Monday, September 19, 2011

Relaxing 3 day weekend...

Happy Independence Day to all!

Well, thanks to Miguel Hidalgo, I got a very needed 3 day weekend. Well, almost. Haha. there is always a catch, right?!

On Thursday, I got off early at 3:00PM. We had planned on going to the festivities, it would have been my kids and my  first time seeing the "grito" and Miguel's first time in 6 years but, about a mile from our house they killed 3 Transitos. So, needless to say we stayed at home. We did go to the 7 Eleven and get ice cream for the kids, Modelo for micheladas for Miguel and coffee for me (my addiction). From my son's bedroom window, we could see the fireworks in San Nicolas. Here in Monterrey, they did the fireworks early due to all of the issues here. So, we saw the fireworks and then ate dinner. After that, we played and All Mexican game of Dominoes for a while. This was a first for the kids, they had never played. Well, Jeni had beginners luck, she won almost all games!! we went to bed early but, watched the "grito"on TV, I loved Felipe Calderon's enthusiasm!!

On Friday, we did chores all day. I figured I would get the weekend chores out of the way and have Saturday and Sunday free. My inlaws came over that afternoon for a while but, not even long enough to stay for dinner. Oh well. That night, we went to bed early because, I recieved a phone call that I had a class at 9 the next morning.

Saturday, I woke up to my phone it was a text from one of my students. No class today!! Yayyyyy!!! Well, here is where the catch comes in. I had a class with 3 kids in the afternoon so, at 12Noon, off we go. I say "we" because, my son is my assistant teacher. I have an 8 year old, 12 year old, and 13 years old. I give them a 2 hour class and the 8 year old can't handle that. So, my son goes with me to play and conversate the last hour with him in English. So far, it is working out great and was the parents idea. Well, Saturday evening was a late night, the kids have turned into "parranderos" since we moved here. They now have friends around the block and the neighborhood is very safe so, on Saturday nights, all the kids are running around from house to house. Fortuantely and unfortunately, my house seems to be the most popular one, we brought the kids Wii and X-box when we came to Mexico so, my house is the "Arcade". I say fortunately because my kids are at home and I know they are safe, unfortunately because, all the noise and plus, I 'have' to furnish snacks and sodas for the kids. They are around 20 kids in and out of my house!

Sunday, we watched Cantinflas on TV. So, we relaxed and had my second Mom over for dinner of All American fried chickem!!! MMMMMmmmmm!!!

Have a great week everyone and maybe I will have something more interesting next time!!!!!

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  1. We used to live in San Miguel and our house quickly became "the hangout" as well. It is well worth it to have the peace of mind knowing where your kids are. Thanks for giving a peak at what your life is like on a day to day, I have been enjoying getting to "know" you through your posts.