Thursday, December 15, 2011

A very depressing Christmas this year ;( ....

Normally, Christmas is my absolute favorite time of the year. This year, however, it is very depressing. I am 33 years old, mmm did I say that?, anyway, I am 33 years old and have never spent Christmas away from my family. I know our traditions as they are the same each and every year.

Difference #1: This year, I am in a new country with new customs and traditions. I haven't bought a tree, yet. I have had to choose between a tree or gifts for my kids. I chose gifts because, we will be spending from the 23 until the 26 with my in laws so, no gifts will be under a tree at my house. I gave my kids the choice of an extra gift or a tree and they chose the gift. In the US, I have a tree and lots of decorations but, they are 24 hours away so, no good to me right now. I am missing all of my Nativity, my Santas, snowmen, and candles!

Difference #2: Normally, I buy lots of gifts for my kids, they usuually get anywhere from 15 to 20 gifts just from us, this includes, toys, clothing, and shoes. This year, we have bought only 3 gifts plus 1 outfit and a pair of shoes. It took a whole check just to buy this. This is the part that will teach the kids the real reason of Christmas.

Difference #3: I don't even know what the hell we will be having for Christmas dinner because, my sisters in law have decided that, the 2  of them that have a Baby Jesus will be the ones to provide the food and the madrinas will provide candy and a new outfit for Baby Jesus. I am lost. I know, I definitely will be making a few desserts and candy to take to the dinner (if I can find the ingredients). This will teach them how to involve Jesus more in the celebration.

Differences 2 and 3 are just small problems, I know but, they add to the bigger problems like, not being with my family and not having a tree. I feel like Scrooge this year and I HATE it.

I have made a makeshift tree with a hula hoop, rope, fabric, ribbons, and lights and have put up a few decorations so, my house looks a little like Christmas but, it is just not the same but, I really think it is because, I am not with my family and I never thought that would bother me that much!

I am complaining and I apologize! Merry Chritmas to everybody!!

One thing, I am looking forward to, is New Year's. I never spend it with my family, I usually go out with Miguel or stay at home with the kids but, this year, we will be partying with Miguel's family and the sisters are party animals!!! We are planning on buying a small pig, killing it, and cooking it. I can't wait for the fresh Chicharrones!!!!! This is the plan as of now but, if Miguel's control freak sister gets involved, it may change. I hope she keeps her nose out of it! I am also, looking forward to some drinks, I haven't had a drink since we got married last year!!!


  1. I hope you have a great Christmas Stephanie. I know how you feel being away from your family for the first christmas. It is also my first year. At least you have your kids and hubby with you, I know it sucks that everything is different but you know what, I think when your kids are older they will remember how hard you worked to make this christmas the best that you could for them. Take care.

  2. This being your first Christmas down here, it is going to be a little rough, even if you did have a tree and your decorations.

    I'm sure the kids will have a blast and the presents you got, they will be happy with!

    Hopefully it turns out better than you expect. And, just look forward to New Year's Eve. Seems like you are really looking forward to that!

  3. I totally know the feeling as well! Last year was my first Christmas in Mexico, and although my dad was here visiting, it felt like any other day. The night before we went to my in laws and sat out in the middle of the street listening to Spanish music - Banda or something...ugh. save me now.
    They made PIG FACE! His brother literally hulled in the pigs face over his shoulder in a clear plastic bag the day before. I made sure I stopped at subway on the way up to the Ranch as I was not into pig face for christmas dinner. *Sigh* this year we will do it all over again, I feel for you - it isn't the same with the regular traditions and family you are used to!

    Merry Christmas, I hope it's better than you are anticipating at least :)


  4. I'm sorry things are so different there. I felt the same way last Christmas in El Salvador, but mostly because we didn't have the money to celebrate Christmas the way I wanted to. I didn't mind being away from my family. LOL! I hope you do have a wonderful holiday :)