Sunday, February 12, 2012

I have been MIA but, I am back!!

Well, I haven't had much to talk about here lately, I have been trying to get used to living at my in laws again and to learn to deal with my yougest sister in law and her constant attitude towards me. She has finally went from her indirect but direct comments to just not saying anything to me at all which, I can deal with. Now, when I am at home and she is here, I stay in my room. She is only here on Sunday's, Saturday's after 2, and Monday thru Friday after 7:30 so, I can deal with it.

As for construction, we have decided to just add a couple of bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs. We will be applying for Miguel's Visa and praying to God that it is one of the rare ones that get approved on the first try. So, keep us in your prayers!

I will be having a HSG, which is where they run dye to check the location of my tubal ligation. The doctor said it doesn't hurt much but, there are some people who it does hurt. So, knowing me, I will be the one who has the bad pain! I am nervous about this but, was told to take 800 mg of Advil 30 minutes before and again right after the procedure. After, I get the results for this, my surgery will be scheduled so, we are looking at the week of the 27th or the 5th. Again, I being the BIG BABY that I am and knowing that the drug of choice here is Ketorolaco which, doesn't even stop a toothache for me, I asked about pain meds here in Mexico. I was told Ketorolac! I got scared! The doctor did say that I will need to talk with the anesthesiologist to get anything stronger so, believe me, I will be talking to him/ her!

After surgery, we have to wait a month but, will be full blast TTC in April. So, hoping for a Mother's Day present or a Father's Day present.

Jeni's was to be having a birthday party byut, she asked me if we would get her a laptop instead of a party. That she is too old for kiddy parties. We got her the laptop and she is HAPPY!! She might not have a cell phone like her other cousins (I think she is too young, not until 13) but, she has a computer1 Way cooler!!! LOL

Well, I will post agin when I have a chance! Have a good week everyone!!!


  1. Glad things are going decent for you. I have also been MIA, my computer charger took a dump, but my brother in law let me use his computer today.
    I will keeping you and your family in my prayers. Take care.

  2. I hope all goes well with the dye test and then with surgery. Yes, a lap top is way cooler!!!