Thursday, February 16, 2012

We will probably go to the "Rancho"

Well, I was talking to my mother in law this morning about my sister in law and here attitude and actions toward the kids and myself. I told her how yesterday, I was serving the kids dinner and she told me that that food was not for us and that I needed to fix the kids the rice and beans. To this, I responded, "Excuse me? After I went and bought all of the groceries, my kids are only allowed to eat rice and beans?" I finished serving my kids plates and served myself and Miguel's plates and made sure to add a little more than I normally serve. ;) 2 can play at this game. Later last night, she was going to bed and told everybody good night except for the kids and myself, this was no problem, I could care less and have told the kids to ignore her spoiledness. The thing that pissed me off was, her bedroom door is in the livingroom and the couch where I was sitting is right beside her door and her door is metal. Well, she slammed it as hard as she could right in my ear and opened to slam it even harder again! Talk about immature, she is 18 years old so, she should act a little more mature than that.
I was telling my mother in law this today and she said that we just need to hurry up and get Miguel's Visa and go back to the States or while we are waiting to go to the Rancho. I realized with this conversation that, my mother in law nor my sister in law want us here. My father in law does, he really likes me and is a great person but, in this house what Ale says goes. After this conversation, I had planned on talking to Miguel later today but, didn't think he heard the conversation. We went to the store to get some ground beef and on the way, he brought it up. He said that, if his mom doesn't want us here, he will talk to his uncle who has a ranch near the"rancho" and if he will give him a job, we will go. If not, I don't know if, we will stay here or move out. At this time, I don't know if I have a job still or not but, that is the least of my worries, English teachers are in high demand here so, I will find another job after my surgery if we stay here and if we go the rancho, I will figure it out there.

Testing starts on Monday, I am getting more and more nervous about my surgery, I am scared to death to be put to sleep.


  1. Woah. There arent even words ro describe this. So his mama doesnt even want her son there with her family? Talk about chosing sides ( which I dont think mothers should... Especially not siding with someone acting like your 18yr old SIL is) !

    And she seriously wanted your kiddos to eat rice and beans while the other people ate the full meal? Whaaaaaaa?

    Im glad you have a hubby on your side and that he isnt blind to it . Glad you are rhinking of moving out soon, sounds better than your situation now! For sure!

  2. I hope you guys are able to get away. I think it will be so much better for you and your family, only thing I will be upset about is your sil will probably be feeling like she won, but you will be the winners. She is one big brat.

  3. Just remember this word..... "Karma" (she will run into it sooner or later)

    Hate your having to deal with such craziness. Hang in there. Sound like you guys are working on a plan.