who cried because she got a cell phone!!! My niece

The happiest day of his life! Not only did he get a skateboard after, I told him, I would never get him one but, he got a Waveboard!!! It is way better than just a plain skateboard. He was so happy, he kissed all over it! One problem, he can't even ride a regular skateboard, yet!

Jeni opening her favorite gift ever, Mi Diario Secreto or My Secret Diary. She has been begging for this for 2 years! As soon as, she ripped the paper and saw the box she got so excited!!  She was so happy and writes in it all the time!

Afterwards, the kids went to play with their gifts and the adults played! We sung Karaoke and danced.

Well, they sung Karaoke and I watched!

And some danced.

So, all in all, it was a fun Christmas! Thank God, I was kind of worried. I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas!


  1. It looks like you guys had a great christmas. We also kissed the baby Jesus and laid him down in the Nativity set. Javi and I are the padrinos for the lavantamiento, so we or I have to make gift bags to hand out for that I think next month. Great pics, looks like your kids loved their gifts.

  2. I think your Christmas tree is beautiful! You were very creative and it shows! Your children also look very happy and I'm glad that your first Christmas away from the States was a good one.

  3. Happy to hear it ended on a good note=)

  4. It looks like you had a great time! What fun! Merry Christmas!