Thursday, September 8, 2011

I got my permit and you will never believe how! Well, you just might believe it...

Well, I was all set to go to Laredo to spend at least 2000 pesos to get my permit with travel costs. A friend told me last night that, I should try the airport first. It is an international airport so, I went to the airport this morning. The official said that I could either do as I planned or... I could pay a fine of 1196 pesos, including the permit fee and get my permit right then. I talked with my husband and we decided that it would be the best way.

First of all, we would spend less. Second of all, we wouldn't be taking the risk of driving all the way to the border unnecessarily.

I turned in my permit, signed a couple of papers, filled out the new permit, payed the 1196 pesos, and I was done!! So easy, I only drove about 20 minutes and it took 15 minutes, PAINLESS!!

My truck is officially illegal here but, hey, it will get legalized soon. I don't have the money to legalize it right now so, for now, it will be parked at my house. I was really worried about that but, I have been assured that, it is not the first nor the last truck to stay past it's permit so, everything will be ok.

I will be renting a car for a few weeks so, I can get back and forth to my classes.

So, all is well in paradise again!! Thank you all for your support and advice! have a great evening.


  1. Yay! So glad everything worked out and it went much easier than expected!

  2. What department did you talk to in the airport. My permmit is up Oct. 15, but I want to go back to the states at the end of November. So I want to go to the airport in Mexico City and see if I can get it extended or renewed again. Thinking if I new the correct place to go might help. Any advice? THank you!