Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Welcome to "My Crazy Life"

Well, my last post was about my calm weekend. Well, unfortunately, my life is no where near calm, normally.

On a normal day, I teach 5-6 classes at different locations, homeschool my children, and cook lunch and dinner. I get up at 5:30 AM and finally get to take a break at 9:00 PM. Usually at 9:00 PM I am planning classes or sending emails from bed! I have yet to figure out how to put in some "Me Time"but, hopefully, I will soon. Like, before the nervous break down.

I am home schooling the kids now, I decided that, since we still have a tourist permit and no real legal residence in Mexico, I would just register the kids in the homeschool program in the US and send in the forms through my mom. So, I have a 4th grader and 2nd grader. the 2nd grader is so-so easy but, the 4th grader is difficult. I don't have access to traditional Home school books here like I used to buy at the book stores in the US so, I used the internet to get curriculums and from there I find lessons and readings online.

   Jeni, is in 4th grade and she drives me crazy. She doesn't have the desire to study this year so, she is whining and complaining constantly! Plus, to add to that, this year she is learning long multiplication and long division and she forghot her multiplication tables! Atleast, she loves to read and write so, that part is easy. her reading level is a 8th grade level as of February of this year.

   Luis is in 2nd grade and he is learning regrouping and place values right now, he started last week and has already learnt it. But, not to brag but, he is my little Genius! He had an IQ test done last year and it was 142, only 2 points away from Genius level!!! I am so proud!!! He also, loves to read and write. His reading level is a 9th grade level as of February of this year.

    So, now I am trying to balance all of my responsibilties and hopefully include some freetime! Have a great day people!


  1. Wow Stephanie! And I thought I was busy.

  2. Wow, you are busy! I'm going to have to check out your homeschooling blog.

  3. "Crazy" seems to describe your life perfectly! I hope you do find some "me time" to fit into your days. It makes a world of difference!

    You commented on my blog a while back about homeschooling in Mexico. I hope you got it. Sounds like you might have since you are going ahead with it.

    I bought a package to start using this year. Since it is all at my mom's house, we will start when we get back from the States. I will be doing something similar to you. I am going to go through the school district where my mom lives. It is the school district where my permanent address is and it is the school district where I went to school.

    Hope all is going well!

  4. I meant to say that I sent you an email in your response to asking me about homeschooling in Mexico.

    Oops...forgot to include that in my previous comment. :)