Friday, February 17, 2012

I am so excited!!!!!

I get to go to Texas tomorrow, yayyyyyyy!!!!!!!!

Well, I am only going because, as usual, I have been lazy for the past 6 months and still haven't gotten my Fm3 or 2. So, I have to go get my tourist permit again!

I am excited because, I will be going shopping for things, I need and want like Advil PM, Nyquil, Tylenol, Triaminic for the kids, socks, Hidden Valley Ranch dressing, Mt Olive Petitie Dill Pickles, Sloppy Joe Mix, and whatever else, I can think of while I am there. I am super happy to be able to buy the foods that I haven't eaten since I lived in the States almost a year ago! My taste buds are already in over drive just thinking about it. I will be buying socks there because, here in Monterrey, they are ridiculously expensive and very low quality and you can't find any type of medicine here that is to help you sleep at nght when sick or in pain and the cold medicine here doesn't work at all here!!!

We will be leaving at around 7:30 in the morning, Miguel and his nephew will be going to the border with us but, I will drop them off at the mall while the kids and I are in Texas. I hate it that Miguel can't cross and know it bothers him majorly but, I will not drive all the way to Laredo alone especially with the way things are here. I would drive all around the US alone but, not here, except for around the city.

Well, have a good weekend everyone!

BTW: I will be having the HSG test next Saturday and after that, my surgery will be a week later! Super nervous but, super excited!!!!


  1. You enjoy it, Girl! Be careful and have a safe trip. We'll be here ready to read all about it. :)

  2. Lucky girl, enjoy all those yummy foods for us.

  3. I have to do thia too (alllll the way from DF with two young kiddos) in June. I have already started my list, and wouldnt you know socks and kids meds arre on it!!