Sunday, September 25, 2011

Sunday de Familia

Things have been pretty boring here lately (this can be a good thing.) so, I don't have much to blog about, sorry.

Yesterday, we had an American cookout: American Hamburgers and Hotdogs! yayyy!!! My husbands cousin and his family came over and finally brought back my grill and cooler that we loaned them about 2 months ago and that was only because we asked them to bring it so, that we could cookout while they were here! I have learnt, do not loan anything out here unless you want to have to beg for it back. Well, I made my special hamburgers with, worcestershire sauce, seasoning salt, pepper, and minced onion mixed in the meat. We had all the toppings except for pickles, :( my favorite. Other than that, the food was awesome. The night ended early, around 8:30, everybody was tired and Miguel's cousin had to work today.

Today, we had planned a lazy day at home but, my sister in law called to tellus to go eat breakfast, they had made menudo. Now, I can't stand menudo, there is just something about knowing it is the stomach and intestines that just makes me nauseated. Miguel on the other hand absolutely loves menudo (I tell him that is the Mexican in him LOL) so, we get up, and urggg! get dressed, and after about an hour and a half of telling the kids hurry up and get in the shower, hurry up and brush your hair, check that the dogs have water, and about a hundred times saying get in the car, off we go! I hate going there because, the Transitos like to harass and constantly want "mordidas" or bribes. My favorite one is, your fine will be in the passengers name because, the title is in her name, the fine will be around 6500 pesos, and I will have to take possession of the car title and owners license until you pay the fine. The fine will be around 6500 pesos, are you sure you can pay this? Here, I say (I am the owner and a very angry owner at that) what you can keep my title and license? My license are property of the US. They say yes I can but, we can get around this. How much money do you have? At that, hubby will say, we only have about 10 pesos and the transitos says well, I'll tell you what, go get some money and then come back. We can get around this with about 300 pesos. We say ok but, we make sure, we don't go through there for a few weeks. These guys are "perros"as the call them and now I see why! I have learned to hate them as much as any other Mexican!

Ok, back to my story. We get there and as usual, sis in law has her little attitude but, oh well, that is her problem. I am so over it! We have a good 3 hours there. Miguel eats 2 huge bowls of menudo and I ate a couple of steak tacos. The kids had gotten up and fixed the leftover hotdogs for breakfast so, they weren't hungry. While there, we pre-planned a Halloween party for the neighborhood. We have made the decision not to go trick or treating, it is just too dangerous here right now for that. I will post more on the party later. We also, decided to give my sister in law a surprise 18th birthday party in November. We will plan it better when, she is not around and all of the other girls are around. We went to La Michoacana afterwards, for those of you in the US who have been to a Michoacana there, my favorite one is in Gainesville, GA, the ones here are almost exactly the same only less variety of toppings. Now, we are at home and I am thinking bout what to make for dinner as I am writing. Multitasking!!

Well, here is another peak into my boring life that I am loving so much, right now. For all I care, it can stay boring but, just with more money!! Which reminds me, I am plannig on starting English classes at my house for groups.

One more thing, I have started another blog about homeschooling my kids, it is called Homeschooling in Mexico. Take a look and see what we have planned for this year.

Thank you, Valerie from This is Life for giving me the idea of homeschooling again this year.

That's it, have a great Sunday!!


  1. Sounds like a fun day! I love reading your stories. You may think it 's boring, but I love reading them. The Halloween party sounds fun. Can't wait to read more.

  2. Great post. I can't stomach menudo either (pun intended) but my husband loves it. In El Salvador it is sopa de puya.
    Those transitos sound scary, I wouldn't want to venture out much either if I was you.
    Hubby and I spent our last 5 years in Dacula, Georgia before coming here. What part of GA are you from?

  3. Family can be such a pain! Your husband is lucky to have such a patient wife.

  4. I put menudo and transito cops in the same category. Blchhhh! I don't pay. Period! I tell them to take me to jail and then tell them to call the director of the school to inform them I will not be in to teach. They always back down then, so far. I think my car is now recognized so they don't bother stopping me any more.

  5. @Tara: It was a fun day and we ended it with the best: Vin Diesel! I can't live without my Vin, he is just only the HOTTEST actor!!!!

    @rubireyes: Yeah, I hate driving but, unfortunately my job requires it but, thank God not to the area where transitos are worse. I am originally from Canton, GA but, lived the last 5 years in Norcross, GA so, I wasn't far from you.

    @Estrellita: Yes, he is lucky ;) Though, after about 2 hours, I wasn't that patient, when the comments started.

    @Crazy Rita: I think, I will try that the next time!

  6. Menudo, grossest thing ever. Salvador got a stomach virus that went on forever and I made a point of vividly talking about all the germs in tripe. You are doing great and I'm glad you're doing a blog about homeschooling here! There are lots of ladies who will really be interested in that information.

  7. I have to agree with you and everyone else I dont like Menudo either. Pasole I can handle a little better though. Hope you had a great weekend also.

  8. :) I just commented on a older post asking if you had gotten my email! I guess you did.

    I thought I was following your blog, but I guess I never did push the follow button. I need to do that.

    I will definitely check out your homeschooling blog. It is always nice to see what other are doing. And, the homeschooling thing is new to me.

    I did subscribe to a website that provides handouts and such. I went with the two year subscription for $36. It might be a nice supplement for you. Check it out:

    I can't wait to get all my stuff from my mom's house and start! I think I got some pretty good material to use. And, the girls are super excited about starting "school". We are only starting in Preschool, but it is good that they are excited!